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Missing Member: Cossette

Jan 7, 2007

    1. Hello, everyone. Ive PMed her and emailed her, but I have not yet received any responses from the member, Cossette. Does anyone know what happened to her?

      She split a Souldoll order with me while also ordering and paying for Dollsoom eyes, wigs, and accessories. Her items arrived weeks ago, and I contacted her through PMs and email. She has not yet responded to this day. Does anyone know if she is alright or what has happened to her, since she has not posted since 11-06-2006?
    2. Bump for MIA.
    3. If that is the exact same address from her DOA profile, then yes, I have used it before. Like I said, I have already PMed and emailed her several times already. She has yet to respond to either way.