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Update Mint on Card - US LoongSoul Doll Dealer! (Updates + Winter Event)

Nov 18, 2009

    1. Hello everyone! We are happy to announce that we are now the US dealer for LoongSoul Doll! The dolls have been added to our site and are ready for pre-ordering.

      *Update 12/1/09 - Make-up is now available for $63.00. All FullSet dolls now include Make-up.

      I don't want to flood this post with dozens of pictures so please visit our website for additional pics!:)

      Resin Colors:

      Tan is an additional $42.00.

      JingLing (Basic doll $450.00):

      LingYu (Basic doll $445.00):

      XuanBing (Basic doll $445.00):

      XuYao (Basic doll $445.00):

      YaoTong (Basic doll $445.00):

      XuanYan - Limited Edition of 100 dolls (Basic doll $650.00):

      *Update 12/1/09: XuanYan's arm is now available in Gray as well as Black.

      Body ($380.00):


      -Height: 62cm (with head on)
      -Circumference of Neck: 10cm
      -Width of Shoulders: 13cm
      -Circumference of Chest: 24.8cm
      -Circumference of Waist: 19.6cm
      -Circumference of Hips: 25.5cm
      -Arm Length: 24cm
      -Shoulder to Wrist: 19.5
      -Leg Length: 31cm
      -Feet: 7.7cm

      Heads are $100.00 - $105.00.

      Clothing is optional; to include clothing with your doll select a FullSet doll.

      Useful links:

      Mint on Card, Inc

      MOC Layaway Policy

      LoongSoul Doll Discussion Thread

      LoongSoul Doll Waiting Room

      If you have any questions please feel free to ask!
    2. This is a list of frequently asked questions that we've been getting. Please be sure to read through them before sending a PM or email. Thanks!

      Q: What size eyes do these dolls wear?

      A: XuYao and JingLing wear 16mm eyes, all of the other boys wear 18mm.

      Q: Can I place a layaway order during the introductory price time?

      A: Yes! :)

      Q: Can XuanYan's mechanical arm, body, or head be purchased separately?

      A: No, the XuanYan Limited doll can only be purchased as a full doll.

      Q: How is XuanYan's arm painted?

      A: The black paint is airbrushed, (sprayed), on.
      *Edit 12/1/09 - XuanYan's mechanical parts, (arm +body), are now available in gray as well as black.
    3. Just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day to pre-order these dolls at the introductory price! Introductory prices will end on 11/29/09 at 5:00 pm US Eastern time.
    4. Winter Event for LoongSoul Doll! Event runs from December 1st 2009 to January 31st 2010. All customers who pre-order a doll during the Winter Event can choose 1 of the following Gift Sets:

      Gift Set #1: 1 Blank Doll Head of your choosing, (XuanYan excluded), 1 Face Mask, 1 pair of Shorts, 1 pair of Acrylic Eyes, (random color), and 1 S-Hook Set.

      Gift Set #2: 1 pair of Magnetic Hands, 1 Doll Stand, 1 Face Mask, 1 pair of Shorts, 1 pair of Acrylic Eyes, (random color), and 1 S-Hook Set.

      Please see our LoongSoul Doll listings on our website for more details.