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Mio-Updated New Outfits!!!

Oct 17, 2006

    1. [​IMG]

      Hi There~

      Updated with some new Outfits ^___^/

      I'm having a Shipping price event until 31 .Otc. Shipping price is DOWN $30--->$20 :)

      The ordered clothes which begins dispatch from November beginning of the month. (please consult this before an order.) I ask your understanding that will take more time because all works are made by hand.

      Thank you so much


    2. Oh, they're beautiful! Can these be made to fit the boy Unoa as snugly as they fit the girls? My B-el needs clothing... ^_^;;
    3. Mellara : Thank you. Amy. ( Maybe ... If you who I knew Amy. I glad to see you here. :)

      KIyakotari : yes~ they fit the Unoa boy too. I have B-el and L-be. :) So you don't worry about size I can make to fit perfectly for unoa boy. :)
      (and I have 13SD boy and girl, 9SD girl, Msd boy of Vorks. )
    4. Beautiful clothes Mio! I can't wait to make an order.

      Will Tee_106 fit the Unoa boys or Narins?
    5. Bliss: Hi. Bliss. Thank you~ I like too chiffon material. :D

      Denaliwind: Thank you so much. :) Yep! Tee_106 is as snugly as fit the Unoa boys or Narins. (I'm making your order. :D )
    6. Hi Yoyomi, I would like to order some of your items, but I cannot sign up from your website. I just did the sign up procedure, but it did not seem to go through. Is there any other way I can order from you (via PM or email perhaps?)

    7. H. Helen.
      you don't need sign up. You can write on the order borad without sign up.
      I can accept order via PM or email. :)
      Thank you so much.

    8. I'm so sorry..
      My Website is over Traffic. :( It will be back about 14 hours. I'm so sorry.
    9. Hi Mio,
      Would your clothes fit 43 cm Narin boys?

    10. Hi. Mellara.
      Yes. My clothes fit narin boys. :)
      Because I have unoa boy. they are similar size.
      Thank you ~
    11. Mio - Will you making any clothing to fit the new Unoa Version 2 girls Cream and Mocha?

      I just love :love your clothing!

      Thank you
    12. Hi. Saranilla
      I'll preorder Unoa Version 2 girls Cream and Mocha at next month. :)
      I'll make their outfits.


    13. Hi! Your clothes are gorgeous.
      Do you plan to make clothes for MSD sized dolls?
    14. You can order all the clothing in SD and MSD size if you mouse over the images you can see a pop up with that offered as a size selection :)
    15. If you're using an alternate browser, you may not see the prices pop up.

      Just click on the picture and scroll down to see the prices for each size.
    16. I was able to view the outfits and prices until the website changed, but cannot any longer. Is it just me, or is anyone else having this problem? I've been linked directly, but it still won't show anything but the large photo on Mio's page (the links to the shopping work on all the other pages on the site, just not Mio's). Thanks for any help :)
    17. Not sure if this helps but she has a new area for her outfits looks great. Heres what I am linking to: I navigate by clicking on the items along the top row such as jackets.
    18. quick question...

      i have a lovelyhouse body... which has a bigger hip then sd13 but a small waist. would the clothes make any complications ?

      thank you
    19. That is where the problem is for me - the whole top tan area/box is blank, and there aren't any links for me to click on. I tried your link as well, but still nothing along the top. I'm baffled and want to get back in and see it all. Maybe it's just my computer acting up, but I thought I would see if anyone else was having troubles. I appreciate the link and help :)
    20. try 'middle click and hold' on the tan area and scroll down or up.