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[Mio]TAKING ORDER: CLOSE : But you can make waitlist (REOPEN after a month or later)

Feb 25, 2008

    1. [​IMG]




      Hi There.

      Updated with NEW Outfits ^___^/

      I'm having a Shipping price event until next weekend.
      Shipping price is 30% Down.

      Please read to first first notic on shop board.
      Take order system is a little bit change.

      *16 SD Girls, 13 SD Boy(long leg) & Girl, SD Boy & Girl, MSD Boy & Girl, UNOA Boy & Girl sizes UNOA 2nd are available basically. :)
      (all size standard by Volks dolls)

      I hope you always having a nice day!

      Thank you so much :)


    2. Hi Mio! I saw this post and rushed to make my order, then noticed that you had ORDER CLOSED on your site. :sweat

      I'm sorry! Do you want me to remake the order when you have put ORDER OPEN?
    3. Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't know about that. >.<

      STATUS OF TAKING ORDER: OPEN :D I think It open unilt this weekend.
      Thank you so much. Brennil. :D
    4. Hi Mio, is Senior Delf size SD13 boy long leg? I wanted to order some clothes for a Senior Delf boy but I didn't know the size, is that SD13? Thank you!
    5. Hi. Minh_do.

      If you want to Senior Delf size outfits.
      You give to me his measurement. I don't have him but I can make a comparison betwen 13 SD boy and Senior Delf and make his outfits. :)
      I made his pants. he has similer 13 sd boys tight.

      Thank you so much.

    6. Yeah!! I came, I shopped...the dolls are going to be very happy! Thank you Mio! LeeAnn
    7. Hi Mio! Thanks for the fast reply, I went ahead and just ordered SD13 sizes for the boy, I'm sure it'll be fine :) I hope I got my order in on-time. I'll check your board to see when I have to pay. Thanks again!
    8. Hi Mio,

      Your new outfits are beautiful! I bought jeans about a year ago and because they are so tight I'm still having a hard time getting my Narae's into them. Actually I've broken the lower part of her leg twice now trying to bend her foot to get them on but now I take the foot off. Do you make them for Narae now?

      Do you make a longer leg jean for a boy? I have a Limhwa Limho 44.5cm boy doll that I would like to get your jeans for. (You make the BEST jeans!)

    9. Hi. Judy.

      I'm really sorry to heard that..
      I didn;t know about Narea has bigger tight unoa that time.
      But now I know narea size and see on person.
      So If you want to order this time. I can make for Narea girls and boys(limhwa too).
      And you don't have to hardly into them.
      You just write Narea and Limhwa on your order form.

      Thank you so much. :)

    10. Hi Mio,

      I got the Senior Delf measurements:

      * Height : 62.5cm
      * Girth of Head : 8.7inch
      * Girth of Waist : 21cm
      * Girth of Hip : 26cm
      * Width of shoulders : 13cm
      * Length of "shoulder to wrist" : 18.5cm
      * Length of "elbow to wrist" : 9.5cm
      * Length of back : 11.5cm
      * Length of "hips to knee" : 17cm
      * Length of "knee to ankle" : 17cm
      * Girth of ankle : 9cm
      * Foot size : 8cm

      I don't know if that will help you, but that's all I could find. Thanks again for accepting my order :)

    11. Hi Mio~

      Are these new outfits limited?
      or will they still be available after this order period?
    12. Hi. Capatainkyo.

      I'll sell new outfits continue on after this order period. :D

      I will take about 30 orders or more and then Close my orders.
      I will only reopen again when remain 10 orders.

      So you have enough time for choice and buy outfits.

      Thank you so much.

      Minh_do: Thank you for tell me Senior Delf measurements.
      I added that measurement with your order form.
    13. Hi Mio!
      I've seen your work and I really love it. ^3^

      But I can't seem to access your webpage. D:
      I'm not sure why. Don't know if I'm the only one.
    14. Hi Mio,

      If I gave you measurements could you do MinoruWorld Junior sized? ^^

      Thank you so much in advance!

    15. I'm not sure. Why some people doesn't open my shop. lol
      I searched this tip..I found more tip in korean but I can find English tips for you.
      I hope It help to your problam.

      Try to this tip...

      Start > Run > inetcpl.cpl > OK > Advanced > remove the checkmark in front of "Enable third party browser extensions" > OK then try opening IE.

      If that does not help you can re-enable third party browser extensions.

      If it does help, you would have to track down the third party browser extension causing the problem.

      If they has similler body to Msd or Unoa. I can make that outfits.
      I need to comparing their body for make outfits.
    16. Hi I just ordered from your store Mio...

      I ordered the standard SD 13 size which hopefully can fit an efldoll...

      I think the jeans are a bit tight for elfdoll since they are bigger...

      for future ordering prupose if i give you measurements will you be able to customise the size of the clothes/pants?
    17. Hi Mio,

      The Jeans 501 I ordered, now that I look again, I think they look better for a girl than a boy. Can I change that to Jeans 506 for SD13 (Senior Delf) boy please? What is the price difference for that? I will pay the extra difference if Jeans 506 cost more than Jeans 501. But if they cost less, I do not need a refund. Thank you and sorry for any trouble this causes you.

    18. Hi Mio

      Thank you for your help. I wanted to make an order by myself because of the special requests of Limwha Limbo jeans and Narae jeans but don't know how to order, there is a group order going to close today, which should I do?
    19. The clothings you made are sooooooooo sell done.I would like to order something from you but I don't have a BJD yet.Don't even know what size of BJD I will bring home,MSD or SD size?Do you make dress?

    20. Yes. Please email me or reply on your order form.:)

      You can order emailing. :)
      I think you make order youself. If you do that you can recive your order sooner than group order.

      Thank you so much for you like my outfits. :)
      I think If you want to order doll outfits. You should better order doll first.
      I can handle MSD. SD. Unoa size.

      I'm sorry I don't make Dress.

      Thank you so much.