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Misty Blue Elf Kumi - Yellowing Alert!

Apr 13, 2007

    1. I've had my misty blue Elf Kumi for less than a month. I took her clothes off yesterday and was shocked when I saw how much she's yellowed already! I was thinking the other day that she looked greener than I remembered... but I just thought I was going nutty, or that the lighting was off or something.

      I gave her several coats of MSC UV Cut when I removed her seams, blushed her, and gave her a face-up the day she got here. She went with me to a meetup in Williamsburg where she probably spent 2-3 hours out in sunlight, but otherwise she's been kept in indirect light when played with, and in a light-tight drawer when not (Believe me, I'm pretty paranoid about yellowing... none of my dolls sit out when I'm not with them, they "sleep" in a chest of drawers... not a single one of my other dolls have any that I've noticed.)

      The yellowing seems very difficult to photograph, even with a good camera. It's much more noticeable in person. Even my mother who isn't a doll person and had no idea what was going on this morning noticed the yellowing before I said anything. She was like... hey, your doll looks yellow! What on earth made it do that? O.o I was ready to bash my head on the keyboard.

      Here's a picture of Fairuza from a month ago:

      And here's a picture taken this morning:

      Here's a photo from the Williamsburg meetup so you can see what she was wearing and where the lines fall:

      The line runs right at her nipples across her torso, and then she's very yellow across her shoulders and down her arms. It's more noticeable on places where the resin is thinner, like around the joints on her arm, knees and ankles. It seems like it yellowed all the way through. There's also a band around her neck that's still blue because she had a necklace I made on all month. If you look up towards her hairline, it looks more blue. No, that's not shading or shadows, it's yellowing. Even the top of her headcap is yellowed under where her white fur wig was, though where the band on the inside of her wig was is still more blue than the top of her headcap. Only the inside is the same color she was a month ago. I really am thinking no baking soda or toothpaste is going to get this undone...
    2. Do you think it's mostly yellowing or mostly the blue fading? It was a kinda aqua blue to start (i.e. on the yellow side of blue) so if the blue faded it would also make the skin look more yellow.

    3. I honestly think that might be part of it, too. I originally expected if it yellowed that it would be *green*... but the yellowing is more obviously yellow than a mixture of that and blue.
    4. I was just wondering because in the photo the yellowed areas also look lighter to me.

    5. Whether its yellowing or fading, its a PROBLEM. Having seen this, I am now very grateful I didn't end up buying one of the coloured Kumi's.
    6. If it were fading, wouldn't the torso where she was wearing the clothes be faded, too?

      It really does look like she's yellowing. I'm so sorry to hear about it :(

      You should really report this to Bambicrony! They need to know how quickly this is happening.
    7. OMG yellowish already?

    8. I meant fading of the blue component of the pigment due to sunlight. If the original color was aqua (the yellow side of blue), and the blue component faded in sunlight but the yellow component did not, it might look like yellow and also lighter than the protected unfaded blue skin.

    9. Eh, doesn't really bother me. It still looks good to me, yellow or not.
    10. Yeah is still looks good but what is going to happen in 6 months?

    11. if they are left in the sun will they eventually turn white? That is a major color change for not being out very long...
      Are any of the other colored ones changing?

    12. she still looks beautiful to me too

      I also have a Narea that has yellowed and it dosnt bother me ...
      she got to a certain point and looked very yellow ...in patches like your girl ...but she has never yellowed any more than that ...when I had her her face was pure white and her body had gone very yellow and blotchy ..her faceplate had never been out of the box

      I take her outside , I sit her in the sun ...I play with her all the time

      I ran a finishing sponge over her body her face plate has yellowed slightly and after I had rubbed down the body and removed the old blush and MSC , her body is whiter her face now matches her body ..and she is beautiful again ..the older Narea were notorious for yellowing

      and I honestly dont notice it on her now ...

      BUT I bought my girl on the secondary market as a yellowed Narea , at a much lower price ..the work I have done on her has omproved her dramatically

      I didnt buy a Blue elf , thats gone yellow in a month :...(

      she may not change at all ...but I would definatly contact BC
    13. I know you're upset at her color change, but I kind of like the new color as well. I think it was the sun that caused the fade; it may be that they can't be in natural light at all. She's still very adorable. Let us know what Bambicrony says about it.
    14. I've worked professionally with some costuming that requires sheets of low-density foam as part of the costumes... after a while of being worn outside in the light, this foam will fade and yellow. We were instructed to keep the extra replacement foam in black bags in a closet. The parts that were sticking out and were exposed to sunlight even a little bit over time would fade or yellow, depending on the type of the foam. Lighter colored foams always went funky looking sooner. I've always assumed that the chemical makeup of the dolls must be similar to the foam we used. However... yellowing in this little time never happened with the foam! After a year or two, yes, and that was with lots of sun exposure... that's why I've always tried to keep my dolls in their drawers and out of direct light as much as possible. But... I can't even take her outside for a couple of hours? That means I'll most probably never be able to really play with her anymore. I'm terrified to know what would have happened if I hadn't put UV cut on her! :(
    15. Oh my god ><; I am not impressed. I'm so sorry this is happening to your girl!

      If anyone notices these sorts of changes in their LSG dolls, please post about it! D: I'm worried it's going to happen to my girl, and I don't HAVE any UV MSC to spray her with >___<;;;
    16. This is a scary thought! I have an LSG Pepe, and I am paranoid! I haven't noticed a yellowing yet, nor a definate change in color. The problem is, that the grey resin looks different in all different types of lighting. If I notice a definate change, I will definately post!

      Unfortunately they discontinued making MSC UV Cut, so we are going to have to search for a new UV Blocking spray that wont hurt the resin.
    17. Looking at her, I'd say there are two things happening: the resin itself is yellowing, and the blue pigment used is evidently not lightfast and is breaking down due to UV, resulting in a bleaching effect.

      I'm somewhat reminded of a tanned Dollkot Kiss that went green where he had been exposed to about an hour's worth of direct sunlight.

      I can imagine that this must be very upsetting to you - and highly disturbing to anyone else who has bought one of the coloured Bambicrony tinies. Have you emailed Bambicrony with before and after pics to see what they say about the yellowing?
    18. They stopped making UV Cut? Any idea why?

      And apparently the colored BC's came with a warning about yellowing and also about faceups not lasting forever (common for all BJD's). I don't know if the non-color ones came with the notice - I got my ns girl secondhand. I read the color ones are French resin (like Narae).

    19. They stopped making UV Cut because there were cases where it (the UV Cut coating, not the doll) was turning yellow. Have you given her a thorough scrub, EvaFriedel? While it's very likely that BC coloured resin is extra sensitive to light, there's also a chance that it's the UV coating. It can't hurt to take it off and see!

      Good luck; I'm sorry this is happening to you D:

    20. They disconntinued it because the UV cut goes yellow in a short time. Making a doll look 'yellowed' when there is nothing wrong with the resin.


      Don't jump to conclusions. It may be yellowing but then again it could be just your UV coat going yellow AND showing up more because it's colored resin.