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Update Mint on Card - US Dealer for Demon Garden!

Dec 15, 2009

    1. We are now the official US dealer for Demon Garden. :)




      Prices for 1/4 Mini Girls, (Amy, Lian, and Shelly):

      Blank Doll - $225.00
      With Make-up - $255.00

      1/4 Measurements:

      - Height: 43cm
      - Head: 18cm
      - Neck: 7.5cm
      - Shoulders: 8cm
      - Chest: 16.5cm
      - Waist: 13cm
      - Hips: 16.5cm
      - Feet: 5.7cm
      - Eyes: 14mm

      Mini dolls have double jointed elbows but single jointed knees.

      Prices for 1/3 Large Boys, (Basil, Beau, and Derek):

      Blank Doll - $285.00
      With Make-up - $315.00
      Body Only (V2) - $240.00

      1/3 Measurements:

      - Height: 61cm
      - Head: 21.5cm
      - Neck: 10cm
      - Shoulders: 13cm
      - Chest: 25cm
      - Waist: 21cm
      - Hips: 25cm
      - Feet: 7.5cm
      - Eyes: 16 - 18mm

      The body is double jointed, the original single jointed (V1) body has been discontinued.

      Resin Colors:

      Normal Skin
      White Skin
      P-Normal (Pink Normal)

      Please visit our website for additional pictures!


      Mint on Card, Inc

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