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Mirodoll Discussion Part VI

Sep 9, 2017

    1. Brand new thread!

      Callous my Migidoll/Mirodoll hybrid got hot glue sueded yesterday and he is much easier to pose.
      [​IMG]callous dancing by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    2. looks nice @SteamWitch
      my boy came in too =3
      I just need to upload some piccs from todays shooting.
      he is not done yet...wig is missing >-< he has a different one at the moment
    3. wow callus got me in the halloween MOOD!
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    4. My Mirodoll Apollo on 60cm body is coming along nicely. :) Meet Sun Wukong! (I still need to do a couple more things before he's "done")

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    5. Wow, he looks good.
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    6. Thanks!
    7. His hair is cool!
    8. Thanks! I enjoyed making it. :)
    9. Does anyone know which color would be closest to Akagi Doll's normal?
    10. ... new thread! That explains why I lost track ... I got my first ever Miro boy out again, and dyed him to match a floating tan Ringdoll head. :) I've been playing with him more, and I found that he poses like a champ as long as he doesn't have to stand. Then I took a closer look and found that his standing issue might always have been the fact that his right leg is a smidge shorter than his left ... I thought that might have happened during dyeing, but he's never been able to stand without leaning on to something, and that may have been the reason. He'll get some special shoes now (he's currently standing barefoot on a spare sole, and has been standing on his own since last night so extra height definitely fixes the issue), and I might incorporate that "flaw" into his character. :)
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    11. I believe NS yellow. But NS Classic is fairly neutral and might work anyway.

      @Dark Angel, WOW! NICE Apollo!!!

      @SteamWitch, Callous looks gorgeous on that body! I need to suede mine too.

      @Jany I saw your dyed guy and he looks FABulous! You did a great job!!

      A couple of links here for those interested in the new muscular Miro Girl:
      DollsArtCats: Sicktress/Mirodoll Muscle Body Measurements

      DollsArtCats: Sicktress/Miro new body part 2!

      DollsArtCats: Sicktress New Body via Mirodoll (Part One)

      And Measurements:
      9 cm around the top of the neck
      19 cm for a jewel neckline around trapezoids (neck base)
      9 cm around the upper arm (bicep)
      8.5 cm around the forearm
      6 cm wrist
      9 cm widest part of hand (for sleeves)
      21.5 cm from the edge of the shoulder of the torso, to the wrist
      22 cm from the front collarbone to the mobility joint, over the bust. (About the length of a shirt/tunic)
      20.5 nape of the neck to the mobility joint, over the butt, in back (the back length of a shirt/tunic)
      12 cm bust point to hip front, laying flat (like a corset)
      11 cm bustline in back to hip (corset back)
      34.5 around the shoulders (like for a cloak)
      56 cm nape of neck to floor in back (straight down, add more for a cloak to trail on the ground)
      30 cm around the biggest part of the bust, only on the upper plate (so I would get the maximum measurement)
      18 cm around the waist
      20 cm crotch from waist in front to waist in back (Mom jeans)
      31 cm inseam from crotch to ankle
      28 cm around widest part of hips
      42 cm from waist to ankle outside
      35 cm leg length (torso edge to ankle
      16 cm around upper thigh
      12 cm around widest part of calf
      7.5 cm foot length heel to longest toe

      All thanks to @fishcake, the High Dolly Guru
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    12. A couple questions about the promotion items when ordering from Mirodoll:

      1) Are they cumulative (eg. a $550 purchase grants the $100, $200, $318 and $518 bonuses) or does the largest one apply (eg. a $550 purchase grants only the $518 bonus)?

      2) Can you have requests for the bonus items, or are they random? Eg. which 1/4 body, which 1/4 head, normal yellow or normal pink?
    13. 1) They are not cumulative. The largest amount is what you get.
      2) I was able to request the body and skin color that I wanted when I ordered.
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    14. I had so much fun with the last face-up on my Mika I wanted to paint her again in a different way. Thought I would share since I'm very happy with her. <3


      Jany -- he should come to my house for a visit. This place we rent has a noticeably slanted floor and it makes for much trouble with standing photos for the average doll. :XD: But your shoe solution sounds like it will really help him out! That's wonderful.
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    15. I'm so excited that my Winnie has arrived she is gorgeous the body needed to have about 3-4 inches of elastic cut off on both but it's good and sueding as well which is to be expected and the oval joints ugh but I got over it she was so worth the one month wait
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    16. Thanks to you both. :hug:

      @FairytailDesigns Congratulations! I hope you will share some pictures with us later. I've always loved Winnie's face.