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Mirodoll Mini Discussion Thread

Jan 27, 2011

    1. Discussion thread for the 1/4 Mirodoll dolls and bodies.

      I think there are only a handful of these on DoA, but since they're currently being talked about on the Larger Dolls thread, they probably need a space of their own.

      Post away, everybody. :D

      ...mod notes....

    2. I'm still waiting on mine, and also received a shipping notice three days ago, though he was sent via Fedex. Perhaps because I live in the US?

      Will your boy have a Mirodoll head or will he be a hybrid? I was going to put a Leeke head on mine but it is unfortunately entirely too big, so while they work on the 1/3 body, a 1/4 Leeke hybrid will not work. Back to the drawing board! :)
    3. I'm having issues with communication on a Mirodoll order. Does anyone else feel like they're being ignored? I placed my order on 2/9 and got a message (only on my account page at Mirodoll) that the shipping had not been added on the shopping cart so please pay it too, which I did. My Account page hasn't been updated and I've not received responses to ANY of my contact efforts.
    4. Okay, so the just don't communicate! The next notice I received was that my boy body had shipped and the tracking number. He's come through customs and arrived at the local receiving center, so I should have him in hand this week! I'm planning to hybrid him with a CLine Anubis faceplate from Fairyland...so excited!
    5. I've discovered just now their line of 1/4..it's just me or the body seems basicly the same as the 1/3?
    6. No, if you compare the two side by side, you can see that the larger doll is more heavily muscled.

      Small Male Body
      http://www.mirodoll.com/images/40cm boy body.JPG

      Large male body

      More than that, it's undersized for the majority of collectors - it's WAY too muscular for even a highly developed young adult. I have Fairyland Chiclines, who top out at 40cm WITH their tiny heads on. Here's a comparison next to the 1/4 Mirodoll body with an Anubis head on it (just propped on top, there's no headback yet:

      07 Standing with CLine Rou by dhawktx1, on Flickr
    7. Thanks so much for the piccies :)
      I'm interested in the female mainly,but i see what you mean. Thanks again :)
    8. It's pretty much the same with the female body. Hands and feet are oversized, as they generally are on an adolescent, but the body is much too well developed and can stand on it's own quite well as an adult figure.

    9. :D thanks so much for the detailed review dear!In the end you can try to find somewhere else the hands or the feet,to me seems not so bad in the end!
    10. The hands will be a problem as the wrists and hand 'ball' are a flattish oval, not round!
    11. wouldn't it be relatively simple to put the wrist in hot water and use the new hand or something rounded to reshape it? same concept as moving fingers.. (i haven't actually seen any mirodolls in person so im just guessing)
    12. Not sure since I've never done that much of a mod. Fingers are relatively small and uniform. The wrist is thinner on the top and bottom, thicker on the sides. Might have to ream it out a bit, and quite a ways down to see.

      I'm getting two more bodies in a while. I'll see if they'll sell me extra forearms at the same time. They had no problems with selling me extra hands and feet.
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    13. I'm gonna bring this thread back from the brink because their strangely muscular bodies are JUST what I was looking for! Has anyone else gotten a doll from this company recently?
    14. I got mine in April. Shipping was relatively fast, but they don't communicate well if you ask them any questions. I've got another MSD boy AND a girl to order so my CLine LTF Breakaway and Ruru have their own bodies, and Anubis gets his back from Breakaway. Here's how the body blushed up:

      Mirodoll Resin Abs by dhawktx1, on Flickr

      Color is off - body is basically PINK and the head is FL NS, which has an apricot cast to it.
    15. I asked them a question about whether Vivi had the same body as the body they seperately. I got a response within 9 hours though after reading this thread I wasn't expecting such a quick reply. I was able to track the information down on here and found a picture of the new mini bodies with 1/3 William. I've just ordered the old mini girl body and 1/4 boy head 07.
    16. just found the MSD thread for these dolls. I'm guessing no one has the 1/4 girl? really curious to see her in comparison to others the site says she is 42cm?

      FYI/Update: i had sent a message to Mirodoll inquiring if the body was the same on robin and kevin doll and they said no the measurements are completely different and that they will update their website, which they have. So it seems they have 2 different 1/4 girl bodies and 2 different boy bodies.

      I'm not able to get into my email at work but I'll post the info they sent me later.Just re reading some of the posts and looking at photos and yea holy moly those hands are huge, would be curious to know if moding the wrist round will work or not. Seems like maybe they are going for a more realistic look since well human wrists are not round but oval..lol, not certain but it is a bit odd. Can't wait to finalize my order.

      Edit: email received from Mirodoll (the girl body he is speaking of would be the one listed in bodies not what is under the dolls section):
      1. The 1/4 boy body and the Kevin and Robin bodies are different. Kevin body are much bigger. We will post Kevin body on the website too.
      2.The 1/4 girl body is 34cm too without head on.

    17. I wonder, does anyone know if their resin would be a good match for a whiteskin Dollzone?

    18. hello,
      I've some questions about size for mirodoll 1/4 boy...
      They seems to be smaller than ordinary MSD doll...
      On website, it's wrote "41cm tall with head" , the head circomference seems really small too, no?
      So what about eyes size?
      10 or 12mm ?
      For shoes and clothes, can they fit MSD things ?