Sales Promotion Miro Doll April Promotion

Apr 5, 2017

    1. Miro Doll April promotion is from April 5th to April 30th 2017. During the time, we offer 40% discount on the dolls, heads and bodies, 20% discount on the new 72cm boys, 20% discount on the shoes. We hope all people have a nice spring!

      For orders over $198, we will send one extra 1/4 doll head

      For orders over $298, we will send one extra 1/3 doll head

      For orders over $488, we will send one extra 1/4 doll body

      For orders over $688, we will send one extra 1/3 boy body

      For orders over $888 we offer free shipping.

      When calculating for the free gift, shipping cost is not counted into the order total.
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    2. Is your normal skin color
      back or is it still pink color....?
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    3. I'm looking to buy the 66cm body and Thunder 1/3 boy head I have a couple of questions. It'll be my first doll. Will they fit together alright? And what size s hook and string will I need?
      I tried to find those last two bits on the pages for the items but couldn't.
    4. @PennyForTheGuy
      I own two the new 66 bodies and have the Thunder head on one of them, it fits nicely although the neck seems a bit long with it.
      And where as it doesn't bug me, thought I'd share as it might be a deal breaker for others. Over all it looks good though and fits, I sadly can't share a photo at this time, as the doll is at a friends house to get a face up.
      Hope this info helps you some ^^
    5. Can you provide a link to the website?
    6. Yes it does! If I could ask you one more question, what size eyes fit it?
    7. 14mm I think like 97%, again head is at a friend's house so can't help more by double checking.
      Fairly sure he could also take 12mm eyes as well, and not sure off hand if could go up a size.
      Thunder is really a handsome mold in person his blank site photos don't do him justice. Though mine had a casting issue and needed sanding in a spot on his lip, which my friend took care of for me.
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    8. Their normal color is back... called Classic NS. YAY!
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