Miracledoll Discussion Thread

Dec 24, 2013

    1. Didn't see one of these, so let's discuss the lovely Miracledolls here!
      Official Ebay Miracledoll dealer: Jeeryama
    2. Excellent! I just looked at Jeeryama's page and there's some new Miracledolls since the last time I checked! There's actually a couple of girl dolls as well!

      Has anyone ordered a body from them? They look quite nice from the photos.
    3. Oooooh new Miracledolls! New to me anyways. XD
      They really do look beautiful. :O

      Oh and BlitheFool, how long did it take for you to receive your Lestat head? C8 I can't wait to get him and give him his face up.
    4. Genevieve- my Lestat head took about 30 days? Not much longer than that as I recall!
    5. Here's my boy with a quick faceup. Still no name yet but I sueded him this morning so he poses like a dream.
    6. Oh that's not bad at all! I can't wait. :3
      That's a lovely face up, he looks so stately. =v= I love his little smirk...
    7. Oh, Blythefool you said you had a Doll Chateau boy?
      Do you think the Lestat head would fit on your Pierre's body? I can't seem to make up my mind on which body I want for him. @[email protected]
      I'm thinking the DC A-body-02 or the old Dollshe Hound body.
    8. Oh, it absolutely will. They have the same neck size. I think that would look quite good, actually. Let me know if you want to see it and I'll pry his head off.
    9. Awyiss that would be great. I just really think my Lestat is going to need a slender body, and what better route than Doll Chateau? =v=
      Hopefully the WS matches well 8U
    10. Alrighty- the two fit for sure. Ol' Lucien's got a bit of hot glue sueding sticking out there. Pardon his sloppy neck hole.


      And this is DC's NS Pink and Miracle Doll's NS.
    11. Okay yes, I really like that. =w=
      Thanks so much, it looks great!
    12. So exciteeddd, I found a second hand WS DC body. 8D No Doll chateau wait time yaayy!
      It's a little older, so I hope the white will be less paper-white, as it looks in pictures. 8U Miracledoll WS looks rather creamy to me.
      I will take pics when it arrives. 8D
    13. Score! Actually, Dollzone and DC have the same resin colours because Dollzone is a parent company of DC. So their white should be on the creamy side. Good luck with your hybrid! I'm sure he'll look amazing!
    14. Oh you're right, it does look very creamy in better lighted pictures. OuO
      Thanks I sure hope so! :D
    15. Omg my Lestat shipped today! That was really fast, I'm happy. XD
      I ordered on Dec. 23, and it shipped today, January 11th.
      His body is out for delivery today and I hope to get the head next week. 8DD
    16. Dang! That was super duper quick! I can't wait to see what you do with him.
    17. Cool! New dolls! I really like Lestat, now only if they had a female vampire. The faceup on Eva and the girl doll legs evoke that porcelain bjd look to me.....I would like to see better pictures of that girl body. The 9cm neck size is pretty nice for hybrids.
    18. I'd love to see owner photos of the Miracle Doll bodies but I don't think anyone has bought them. We've all just become head collectors.
    19. I too would really like to see the body!
      I just thought it didn't fit his character, so I chose to hybrid. Another I'd really love to see is Asael, he's so pretty~
    20. He came so fast here even! And golly gee willickers, he's beautiful. =3=
      I was so impressed with Miracledoll, they packed him so excellently. Here's the box opening thread!

      And those wanting to know about resin match with DC white skin, it's just perfect, in my opinion. =v= My cell phone doesn't accurately portray their true color, but I'd say miracledoll is slightly pinker than DC. I think my DC body has yellowed some though, but it worked out great. :3 His eyes are sooo very tiny, I hope when his own eyes get here, the color will show up. :< I'm going to have to get him some 8 mm of his own! I ordered 14 mm. ;3;

      IMAG1394 by GenevieveYay, on Flickr