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Misty from Plastic Flower

Sep 8, 2007

    1. Plastic Flower's Sui made a new doll!!
      this time it's a full doll with body!


      here r the informations

      Type name : Misty
      Height : 26cm (can wear outfits, wigs, and shoes of USD size)
      Head : 6~6.5 in
      Eyes : 14~16mm
      Color : Normal / White (closest to the Luts new body)
      Includes : Doll, fist hands, devil wings, horns, box, and pillows

      the devil wings in the photos are colored, but the actual wings will be made in black color.
      the fairy wings in the last photos will be given as present to the first 5 ppl who ordered and completed the payment for Misty.
      This present is random. u cannot pick which one u want.
    2. How do you order?
    3. And how much is the little sweety?
    4. Discussion Thread Here <3

      Shoofy, thanks for always bringing us such lovely dolls! :kitty2
      Do you happen to know if Featherfall will be carrying this little cutie?
    5. we just talked with the Feather Fall and they will carry Misty~ ^- ^
      by the way.. the price is $250 ^- ^
    6. Misty can now be pre-ordered through Featherfall ( http://www.featherfall.ca ). ^_^ We're also still carrying Ma'u, Nia and her other heads for pre-order.

      Misty retails for $250.