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Update [mio] Updated with NEW OUTFITS : Open Until 11th. Sep

Aug 25, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      Hi There.

      Updated with NEW OUTFITS ^___^/

      Also shipping cost 10% down this period. Free shipping on all orders over $35
      It take one month~ 3month.

      *16 SD Girls, 13 SD Boy(long leg) & Girl, SD Boy & Girl, MSD Boy & Girl, UNOA Boy & Girl sizes UNOA 2nd ,Narin & Narae are available basically. :)
      (all size standard by Volks dolls)

      I hope you always having a nice day!

      Thank you so much :)


    2. Are you blouses all updated? There are some in other pictures that don't seem to be in the Blouse section. :)
    3. The pictures on the site are not loading for me.
    4. Brennil : Thank you for let me know I fixed that page. :)

      Dispy : I'm sorry. I don't know that problam. I added to some picture for you.





    5. [​IMG]

      Oen missing items I did't update.


      http://m2kdolls.com/shop08/007.jpg <--click here

      Special offer Tee_609 only this period.
      you can choice a color in 8 colors(A~H) and a shape in 5 shapes(R1, R2, R3, R4, R5)

      Thanks a lot.
    6. Hi. There. :)

      Thank you for you watching this page.
      I got some requests about the order period from some people.
      So I'll taking order until 11th Sep.

      Thank you so much and have a nice day..