Missing and Stolen Dolls

Jun 22, 2008

    1. This thread is intended to alert community members to dolls/doll heads that have been stolen or are "missing" under unusual circumstances.

      This thread is for dolls, bodies and heads only, not lost/missing/stolen clothing, items, or accessories. It is also NOT for people who are waiting for a slow customizer, this is for instances of suspected theft.

      There is to be NO chat in this thread, as it is primarily an index.
      Any additional information or well-wishes should be sent via PM. If you have any information about these stolen dolls, please PM the person who has listed them as missing.

      When you post to this thread, we recommend providing the following information:

      • What is missing? (Mold, skintone)
      • Are there any distinguishing characteristics? (i.e. specific damage, modification, etc).
      • When was the doll last seen?
      • Where was the doll last seen?
      • Under what conditions did it go missing, and do you know who may have taken it? (i.e. Was it "traded" to another forum member who has disappeared or been banned? Was the doll stolen at a meetup?)
      • Where would you like to be contacted if someone has any information on your doll?

      Please provide several clear photos of what was stolen; "artistic" photos or photos with a lot of Photoshop effects will not be very helpful in identifying a doll, so please post only the clearest, sharpest photos you have. Please try to keep your information as unemotional and to-the-point as possible as well.

      You may edit your post if there are any developments, additional information you've found, or even a resolution of the situation (the happy news that your doll has been returned!), but clearly mark any changes to your post as an EDIT, and include the date.
    2. Between the Saturday and Sunday events at the NY Dolpa 3, 7 display dolls were stolen from Volks.

      (1) SD16 Girl "Ruby" w/black swan dress

      (2) MSD Girl F-21 Fairy w/blue dress

      (3) MSD Boy F-13 Fairy w/blue outfit (2 and 3 have matching outfits and long elf ears)

      (4) MSD Girl F-22 Fairy w/yellow dress

      (5) SD13 Girl F-29 w/yellow dress (4 and 5 have matched dresses)

      (6) SD13 Boy F-31 Fairy w/dark green & red outfit

      (7) SD13 Boy "Irvin" (FDQ Limited Model) w/Fairy default dress

      Some photos:

      Photos taken by AreeElf
      If you have any information about this theft, please contact a DoA Moderator or email Volks through their International website address, [email protected].

      More information from this News post:

      Post from Volks:
    3. * What is missing? (Mold, skintone): Bambicrony Elf Lullaby Lotti head, snow skin
      * Are there any distinguishing characteristics? (i.e. specific damage, modification, etc).: Airbrushed faceup by Lunesque, notable for multicoloured eyelids, a beauty mark on the left cheek/upper lip, and no glued-in upper eyelashes.
      * When was the doll last seen?: Early June 2008
      * Where was the doll last seen?: On a shelf with other heads in the private residence of DOA member LadySaiyuki and her boyfriend.
      * Under what conditions did it go missing, and do you know who may have taken it? (i.e. Was it "traded" to another forum member who has disappeared or been banned? Was the doll stolen at a meetup?) Someone visited LadySaiyuki's house and the head disappeared shortly thereafter, along with another doll belonging to LadySaiyuki. Two people were visiting but one has been found to be completely innocent and beyond reproach. At this point in time we are sure enough to the thief's identity that we are pursuing legal recourse. Until advised by authorities, however, I don't feel it wise to divulge the thief's identity at this time.
      * Where would you like to be contacted if someone has any information on your doll? Please private message me, or LadySaiyuki, or DOA member mari-chan. Any of us will respond and we all talk on a nearly daily basis so what reaches one of us will reach all of us in short order.

      Photos of the missing head (unfortunately these are the only ones that are known to exist at this time):



    4. Well, this is a long shot, but one of our BJD's was stolen at the Elf Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands on April 19, 2008.
      Since he has no characteristics that make him stand out, I doubt we'll ever find him, but you never know untill you try :)

      Nicky, the Buddydoll Cat, was stolen from us. The only thing that may alarm a possible buyer, is that his box and certificate are still in our posession, so he will come without them.
      I'm not sure if anyone from the doll community took him (i think that's highly unlikely), so ignorance about who and what he is may also be a sign.

      This is a picture of Nicky as he looked (not much to go on...):

      He is 23,5 cm tall and real white skin, without face-up like in the picture.
    5. I am not really expecting much but I want to give it a shot.

      Puki NS Rose
      She is missing the blushing on her upper lip. Silcone putty in her head.
      She was last seen @ Chili's T-2 in O'Hare Airport (Chicago)
      She was last seen Saturday July 13, 2009.
      It was taken from my restaurant. I have reason to believe a co-worker may have taken, possibly for financial gain.
      I would most definitely like to be contacted if someone believes they have seen her.



    6. Hi I am posting this for my customer and a friend who had her doll stolen at Momocon on Sunday March 20th around 1pm.

      She bought the doll from me and Jen last Dragoncon having saved up ALL year to buy it.
      IT was her birthday present to herself and I was happy to see the look of utter joy she had when she bought it as it was the first and probably only doll she will have with what has gone on in her life.

      The doll was a Resin Soul Dai, normal skin tone, hazel eyes, had on a lavender silk brocade dress made by a friend of mine who goes by Catdragon and which the girl had just paid for earlier that con. Dress has leaves and small round roses boraded on it in the same color lavender.

      She was in the bathroom and had set her stuff down on one of those couches and had gone to fix her contact when she heard people come in, she did'nt turn around since someone had been sitting there near her stuff and she thought it was safe. She was told three girls walked in and took the doll saying they were going to take it to lost and found or the owner whichever they found first.
      (I personally think the person who was sitting in there was in on it but that is just me shrug.)

      She came to us upset and crying her eyes out and it was NOT someone faking this was someone truly and visibly upset over this.

      I told her to also once con was over file a police report about the doll, however she was shaking and upset and I have'nt contacted her as yet to find out if she did in fact file a report. She was really shook up after the inciceent so she may not have.

      Most of what she had had for the doll during the past year had gotten mislaid or thrown out due to home issues, I can't go into everything on that because it's not my place to do so but I would'nt put anyone through what she has been through.

      She spent all the rest of Momo looking for that doll and checking BOTH lost and founds to the point where they were getting irritated but I told her to keep doing it just in case the doll did get turned in.

      She remained upset to the last point we saw her.

      This child had nothing but that doll.

      If anyone sees a doll matching this description please let me know and post this wherever.
    7. Missing!

      What is missing? Sleeping
      Pukisha NS puki
      Are there any distinguishing characteristics? he had company default faceup for the pukisha faceplate, flowing white mohair wig, and was wearing paw printed shirt and bottom pjs. The magnet on one of his feet had fallen our previously and didnt glue in correctly so one of the feet doesnt fit correctly. He also had on clenching hands.
      When was the doll last seen? Bay Area Renfaire, sometime in the afternoon during the rain.
      Under what conditions did it go missing, and do you know who may have taken it? During an inpromptu meetup. We had planned on having other members attend the meet but due to bad weather, we were unsure if anyone else had showed up. We checked through everything in the area unable to find it, and fear either a small child, animal or other doll liking person took it. We hope he will turn up. If found please contact myself or Teseya as its her doll. Thank you <3
    8. To add/edit to Alexial Leigh
      when was the doll last seen: at the Bay Area Renfaire in Tampa, FL on March 28th 2010. Sometime in early afternoon. He was in a covered basket inside my tent, next to my chair.
      His foot was actaully replaced (the right one) but now the left one is improperly glued in and makes it uneven. There is also a small smudge on the top of the left foot. The paw pjs have two tiny brown buttons on them, one holding up the pants in the back, the other under the chin. The color of the pjs is tan with brown paws. I have a pic of the ensemble, but with his open eyed face on. *note, the faceplate pictured is not the one he was wearing when he went missing, it was the sleeping pukisha default, the rest is the same*
    9. To my great sadness, I am posting this to let people know that my doll Quinn, who was a one off Volks MSD WS F-06, was stolen from me after I left Dolpa 2010 this year. When she was taken she was wearing an Olleaf White Rabbit outfit, the theif did not take her wig or hat. I will post photos of the outfit when I can. These are her :


      I am willing to pay a reward no questions asked for the return of this doll. I have all of her default, so she is not the complete one off, therefore not worth as much as someone unscrupulous might think.
      Please, if you see this doll come up for sale anywhere, let me know right away, don't buy her. You would be dealing with someone who did not come by her honestly.
      Thank you so much, and with great sadness, I wish for the return of my Quinn to me.
    10. My Zaoll Luv ended up in lost property at AVcon (Adelaide) on Saturday night, and when I went to claim her on Sunday someone had already taken her. I need all your help in trying to track her down. I'm also in touch with AVcon staff to try and resolve this. For anyone who knows my dolls, this is my Boy Luv's faceplate on my Muses' body.

      If you observe anyone in the doll community who has recently acquired, or is selling any of the following:

      &#8226; A Zaoll Luv in normal resin
      &#8226; A white V-neck Sadol top with orange, blue and grey stripes
      &#8226; A Zaoll sized cardigan with a tall, fold-down collar
      &#8226; 12mm Blue urethane eyes
      &#8226; Six pieces of sterling silver jewellery, including 5 bracelets and a pendant with a small brass circle.
      &#8226; A two-layer black dollmore skirt
      &#8226; A short black wig
      &#8226; My crappy hand-made cotton shirt and blue scarf

      She has a unique faceup with a scar running across the tip of her nose and across her cheek. This is what she looked like on the day:


      And a face closeup:


      If you have any information please contact me at [email protected]

      Thank you~
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    11. Hello everybody!
      I am not sure that this is the correct place to post this thread, so I am sorry if I did wrong.
      I write now to have a little help: I joined to a doll convention in France with my BJD shop and a doll of my private collection, not for sale, has been stolen from someone. I think that this is aterrible fact and I want that this girl/boy that stolen my dolls know that she/he ruined the day to me, to my job partner, to the convention staff and to everybody that has been involved in this fact.

      I really cannot accept that someone joins to a convention with the idea of steal something. Moreover, the ticket convention was not free, so I suppose that all the partecipants KNOW exactly the value of a doll to the owner, not only economic value I mean. So how you dare to make something so awful?

      Actually I am writing to many forums, flickr and so on with 2 purposes:
      1) I still hope to get her back, not because the money, I can buy again this is not the problem, but it won't be the same doll and I am very very very upset for this;

      2) I want everybody to be adviced about those kind of problems. As me, I think that there are many other people that think that no one could ever steal a doll.... but now I know that it can happen and I think that I won't join again to a convention with the same mood as before.

      So, hereby there are the characteristics of my sweetie: Please help her to come again to her home! T^T

      - Mold: Pukipuki chokopuki Lily fullset
      - Particularity: changed wig [For my doll "sweet cocoa" lilac]; Changed eyes: Acrylic deep green; Shoes: Dollb black/red shoes; hands: one victory hand, one default hand.

      here she is:

      Thank you for your help and your attention! Please spread the news if some one can help me! T^T :...(

    12. I had six dolls stolen out of my car on January 30, 2011, in Los Angeles, CA (Hollywood area).

      They were:
      Audra (Resinsoul lilac Ai)

      Tanith (Resinsoul light tan Dan)

      Suzette (Notdoll Belladonna)

      Zoe (Dollstown Soph head, Implstar body)

      Sweeney (Soom Syen R. Head, Impldoll body) and Lily-Raven (Bambicrony Lullaby Lotti)

      Any news of them, please PM me. Good luck to everyone else, getting your dolls stolen sucks.

      I just wanted to add, when last seen Tanith and Audra (the RS dolls) were together in a black Customhouse carrier, and the other four were in a gray vintage suitcase with a yellow and black luggage strap. I have filed a police report.
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    13. Okay...I must be a puki theft magnet b/c he was stolen Again! this time in a more unique configuration though.
      What is missing or stolen:
      A NS Puki with a Realpuki Soso sleeping Faceplate with artist faceup and with fairyland NS matching DaisyDayes hooves. The body is puki (missing the lower legs and joints b/c he has the hooves on instead) and the faceplate is a soso.
      He was wearing a tinybear golden wig with white tips and a leather wrap/loincloth I made him.
      Here are a couple pics, keep in mind these are not the same hooves that were on him, but they look like that...just more his resin color and unpainted. He also was not wearing the horns. And the leather outfit is not pictured.
      He was last seen when I put him in his case (he has a lg glasses case he shares with my wishel), inside my DOD msd case at Megacon in Orlando, FL on Friday, March 25th 2011. I never took him out after that. I brought him back to where I was living in Tampa and he was somehow taken out of both cases. I have my suspicions...but I will follow those privately. But if anyone sees him on any sales threads or ebay or anything...please let me know!
      You can contact me by PMing me, emailing me or AIM (this is all in my profile). Also you can contact my friend Alexial Leigh , as she is helping me with this too. In essence, it was the same doll that was stolen last year that I had replaced. *sigh* His name is Tash, please help me find him!
    14. I was selling my school B head to DOA user Haine. It's been about a month since I heard from her, as she asked for a refund and said she would return the head upon receiving it, because the transaction fell through. Since I granted the refund, I have not heard from her.

      This is my missing doll- just the head, not the body. The head arrived with her on March 28 2011. I have not heard from her since the 19th of March.

    15. I am really upset right now and it bothers me to post this.
      During Anime Weekend Atlanta we had the dolls on display and one of them was stolen.
      The stolen doll is a Doll Family Fox
      It was yellow skine tone though the way the dolls are made the difference between yellow and pink and white is negligible but he was yellow.
      I had put a yellow peice of aluminum in his head to make sure I could distinguish from the three we had.
      Doll was last seen friday September 29th at around 2pm.
      We had the doll along with the other dolls for sale, I am a dealer for several companies, and someone pocketed it as it was exceptionally croweded int he booth at the time.
      They took the doll as my back was turned to ask a question and did not take his box with him, they just pocketed him.
      If anyone notices a Doll family fox being sold without a box or pillow that he normally comes with ie pink box with doll family written on it as the logo and with Jen wolfhome on the back of the box please do contact me.
      I can be pm'd here on DOA or you can reach me at [email protected]

      If anyone is selling this on here then do please ask to see the box he came in, especially if he is being sold by someone from Georgia area.
      They will not have the box and the box would be a pink box with doll family logo and writing on the back of box saying Jen and wolfhome.
      • What is missing? (Mold, skintone)

      Ariadoll Van in oriental (volks normal) skin


      • Are there any distinguishing characteristics? (i.e. specific damage, modification, etc).

      He has the Van head on the 14 years old boy body, instead of the 16yo.
      Torso is single jointed. The hands were modified to look less childish, the seams were sanded and the body has a damaged body blushing with glue cut scars (pictures)
      He was wearing a white SD10 shirt (on the album pictures), black suit+pants, plus a black turtleneck among his things. His eyes are solid black, and the wig is a customized black Luts 9" in common fiber.

      • When was the doll last seen?/Where was the doll last seen?
      • Under what conditions did it go missing, and do you know who may have taken it?

      This doll was borrowed to a "close friend". North Charleston on South Carolina, USA. They were keeping it since August '12 under word of returning him if anything bad happened between us.
      Yet when our relation deteriorated, they began to turn vague ("I'll return it when I have money", to "I don't have time or money to send it back right now", and then to a blatant "You sent him to me as a gift" when it was by no means the case)

      I know the full name and other data of the person, but so far all I have put up in an attempt to have them return the doll without going to the police is their tumblr accounts and a compilation of the info I have.
      They go as Elicia Owen(s), but internet alias are mainly Dorian/Dori/Lancer/Noir

      • Where would you like to be contacted if someone has any information on your doll?

      Email, PM, anything really. I urge you not to buy this doll if Elicia tries to sell it.

      after we agreed they'd ship it to a friend within the United States they turned back on his word. Recently, the doll was sold on Ebay

      I found the person who inadvertly bought this doll on Tumblr, to a third part at California who is not registered on Den of Angels , and we're working together to get her refund. If she keeps the doll, she is willing to give me compensation for it.

      Update soon with Ebay's resolution possibly
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    16. 2012 Doll Chateau Douglas head White Skin, Blank

      2011 DollZone Raphael head, White skin, Factory Face up
      - Face up modified; Lips have been scrubbed off partially and blushed back on. Eyebrows added (pictured)

      Either doll could have (these were sent with in the box):
      - 14mm Fairyland Glass eyes installed with default dollzone eyeputty (pictured) [these eyes were shipped installed in douglas]
      - a long white fur wig (pictured) [it was made for raphael - it's a bit big for douglas]

      The dolls were shipped to face up artist Hitomifrens (douglas for face up, raphael as payment) on February 5th, 2013 at 12:34:00 EST using a USPS Kiosk
      They were shipped priority mail, in a small priority mail shipping box [not a flatrate], with insurance for 80$.
      The heads were rolled in a white polysatin doll pillow inside the box.

      Tracking states the dolls were delivered on February 7th.
      Hitomifrens says she never got them.
      Post office, as well as Postmaster, have not been answering the phone or returning calls after the initial investigation was opened.

      Please have an eye open for these dolls, especially those of you in the Greensborro and Charlotte areas.

      Please PM me on DoA if you see ANYTHING that could be a lead on finding my boys.
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    17. •What is missing? (Mold, skintone)
      Pukipuki pipi beauty white

      •Are there any distinguishing characteristics? (i.e. specific damage, modification, etc) I did her face up myself but I never sealed it so her "lipstick" is chip and she has a beauty mark.
      •When was the doll last seen?
      Before I moved so January 2013
      •Where was the doll last seen?
      Last seen was in my room she would sit with all my hello kitty collection or sleep in the luts boxes I kept

      •Under what conditions did it go missing, and do you know who may have taken it? (i.e. Was it "traded" to another forum member who has disappeared or been banned? Was the doll stolen at a meetup?)
      I moved leaving some things at my old house with a relative who was suppose to keep all my things till I could come back and get it and they have informed me they moved out and someone has been entering my old house and stealing things.
      •Where would you like to be contacted if someone has any information on your doll?
      ASAP through pm or email

      here is a link to a thread I post with all her pictures this is how I left her that wig clothes and shoes.

      http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?445172-random-photos-of-yukiko ( I hope I did it right)

      Two of my dolls and one head have popped up on Ebay! Big, big thanks and hugs to all the people who emailed me today. You're all awesome :)
      These are the listings:

      Suzette (NotDoll Belladonna):

      Tanith (Resinsoul Dan):

      This DIM Kassia head is also mine...

      These three dolls are STOLEN... I am working on notifying Ebay and the LAPD, and hopefully I can get them back.
    19. Well, the sale went through... the seller still has my DIM Kassia head, but he mailed my Resinsoul Dan and my NotDoll out to their new owners. He claims to have bought the dolls at an estate sale, which is quite possible--it's been two and a half years. I'm going to see if I can talk him into giving Kassia back. Here are the two that were sold:



      If you do see someone posting these dolls on DoA or another forum, please don't be mean! They should know what's up, but they most likely had no idea the dolls were stolen, especially if they joined the hobby in the last two years. Tell them to contact me privately via PM or email... [email protected]. Thanks.