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Update [mio] NEW OUTFITS !! :TAKING PRE-ORDER Until Apr 7th : Added IP EID and YID size

Apr 1, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      Hi There.

      Updated with NEW OUTFITS ^___^/

      TAKING PRE-ORDER UNTIL April. 7th.

      Shipping cost 20% down this period.

      *Added size for Iplehouse 70cm E.I.D. Akando , YID boy and Planetdoll Dolls 43 Girl .

      *E.I.D.Akando, 16 SD Girls, 13 SD Boy(long leg) & Girl, SD Boy & Girl,
      MSD Boy & Girl, UNOA Boy & Girl, UNOA 2nd ,Narin & Narae and Planetdoll Dolls 43 Girls are available basically. :)
      (all size standard by Volks dolls)

      I hope you always having a nice day!

      Thank you so much :)


    2. Hi. Eliz.

      I think you just clicked the pictures only.
      If you click the subject(name of outfits) of under the pictures. You can see that price and detailed.^^

    3. Hi. There.

      I fixed that problam. Some peoples confused that clicking the pic just gives you a close up.
      Now If you clicking the thumbnail on the pages. You can directly get to the description and price page. :)

    4. Hi Mio, are they limited editions? (especially concerning the jackets :drool:)
    5. Hydra Kitten : These itmes not limited editions. You can order them next order period. ^^

      Peppa : Thank you like my new outfits. :)
    6. will you be making yosd clothes any time soon? *wishful*
    7. iules: I'm sorry. I don't have any plan that make yosd clothes. ^^;;
    8. Just out of curiosity. Do you MSD clothes fit JID girls? It's hard to buy clothes for them since they have large chests, and behinds.... x.x
    9. Hi. Mandalina.

      I have only Unoa, Narae and MSD. But I made for MNF, BF snf Kid Delf size outfits before. :)
      If you let me know her measurements What I want to.
      I can make outfits for her.
      I just want to know that discern the difference between JID and Unoa or MSD before makeing outfits. ^^

    10. Very lovely clothes! :D
      Do you know if your clothes fit BBB's Mature Sprite/Espree girl? I'd love to know~
    11. Hi. taintedrose.

      I think her body looks like Msd.
      If you want to order from me.
      you let me know her measurements when you make order.

      1/3(60cm) and 1/4(43cm) size outfits are available basically.:)

      If the body of some dolls has similar body what I got.
      I can make outfits.
      BUT These are not I can't.
      There are too many dolls that I can't make outfits.
      I'm sorry. :(

      Thanks a lot!

    12. Hi.There~

      Added Iplehouse YID boy size. You can order his size until now. :)
    13. Last days! bump :)
      I'll reopen again end of next month.