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Sep 24, 2016

    1. Hi everyone I recently found an amazing company called Mishi's Dolls, and when I realised there was no discussion thread...I thought 'Lets Start One'...

      Here are some Links to various online sites which contain more information about both the Artist and her wonderful Dolls:-
      Facebook - Mishi's Doll | Facebook
      Instagram - Esther (@mishisdoll) • Instagram photos and videos
      Flickr - Sther ViVi
      Blogger - Mishi's Doll

      Currently There is a sculpt available called Dreamy, and I believe there are 2 in stock, one in Grey and one in Violet White ( see pic below)

      31st October 2016 is an important date for my calender, as that is the day of the much anticipated Pre-Order of Weeny... ( see pic below )

      Aaaaaand if this little guy is not cute enough!!! for the Ldoll event, and the Pre-Order Weeny will come with his very own Pumpkin which will be fluorescent orange...( pic Below)

      Both these pics of Weeny are shown in the Artists cast of grey resin, Weeny will be available in a choice of 4 fantasy colours and the Limited Edition Pumpkin will be Flourescent Orange!!!

      I would really love to hear from other people who may already own one of the Mishi's Dolls and maybe see some owner pics.
      As for me I am waiting patiently to order my very own Weeny...who incedently is a plant which a young witch called McKenzie planted and cast a spell on...
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    2. I have a white Weeny on layaway.

      I'd love to get Dreamy as well, or maybe her new doll Murphy.

      Is the designer here on Den of Angels?
      I could hardly find any info here about her dolls.
    3. Gonna revive this thread because I'm going to get a mishi doll dreamy in a trade and I'm super excited!!!! I'm having a hard time finding measurements and such though. ):
    4. @howtobreakaheart I have a Dreamy and she is wonderful!! She's absolutely tiny though - super slender arms. I don't have her with me in Europe right now, so I can't tell you any measurements though unfortunately :c

      Here is a photo of my Dreamy when I first unpacked her! (actually, if you click that photo and go through to the flickr album, there's a photo of me holding her in my hand, if you want a concept of size)


      I also got an email from Sther this week telling me that my Murphy is on the way!! I was lucky and got the free make up option from Oh My Doll included, so I'm really excited to see what she looks like in person when she gets here. I bought some fabric today to make her a dress, but will probably have to wait a bit to start on that as again... no measurements to be found.
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    5. Oh yay! I was wondering if other people knew about Mishi's Doll! I wasn't sure if they were on topic or not! I have a Murphy in gray skin on lay-away and I am soooo excited!! Just three more payments! As for sizing, I was able to find her height, which is 38 cm and the following notes on her blogspot:
      • Her slender body makes her wear Yo-sd clothing for the upper chest and Minefee or MSD clothing for the legs and hip.
      • Uses 18mm eyes and the size of his shoes is 1/4
    6. I don't think she has an account on DOA. I wonder if it would be okay to make a post in news on her behalf about the Murphy preorder? I just learned about her, but her dolls look so amazing, more people should learn about her, so she can get that extra support.
    7. I figured that I would post the measurements for Dreamy here, since I have her with me now! In case anyone is wondering:

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    8. I wish she was still available :atremblin
      I asked the artist and they said they are working on a new version to hopefully have out by 2019 though.
    9. Oh no, that's terrible news for my wallet :...( I seriously have a self control problem when it comes to these dolls. I've had to physically tear myself away from sending the email to her both times Weeny was on pre-order...
    10. Me too Q.Q the only upside being that none of the dolls that I have on my wish list at the moment are available...
      I really want Hope... But there is a Dreamy in the marketplace and I am so so tempted by her... *_*
    11. I had such a hard time deciding in between Hope and Dreamy when I bought mine. They're both so lovely.
      I also wanted to grab another Murphy this preorder but the reasonable side of me figured one was enough... Speaking of Murphy, should I make a thread in the Mini dolls discussion forum for her? I haven't seen too many of them around, but there isn't a thread.

      I finally decided on a name/aesthetic/character for my Dreamy too :D I'm going to sketch up a concept this week hopefully and then post it here. She's basically going to be a little ray of sunshine - her name is Nendalee c:
    12. The Murphy thread sounds like a good idea, I also feel like someone should make a thread in News about the preorder, but I've been too scared to. :sweat

      I would love to see the sketch and what you do with your Dreamy your idea sounds adorable :D
    13. Ahhh it was kind of nerve wracking but I made a post in News about it :) I really hope to see these dolls getting more love!

      Also, I just checked and Murphy comes in at 38cm, so according to the forum descriptions, still a tiny?? So I guess we can discuss her here?
    14. I guess so! I thought she was taller since everyone so far has been describing her as MSD sized. Pretty close though I suppose x3

      I'm sorry for the double post. I bought the Dreamy that was in the marketplace, I'm so excited! :D
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    15. Ahhhhh! Congrats!! :D I saw her as well and she's super cute. I hope you'll be happy with her. Be sure to post some photos once she gets home!
    16. Thank you! I will :D I'm so excited, I'm not sure of a name for her yet but hopefully something will come to me when I have her with me. x3 I've been doing face-up mock-ups in a drawing program, they are not as good as some people make them, since I'm not good with the programs, but its giving me an idea of what I think I would like to do with her x3. Though its still winter, so I'm not sure I'll be able to do the face-up until spring or summer D:
    17. Yeah, I'm waiting with a bunch of faceups right now too - the weather here has been super random this winter. I'd love to see your mock ups though if you're comfortable sharing! I hope to have mine done soon too :)
    18. I almost preordered, but I'm trying to keep myself from buying dolls not on my wishlist. I'm in love with the tan skin, thought.
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    19. I have Murphy in tan!! I'm so glad I spent the extra money on it - I was going to hold back and get the white/pink but I ended up splurging. :D


      She's still very much a work in progress... :sweat
    20. She is beautiful! I would be a lot more tempted to get her if I could handle closer to MSD size better.