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Mio of M2kdolls has new clothes up!!

Oct 30, 2005

    1. just some more info.... :)

      Mio can take a while to make your outfits for you, but her stuff is really nice.

      These outfits are probably the same pattern as what she offered a while back, but in different colors, so if you're curious to see how they'll look? Here's mine:
      on Super Dollfie Cute:
      on SD13 girl and SDC:
    2. It's won.
      So it is around 63~65 USD.
    3. The prices are in won, but the last couple of times I purchased from her, she charged USD, such that something 63000won cost me $63.

      She does take very long, but the fit of her items is always superb.

      EDIT: I really want that argyll vest. *_*
    4. thank you everyone for the help :daisy

      how long do the outfits take as well? :?
    5. How long she takes to make them, you mean? Both my orders took around 2 months, if I remember correctly.
    6. thank you shan =) !!

      also; how do i order off the site, do i email her? or write on the board? does she have many available order slots?

      mon x
    7. Just post on the board in English: I usually include my order (names, sizes) and my address, method of payment, etc. She only communicates by the board, I think (I sent her an email once and she took ages to respond).

      As for order slots, I think she'll take as many as she gets for a period of time. :)
    8. If you want to order there is

      10% fees additionally you have to add to the order total for paypal fees. Fees must be more there as its normally 4%.

      OR you can pay via
      2. Sending money through the Bank transfer.
      3. Sending money thorugh EMS service.

      The cost of the outfits are $73.00 each, plus 30.00 for shipping
    9. Actually Mio told me the sd/sd13 girl outfit would be $80. My total (for the outfit, shipping and paypal fee) came to $121 and she said it would beroughly 2 weeks before shipping.
    10. Just curious, but do you guys know how to fit of her jeans is on MSDs? I've seen how great it is on Unoa, but I have an AR LF boy and he needs him some skin-tight emo pants.
    11. i am not positive but i SERIOUSLY doubt they'd fit ANY MSD. my two pairs of mio jeans are clearly for UNOA only. in fact, the one pair is so tight, i could hardly even get them on her - let alone get them buttoned. suck it in, Calliope!!
    12. Umm just a bit of info as I've ordered from her twice.. if your name is on the shipped date like so


      Means its an estimated shipping date

      If it actually gives you a tracking number means she's actually sent it.
      It does take a bit of a while to get items I'm sure she has many people ordering from heraat the moment but its worth the wait.. her items are very well made.

      I hope that helps some?
    13. As long as you buy a pair specifically for MSD (i.e., you told her that you want them MSD size), it'll fit fine, no worries. I have a pair of Mio jeans for my MSD girl and they fit great!
    14. Does anyone know whether or not any of Mio's clothes would fit 60 cm Narae?
    15. Well you have to ask the question would SD13 clothing fir Narae? you can ask that in the large doll section. If its yes then yes they would. Mio makes SD13 clothing size if you request it. The wait is very long however.