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mio-NEW ITEMS!! LAST ORDER!! I'll be sold out all outfits at 9, May

Apr 28, 2007

    1. [​IMG]

      Hi There~

      I'll be sell out all outfits except for "NEW ITEMS" category at 9, May.
      I accept this order only for the 10 days! ( during 29, April ~ 8, May.)

      And I'm having a Shipping price event until 8 ,May. Shipping price is DOWN $30->$20
      Don't miss a Last Chance!!

      *Updated with some new Outfits

      I´d like to express my heartfelt thanks to your interesting.
      Thank you so much! ^___^/

      I hope you always having a nice day!


      *13 SD Boy(long leg) & Girl, SD Boy & Girl, MSD Boy & Girl, UNOA Boy & Girl sizes are available basically.


      ps. If you have any question with my outfits or you can't placed an order on my website. please emailing me (yoyomy79@hotmail.com)
    2. I'm sorry when you mean last sale does this mean the prices of the old items get a discount? Just wondering ^_^!
    3. Oh.;; I didn't know about that. Thank you Bliss. ^___^/
    4. I think it means that the old designs will be discontinued. Aren't Mio's outfits made to order?
    5. Yes thank you I realized it later on ^_^!