Sales Promotion Miro Doll August Promotion

Aug 4, 2017

    1. Miro Doll August Promotion is from August 1st to August 31th, 2017. During the time, we offer 35% discount on the dolls, heads and bodies, 20% discount on the new 72cm boys, 30% discount on the shoes.

      For orders over $318, we will send one 1/4 girl body in NS.

      For orders over $518, we will send one extra 68cm body in NS.

      For orders over $888 we offer free shipping and a 68cm boy body in NS.

      When calculating for the free gift, shipping cost is not counted into the order total.
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    2. Can you tell me the skin colour of the Lili dolls in the photos on your page? I'm going to buy one! :D So excited!

      Also, is she available on the new body as well as the old body? In the pictures, she appears to have a smaller bust than the old body. I really love the one in the pictures and would love to get one just like that if possible.
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    3. Will you promote the new doll body this month or a different month?
    4. For anyone interested, I learned that the default is the old body, but that you can get her on the new body by choosing the head and body separately. They're both on sale and you can still get a faceup. Hooray! :)
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