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Miss your doll?

Oct 25, 2010

    1. I looked and didn't find anything, otherwise, move away! ;)

      So my girl has spent the last week and a half with my mom, while she gets a Halloween costume made. I didn't think it would be a big deal, but OMG, I miss her! it's like her room (she lives in my "sewing/meg room") is empty and dark, and my sewing machine seems depressed, and I don't even want to craft at all.
      I kind of think it's funny, because before BJD, I wouldn't have been like this at all. I would have had the norm mindset of - plastic=inanimate toy. Not so much.

      Did you ever get like that while waiting for faceups, sending them out for mods, etc? Let's talk about how a dolly can leave such a huge hole when they are away.
      Also, how might this have affected your decision to keep them home and do faceups/etc. yourself?
      I know that's a big reason why I did Rylai's faceup myself. I wanted my dolly home to stay after I bought her!

    2. Thats how I usually determine whether I keep a doll or not...I put her away and see if I miss her.

      (I'm starting to prefer getting dolls with faceups however as I don't like to send the head away right after getting it)
    3. I usually hold preference for dolls who come with face-ups that I like - because the idea of sending them off again really bothers me! I had to do it with my summery head but because I had another doll at home already it was easier to cope with. I hate being totally dolly-less though. :( All my crafting and most of my photography is done for/of my dolls and I feel totally bored and uninspired without them, not to mention in a strange way it's kind of lonely.
    4. I got a new girlfriend about three months ago and I've been spending all my time at her house since. I can't take my dolls here because the place is covered in a thick layer of cigarette smoke. And I miss the hell out of them.
    5. YEah... when I'm on trips sometimes I'll just reallllllllyyyyy want a doll to hug. Not just anything but my doll specifically. I love him to resin bits XD
      I love dolls so much I don't know why I love the way they're jointed and their faces are so gorgeous. They're comforting.
      I don't love them in an 'ending-in-phile' way, but they just hold my interest and I love working with them (i.e. faceupping, blushing, clothes and stuff) I think I mostly just love the engineering that goes into them and how realistic they are but they're still so small <3

      Okay done ranting XD I guess what I mean is just that my bjd is unique so I find myself missing him specifically.
    6. No, no really no.
      My dolls are not my 'friends', so I don't have that connection to the point that I miss them.
      Sure, I'd like to drag them around the house more (rest of the family smokes), but I can live without them for a while.
    7. I've gone on trips without my dolls before, and I'd have to say I did miss playing with them. I did all their face-ups because I didn't want to send them away. XD
    8. It takes a while, but yes, if I am separated from my dolls for a few days, I start to miss them. I once took a doll apart to do some work on her, and in the end I had to put her back together sooner than I should have. I just wanted her in one piece again! I am the kind of person who forms "relationships" with inanimate objects. Be it the blankets I sleep under or the clothes I wear, the computers I use...If something is around me a lot, I form an attachment to it. Be it person, animal, plant or doll.
    9. Yes, absolutely! It always feels good coming home after a day at school or work and be with my resin family as well as my human one. Since I have quite a number of BJD:s it's always a hard when going on a holiday and it comes to decide which dolls to will bring and which to leave at home. My dolls are a very, very important part of my life and I because of that I think it's natural for me to miss them just as I would miss anything and everything else that I cherish when it's not there.
    10. I gave my first boy for almost a year to a friend for comissioned clothes and well.. i missed him.
      i only had 2 weeks with him but i felt like there was something missing. i also bought a cartoon-doll to "replace" him.

      I have to say, i lived alone that time and so he gave my home a little more feeling of a REAL home.

      As i gave the Heads and my Foxboy to a Face up Artist it was hard to see the empty places where they used to stand, but it was not as hard as the first time (.. i moved back to my parents and i wasn't alone this time :) )
    11. I'm like that in that I don't appreciate change. A normal part of my daily routine was spending at least an hour or half an hour sewing bjd stuff or working on wigs, contemplating FINALLY giving her upper eyelashes, etc.

      I think the biggest thing I miss is just going in my sewing room, enjoying the quiet, and screwing around with wigs and fabric and tiny patterns. Dressing up the dolls has to be one of the most fun parts of ownership. I'm learning how to write patterns, and she is going to have SO MANY CLOTHES. :) But, without her here, I just don't do it. I have finally started the face-up on my (eventually-she needs a body! X/ ) 50cm girl, but it just doesn't have any urgency yet since she's got a while to wait before she has a body.

      Maybe another thing is that I'm not a super-patient person. :D
    12. hmmmm
      yes I do miss my doll when I'm spending my long hours in school-___- Sometimes I hope my boy is MSD or Yo SD sized so I could actually bring him to school with me-_-;
    13. I miss them but not to a bad extent. Its more like the habit of moving an arm or leg and just looking at them i miss. Its like missing my cat. ^^ i guess its like a pet love?
    14. I know exactly what this is like! Its terrible. I live in NYC, and due to how difficult it is getting all the things I need from MD to here I decided to not bring my dolls with me this semester. I don't have a room mate right now and I have been working on my own doll designs, I wish all the time they were here with me. D:
    15. My apartment is getting new windows this week. I know there's going to be dust and debris around, so I took all of my dolls to my parents house. This was about a week ago. They are taking a long time to get to my windows. My dolls can't come back here until the new windows are in. I really miss them and I've almost just brought one or two back and risked it. It should be any day that the windows get installed, so they can come back soon, but I miss them!
    16. I've only had my doll about 11 months and the vast majority of that time she's been away. I had her shipped straight to her first faceup artist, who had her for a very long time, and now to my best friend for a total makeover. I miss her very, very much. I went through a LOT of heartache just to finally get her and I didn't anticipate her being away so long either time. She's been gone for months and it does make my room feel much more lonely. I've also lost interest in a lot of other craft things, since all my scultping and crafting has been doll related. I think maybe the fewer you have, the more the sting of being away from them?
      :C just mentioning this has made me a bit sad, actually.
    17. Absolutely!

      One of my girls has been away since the start of May and I'm really missing her.

      She's back in the country now, but in a different town and I can't get her until some time next week at the earliest.


    18. Hmm... I miss them, but not in the way I miss a person, which can be really heart-crushing or saddening. It's more like if you're doing a task and you don't have the tool you'd prefer to use, and you go "darn, wish I had that on me." I prefer when the dolls are around and when they're not, I notice my want of them. It's not really emotional though.

      If that made any kind of sense.
    19. thats what I do too *nod*

      I miss my dolls sometimes (especially when im feeling sad and lonely and would need a hug xD) thats one of the reason i make their faceups myself and dont send them away for someone more talented to do it ^^;
    20. I miss my dolls terribly when they're not here. =/ I Sent Yoru off for a faceup last year, and he was gone for a month. It made me really, really anxious. I realize they're just lovely chunks of resin or whatnot, but my current ones are tangible forms of my roleplaying characters, so having them here is very important to me. I live alone and it's weird not being able to look over and see them sitting on the bench across the room. Even now Yoru has been visiting a friend of mine for a couple of week, and though I've seen him on the weekends I miss having him right here.