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Mirodoll 1/4 Girl bodies?

Aug 16, 2016

    1. Hello there! These dolls don't have much information on them so I just have to ask... Does anyone know the poseability or any features of the 1/4 girl bodies? I'm interested in buying one of their dolls (In burnt sugar btw so I'd also like it if someone sent me a picture of their doll) but I can't find much information...
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    2. I have a 1/3 doll in burnt sugar and a ns 1/4 girl. She stood right out of the box. I think she poses fairly well. Most of them need to be sueded. I haven't had her long so I haven't done much with her. If you want to know about certain poses , I will see if she can do it.
      :sweat They are not the best posers in the world but the price makes it worth working with them.

      2nd doll is my burnt sugar Wind.
    3. Oh interesting! I've heard people saying they're strung super loose when they arrive... And wow i didn't know they were THAT orange oh dear! Not really a bad thing but it's not what I expected lol SO they have single jointed knees and double jointed arms right?
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    4. My girl appears to have single jointed arms.
    5. Oh! When did you get her? I'm getting a doll that's a week old but has the old body... It seems like she has double jointed elbows though.
    6. In my opinion, the only drawback in this body are the wrist joints.They're kinda oval shaped and lack the metal hooks on them, making their poseability quite limited.
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    7. Yeah I heard about that... Thankfully, I just keep my doll in a normal standing position so it won't bother me THAT much (It probably will someday lmao) but can't you buy S-hooks anyway? What do S-hooks do anyway since there's already the hook on the hands? :? Do you have a Mirodoll? I'd love to see
    8. Yeah, I just keep forgetting to buy some more S-hooks :doh. From what I've noticed on my other dolls, the hooks on the hands help a lot with posing, not to mention making it easier to restring their arms.
      And last, but not least, my own mirodoll girl:
      Zaha - Mirodoll Lili
      (I'm still struggling with photo attachments on flickr:XD:)
    9. Maybe I'd do it... but I'm new to the hobby so I'm not ready for restringing yet lol
      Thank you for showing your girl! She looks wonderful and alive! ^^
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    10. I'm not a fan of the hands, i havent gotten an s hook to see if that will work better yet. I'm waiting to blush her body before i do that. only want to restring her once. Mine is in Burnt sugar and yes its more orange and light tan than i expected. but she stood right out of the box. Kitt and her little friends - facelesshumanoid: kraftykitt: So... (images of my mirodoll,shes about a year old in burnt sugar. unedited photos. just to show a friend posing. doll nudity and ignore the stocking on her head was in the process of making wig caps)
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    11. So she's in burnt sugar? Wow she barely looks orange at all... Mirodoll skin colors are so odd lol I'm kinda hoping mine is a little bit more like that color lol I'm buying my girl secondhand and the woman I'm gonna buy her from is kind enough to string her tighter free of charge lol But I'm so not excited for when I have to do it again someday
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    12. Yea she's got a hint of orange. To be honest I thought she was normal skin or even a light tan. I will give her a bath when I unstring her. And take better pictures
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