Mixed Sizes

Jul 23, 2011

    1. I was just curious about what people thought about mixing sizes.

      Putting SD's and Slim MSD's together in photostories, pictures, groups, etc...
      Slim MSD/SD couples...
      Does it look to weird to have a slim MSD and an SD together that are supposed to be the "same age"?

      What are your thoughts?
    2. I have lots of sizes of dolls and I separate my dolls by scale. I don't care what other people do with their dolls, but if I have dolls meant to be the same age, I want them to be in the same scale. They can be taller or shorter, but their heads have to be approximately the same size, like people.
    3. I have to agree with linakauno, I prefer dolls with same age to be in the same scale too, maybe it is just me, but I think MSDs for me are more child-like/teen-like or not that mature compared to SDs regardless of the face-up, sculpt, body. Though I must tell you that I have friends that pair a 60cm Iplehouse doll with a 43cm [?] Minifee as couples and it works for her. She calls it... oh I forgot! *face palm* but its a Japanese-moe term...but then again, tastes, styles and preferences are relative. It may be appealing to you and might not be appealing to others or vice versa, just stick to what you like, you always have the say and besides it is not "them" that you are buying a doll (or pairing dolls, in that matter), you buy dolls because you love them! Haha! Sorry this might appear as a rant or something, but it's not, enough said! :D
    4. It doesn't matter to me. I mean, I'll raise an eyebrow if an 70+ cm doll is paired with one that is 45cm or less, but I'm more interested in how they make it work and how they work together.

      For myself, I doubt I'll mix my dolls (and my girlfriend's, since she has all my dolls' pairings) like that without reason. The size difference must exist in their characters for me to be compelled to mix it in their doll form. For instance, my girlfriend has a naiad/water nymph that will be an MSD, while her pairing is an SD (and was once molded as a 70cm boy). But then, they're fae, so I don't think it counts as much... O.o
    5. Well it actually depends on the characters for me. And the molds.For example , if I whant a short girl with a tall boy ( like basketballists) I would pair a Dollmore Zaoll wich is only 52 cm but has a mature face with a 65 cm doll for say.And that way it don not look like it`s a childe and a yong adult.
      But if let`s say the girl is 13 and the boy is like 16 , I would pair a younger-looking msd with a childe-like sd. Does that make sense?
      But I personally whant to keep it in reasonable / realistic proportions , so I just do SD&SD / MSD&MSD. Tinys I don`t really whant to pair.
    6. somewhere in here is my answer http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?452212-Does-size-matters-for-dolls-being-couples

      I'm not a fan of slim mini/SD couples unless the mini is a non-human (ie demon or fae). The proportions are so off I just can't do it. I tried, so I can say that honestly. My minis are children or angels who look like children other than my two (ok, soon to be two, one is still on layaway) elves who are mini - literally. They are a couple and don't mix with my SD sized dolls. It's all in the head size and body proportion. Even a very short human is not going to have the proportions a slim mini has in comparison to a SD sized doll.

      When it comes down too it, I don't care what other people do with their dolls, but other than my Song and incoming Karsh I won't have slim minis mixing with my SDs. Any others I get (if I do) will be a AU type of thing.
    7. I can understand why people would want to not mix, but... I like what I like, which means my doll collection is going to be pretty mixed. I could fret about how 'Oh, I can't photograph these two together!', or I could say 'you know what, it's okay', and when it comes down to my collection, I'd rather say 'it's okay'.

      I don't yet have any SDs, nor do I know when my collection will grow to include them (but probably not until I live someplace with more room!), but I have one slim and one regular mini, as well as a yo-sized tiny. My first thought when I got my slim mini boy was that he and Vince looked a bit awkward together, but I love them both, and after a while, it didn't really bother me. Vince is meant to be a young adult, character-wise-- none of my dolls' characters is a child, even my tiny-- and I wondered if being next to a more mature mini was going to make him look *too* childish, but he's stylized enough so that I was able to roll with it. He's just not as trim and toned, and hey, who am I to judge? *g* (I know people will point out that the hand proportions are also 'more childlike', but I'm an adult, and my hands look more like Vince's chubbier 'more childlike' hands than Pete's elegant slim ones...

      I also love dolls from different companies, with differing levels of realism, so size/scale isn't the only thing I mix.

      I don't take overtly couple-y photos between any of my guys... Vince would cuddle up to anyone, but any way I pair the guys I have at the moment is going to look like the innocent sort of cuddling, I think (though I do have some photos I like of innocent cuddles)... So that's not an issue for me. I don't know if it ever will be-- I like mostly minis, but mine would all be adult characters even in the non-slim mini bodies, and I know some people just can't see minis as adults. I've seen SD/MSD pairs that look good together, and I've seen SD/MSD pairs that don't quite match up, but I'm sure that in the eyes of their owner, they're perfect-- it can be hard when you want a dramatic height difference, after all. With my size-divergent couple, I figured it would be easiest to just not share overtly romantic photos of them where one partner would look too much like a child next to the other, but it doesn't bother me because in my mind's eye I'm picturing all the details the resin doesn't quite capture.

    8. I have both slim minis and SD size in my collection - actually my youngest mini right now is supposed to be about 18 or so. I don't mix them as in couples, the proportion is just too off for me. The 60cms and minis are in the same storyline, but in such a way that they would rarely interact... and if I ever photograph that I'll just do my best to make them look like the scale matches up. The only reasons they're not ALL slim minis is that the Minifee El looks nothing like the Delf El to me (and I like the Delf version better) and because there is no Minifee Yder - especially not one with Devon's faceup! The one character that would need to interact closely with a mini character AND the bigger guys luckily turned out to be one I can easily duplicate in mini size, so that problem is solved! I have the 60cm version for when he interacts with the big guys, and if I ever get his girlfriend I'll look for the mini version of him to photograph with her.

      The only time my 60cms and minis have ever been photographed together so far is for whole-collection group photos or at meetups, so never "real" in-character photos!

      Basically I'm working in a 1/4 scale world, with a couple oddball SD's that are kept as separate as possible. They'd be minis, too, if I could make them minis.
    9. I prefer more realistic dolls, so when I get minis, they're usually for characters who are young (like... 8-10 years old). And while I did read Lolita, (good book, veeeeery creepy) that sort of thing is really squicky for me. So no, I can't pair a realistic-looking younger doll with a realistic looking adult doll.

      I don't like stylistic dolls all that much, but I can see how it'd be different with stylised dolls. Harder to pin down an age.

      Marie Angelcakes: Is the term 'Loli-Shouta'?
    10. I've said this before in other threads like this, but to me SD and MSD together will either look like an adult and a child,(and therefore pedophilia if they're a couple) or if they're not paired romantically and the person taking photos is insisting they're the same age...well it looks silly and not at all like they're really the same age, but not offensive or disgusting.

      I took these pictures just now of one of my SDs with my slim mini to show the size difference. If I were to make them a couple, I'm sure a Chris Hansen Minimee would pop out and tell my Kohya to have a seat lol.

      There's no way those two would be the same age. My mini is about 7 and even that's a stretch as far as real human sizes.
    11. I've never had the problem, because I develop my characters based on the dolls. And since I develop each doll-character not for someone's partner or friend but a person of their own, I don't have that many couples. (I only own one doll at this point, but I'm planning and saving for the rest.)
      My MSDs are teenagers, but the youngest character is a 55-cm SD. In the story she has Marfan's syndrome; she grows tall but her bones are weak. I didn't even invent it because she was a SD, but because she looked so delicate and tall in the company pictures, I came to call her the giraffe child. XD
      Then I have two big-SD-characters who're adults in the story.
      It's a thing that can't be avoided, so I live with it. I can't think of looking at just one size of dolls. What I look at are the sculpts, and the ones I like I will get, and invent characters for them. Manga has unrealistic proportions too, and even though I don't like it, I can stand it for the characters I love. ^^
    12. I don't think size difference really makes... well, a difference. If they're supposed to be the same age, maybe one is just really small for their age and one is really tall. It happens in real life, so why not be represented with dolls? I've seen photostories and galleries where the sizes are mixed and it doesn't bother me at all. Of course, all I have are MSDs (even my floating heads are MSD) and I've never seen an SD in real life.... yet. xD The pictures don't bother me though.

      I do kind of agree with Nefla though- they do tend to look like adult and child/teenager. But if the owner says something about them being the same age, you can really only go with it.
    13. to be honest, i think it's a great idea. i like showcasing the variety and differences in dolls, making them each unique and special. :)
    14. I like similar sizes for my couples. For more sci-fi or fantasy characters and stories I don't think it really matters.
    15. For me, scale is important. I wouldn't take myself seriously if I paired an SD with an MSD and tried to pretend they were the same age. I'm 4'11'' and my boyfriend is 5'9'', we're different heights, but we are in scale with each other. It's obvious that we are similar ages, even though there is a drastic difference in height - we can even wear the same shirts ;)

      Mature larger dolls and mature minis are different scales, and when put together there is an obvious 'age difference' going on because of that difference in scale. There's a huge range of heights available for dolls within the same scale, and in some cases companies have a version of the sculpt in many of the scales they produce (Delf Lishe, MNF Lishe, LTF Lishe... LTF Ante, PukiFee Ante, PukiPuki Ante...), so if there is that perfect face for your character, you can work around a scale issue by buying a doll within the scale, rather than trying to make it work with a doll that is out of the scale range.

      There is also the responsibility of your own output - even if you have taken a loving photograph of your SD/MSD couple and you can't see the characters in any other way, you should be able to look at the shot of the dolls objectively and understand that when other people see this, they may feel quite strongly that this is a depiction of paedophilia with the SD an adult and the MSD, quite plainly, a child. Even if the mini is a mature mini, there will still be this feeling, because the mini still looks childlike next to the larger doll.

      I don't have a problem mixing dolls in general 'family photo' shoots, my Yo, SDCs and SDs all pile in together, but I find the size differences in that situation mimics the size differences in human families. The tiny is the baby of the family, the SDCs are young teens and the SDs are young adults. That difference in size isn't a problem.
    16. I understand where you're coming from, Yescissa. It would bother me too if I let it. =u=; But please, live and let live~~
    17. My mini was insistent his wife be a mini too, and their children be smaller than them, but otherwise it doesn't matter much. The mini's father is a smaller mini, Orientdoll compared to Dollzone, his buddy is a 60cm, the twins are 70cm, and everyone has a tiny on their lap. I feel if I had been rigid to the first size I got, 60cm, or just the larger minis 45cm, I would have missed out on half my on topic family. With something as special as the prize head twins their scale and fitting in with the others size wise doesn't matter at all.
    18. I actually set a scale rule for myself that I have yet to break:

      Tinies/YoSDs = toddlers-10
      MSDs = tall 10 year old-15
      SDs of all sizes = tall 15 year old-adult

      The face sculpt also helps me determine what age they actually are within the catagory. But, this is just me. There are mature MSDs and immature SDs and I think, more often than not, for me, how old the doll looks factors into the couple. If you have a mature MSD-sized doll with a similarly mature-looking SD, I wouldn't think twice. But, a lot of MSDs are made to appear child-like so then I base it off how it's done. You can do the most random things tastefully and make us see what you want us to see. XD At this time, though, when it comes to my collection and my characters, I don't intermix the sizes because of the ages they represent to me. I will, though, as I've already done, put a shorter SD with a taller one. That makes me infinitely more comfortable than, say, if I had MSD with an SD. XD
    19. i'm not interested in my dolls have boyfriend/girlfriend wife/husband or anywhere in between type relationships.

      Also, I don't define the age of my dolls based on size. My smaller dolls tend to be older than my taller dolls.

      I'm a freak for props thou, so unless I'm taking a group shot of 'all girls' or 'the family' then I pair up my dolls by size most of the time. Otherwise the smaller ones can be easily mistaken for children, which they aren't, so I take that into consideration.
    20. It depends. I have one couple, Amir and Mikko, that both HAD to be MSD. Mikko started out as a DZ Yuu, I had no plans for him to date Amir at the time. But as often happens, stories write themselves and Amir and Mikko fell for each other. This HUGE difference bothered me a lot. Mikko is only 4 inches taller than Amir in character, so Mikko was downgraded to a DZ Hid head (closest sculpt to a Yuu) on a Lati Blue body (which is still tall for MSD and perfect for Amir).

      Now....that being said, I do have a couple of mismatched couples. My DiM/AoD 60cm boy Mike is married to my sister's MSD Impl doll Cammi. This is acceptable, because Mike is supposed to be 6'4" and Cammi is 5'2". Same with Hansel (my RingDoll MSD, who is 5'3" IC) who is married to my friend's DZ/AoD SD, Quinn, who is 5'11" IC. Proportions are still not perfect, but camera angles can fix that.

      For me, getting the right sculpt is usually more important than scale. but I do try to keep dolls from the same plotlines in the same scale. Or at least accounting for height differences.