Preorder Miroxdolls - 4 dolls preorder

Oct 28, 2020

    1. PREORDER for Joe, Light, Lea, Mirosha elf and Mirosha human (natural and tan skintone) HAS STARTED!
      Period of preorder: 25’October - 10’November
      Waiting time: 2-3 months
      Place for orders: direct message on FB or email [email protected]
      A: nude doll with acrylic eyes = 380 USD
      B: doll with eyes and faceup = 430 USD
      C: doll with eyes, faceup and wig (natural mohair) = 460 USD
      You can order the colour of eyes and wig and which faceup (with freckles or no) do you prefer
      Tan skintone = +20 USD
      Worldwide delivery - 20 USD
      You can also order random clothes = 30 USD
      Payment plans (I will send an invoice via PayPal):
      - full payment
      - deposit payment 200 USD (non refundable) and final payment before the sending doll for you
      Body is the same for all dolls, basic measurements:
      eyes: 8 mm for Joe and Light and 9 mm for Lea and Mirosha
      height 7.8’’ (20 cm)
      head circumference: 5-6” (14 cm) for Joe and Light and 6-7” (15 sm) for Lea and Mirosha
      foot 1,18’’ (3 sm)

      More photos - please see my FB page Oksana Mironova or Instagram @miroxdolls
      image-28-10-20-05-24-10.jpeg image-28-10-20-05-24-14.jpeg

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