Preorder Mishi's Doll Murphy - second preorder!

Feb 8, 2018

    1. I am not affiliated with Mishi's Doll, I just love her work and want to make sure people know about this preorder!


      For all information concerning this preorder, please take a look at this blog post!

      In summary:

      Murphy is a BJD with the size of MSD, she measures 38cm. She includes TWO pairs of hands and TWO heads (the normal head and sleeping head). Due to her slender upper body, she fits Yo-sd clothing for the chest and Minifee or MSD clothing for the legs and hips. She can wear 16mm - 18mm eyes and the size of her shoes is 1/4.

      Murphy will be cast by Haru Casting in four different colours! She is available in "Normal Pink", "Gray" and "Milky Tan", and for this preorder only she will be available in fantasy colour "White Violet".

      For more information and the order form, remember to take a look at the Mishi's Doll blog!

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