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Miro Doll: new 1/3 boy William

Oct 9, 2011

    1. A 1/3 boy has been posted on the website. http://www.mirodoll.com/index.php?ma...roducts_id=175



      His Name is William. William is 60cm tall. He is very strong and heavy too. The net weight of the doll (no packing) is 1600g. The boy has new body, which is different from the Thunder body, while Thunder body is still available. The price is $188, faceup is not included, but a pair of glass eyes and a pair of shoes are included. The price is $198 if faceup is needed. There are a small amount in stock. The doll can be shipped at once as soon as the order is received.

      The doll has two pairs of feet. One is the default feet, the toes part is movable, thus the doll can wear both high-heeled boots and flat-heeled boots. And there is a pair of additional feet. The additional feet is normal feet, the toes can not move.

      The body measurements:
      height: 60cm
      head girth: 23cm
      shoulder width: 12cm
      shoulder to wrist: 16cm
      hip to ankle: 31cm
      foot length: 7.5cm
      waist girth: 20cm
      chest girth: 25cm
      thigh girth: 15cm
      wrist girth: 5cm
      Eyes size: 18mm

      If you have any question, please visit here. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...)-Discussion-Thread/page16&highlight=mirodoll , as the news section is not for discussion. :)
    2. In one of these photographs, the head is quite small in relation to the body. In another it is quite large. Which of these represents the look of the actual doll, please?
    3. I do believe that is just the angle Rosslyn.