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[Mio] Updated NEW OUTFITS!!!

Sep 19, 2007

    1. [​IMG]

      Hi There.

      Updated with NEW Outfits ^___^/

      I'm having a Shipping price event until
      10. Oct.
      Shipping price is DOWN $30--->$20

      *13 SD Boy(long leg) & Girl, SD Boy & Girl, MSD Boy & Girl, UNOA Boy & Girl sizes UNOA 2nd are available basically.

      I hope you always having a nice day!

      Thank you so much :)


    2. uh oh, your link doesnt work D:
    3. I tried my bookmarked link and got the same screen...my bet is that the mad rush to check out all the new clothes used up her daily bandwidth!

      Darn...I've always wanted to get in on these too :(
    4. I tried this link and my bookmarked link and got the "too much traffic" screen. I waited about twenty minutes and tried again and got through. The new clothes are fantastic! Well worth trying again to get to the site!
    5. Works for me...although jacket_400 doesn't seem to show the color options. Anyone else see them?
    6. All the other color selections worked for me, but you're right, Tsuminaki, Jacket_400 isn't showing them.

      The new clothes are amazingly cute, eeee!! I'm expecting some stuff from a group order to arrive shortly, but I may just have to order again, given all the cute new items!

      -- A ^_^
    7. jacket_400 is only available in pink, i think :)
    8. i noticed you didnt have any of your older outfits up, are you not making them anymore?
    9. Pururun: Sorry... I'm not making anymore older outfits up.

      Jacket400 is only one color. but If you guys want another color I'll update another color ( Brown or Black. white...etc..) jacket400 next weekend.
    10. Woooow such great outfits, may I ask a question though, about the School look outfits, are their prices right? I mean the white (401) one costs 87$ for MSD while the pink(402) one costs 25$ , is there something special about the first one??? Something different???
    11. opps~! That's mu misstake. I fixed it now. School look outfits set are same price.
      Thank you! Memlole
    12. any chance to make jacket_400 in this black color
    13. If you want to I can make jacket_400 in this black color. but It's a little different thick. Its's thicker than fabric of Jacket 400. a little....... 400 fabric is moer soft.
    14. Hi. There.

      I add to three colour fabric of JACKET_400, SKIRTS__406, HATS_402, HATS_403, HATS_404.
      You can choice more colour. :D

      Thank you so much!

    15. Several peoples hae requested an extension of shipping cost event.
      So I am please to tell you that Shipping cost event extend until this weekend( 14 .Oct).

      Also I can make 13SD boy(Long leg too) and girl, SD boy and girl, Mad boy and girl, Unoss(Only this time), Unoa boy and girl, Unoa 2nd size.
      There are basically Volks dolls.

      Thanks a lot!!

    16. Hi. There~

      I have a good new~!
      I finally have her. So I can execpt SD16 Girl size outfits from now on! :D

      Thank you so much!