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Mixing makers

Apr 5, 2007

    1. I've been looking through dream of doll and luts dolls.... this might be a stupid question I don't know but...

      If I were to buy a body from dream of dolls and a head from luts or vice versa would one fit on the other? or would that just be a big mistake?

      I'm really really wondering...
    2. A lot of people make "hybrid" dolls. You have to take into consideration resin colour- will it match? Some company's attach the head to the body in different ways, for example some luts(CP) dolls attach heads with a twisting mechanism whereas some other company's still use hooks. The best way to find out what will work is to ask more specific questions here "Will "X" head fit on "X" body etc..."
      Hope this helps :)
    3. Edit your title - edit the first message of the thread, then go to Advanced and edit the title.


    4. Really? So kid delfs use some twisting mechanism? So there's no trouble with the strings when it comes to the head?
    5. Kid Delves don't have the neck mechanism yet (well, I think the Real Skin new body does... but not the normal ones) so they're normal there. :D But people have put dolls that have the twisting mechanism head on other bodies with only minor problems.
    6. I'm not sure about the fit, but (Though I haven't yet seen the 'real' skin yet) the luts and dod skintones are VERY different. The CP normal skin is way darker and more yellow and the white skin is much paler than DOD normal skin.
      check out this thread
      there are some CPvs.DOD comparisons hidden in there

      the head sizes vary too, so I'm not sure if a kid delf (which is slightly larger than DOD) or mini fee (which is slightly smaller) head would look right on a DOD body

      just some things to think about
    7. What twisting mechanism are you talking about? The kind on the new version Delf bodies?

      The new Kid Delf bodies still use the standard hook method, much like Volks's One Touch system.
    8. It looks like the type 2 Luts bodies have the twisting mechanism being mentioned here. I think that can be fixed by getting the body restrung with a type 2 neckpiece that LUTS sells. My Juri 06 head fits okay on my Fdoll body, but it's a bit wobbly. As long as he's sitting...and leaning against something...he's okay.
    9. Some (or all?) of the Luts bodies have a locking neck mechanism - a plastic collar on the neck that the Luts head attaches to. I think it is possible to remove the mechanism to string on a different head but not sure - I don't have one myself. Also I think fewer Luts bodies used to have the mechanism so anyone who made a hybrid with an older body might not have had that issue.

      I think your main problem with DOD and Luts would be resin color. Luts white is pretty white, old Luts ns was beige, Luts current ns is fairly dark, Luts realskin (the current resin for some of their dolls) is different beige, and I believe DOC resin is a light pinky/peachy color?

      There are some DOC minifee hybrids on the board - not sure what color (just know it's not realskin because Minifee bodies have never been sold int hat color).


      A resin comparison - I don;t know if it says what Kid Delf resin it is:

      And regarding mixing makers in general, you have to consider not only neck fit and resin color, but also the size of the head vs the size the doll usually has.