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Miyadoll Little Mocha, Baby Mocha & Petit Mocha discussion - Part 1

Jan 5, 2017

    1. Discussion thread for Miyadoll's Little Mocha, Baby Mocha and Petit Mocha dolls :)

      Miyadoll website
      Miyadoll Instagram
      Miyadoll Twitter



      Little Mocha (boy/girl)
      Height(Including Head) : 31 cm
      Eyes size : 14 mm
      Head : 6.4 inch
      Neck : 5.8 cm
      Shoulder width : 6.5 cm
      Chest : 12.4 cm
      Arms length (Including Hands) : 11.8 cm
      Waist : 11 cm
      Hips : 13 cm
      Thigh circumference : 7.8 cm
      Leg length (Including Feet) : 17.2 cm
      Length of feet : 4 cm

      Baby Mocha (boy/girl)
      Height(Including Head) : 26 cm
      Eyes size : 14 mm
      Head : 6.7 inch
      Neck : 6 cm
      Shoulder width : 4 cm
      Chest : 12.8 cm
      Arms length (Including Hands) : 10.1 cm
      Waist : 12 cm
      Hips : 14 cm
      Thigh circumference : 7.2 cm
      Leg length (Including Feet) : 13 cm
      Length of feet : 3.9 cm

      Petit Mocha (androgynous body)
      Height(Including Head) : 16 cm
      Eyes size : 14 mm
      Head : 5.5 inch
      Neck : 4.3 cm
      Shoulder width : 4 cm
      Chest : 8.3 cm
      Arms length (Including Hands) : 5.8 cm
      Waist : 8.8 cm
      Hips : 9.3 cm
      Thigh circumference : 4.8 cm
      Leg length (Including Feet) : 6.8 cm
      Length of feet : 2.8 cm
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    2. Reserving space for any extra info
    3. Thank you for making the thread! I'm waiting for a Poppy+LittleMocha body in milktea for myself, and will surely post a photo (or two) once she arrives. :XD: I'm also quite anxious to try what clothes might fit the in-between size 31cm body.
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    4. I'll definitely be lurking here to see your owner photos when she arrives! I've been looking for a cute tan girl in the 30-35cm range to pair with my DollPamm girl, and these girls are adorable!
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    6. They're so cute! :D @Adalwolf, is the Peakswoods girl you compared heights with NS or WS resin?
    7. PW girl here is white skin! :) Glad you like!!!

      Picture time! Sharing the faceup photos. Rest are on BO thread or my Insta
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    8. I thought I was posting in the discussion but I posted in the news, my bad D:

      I wish I could get a Tory Dreamy Cat (open eyed head), it's so gorgeous!! I wish she wasn't a limited ;w;
    9. I wish there'll be other limiteds in the violet resin, or better yet, violet as a basic option. I haven't been into special colours before, but this pale shade of lilac looks so gorgeous in Adalwolf's pics. I've been eyeing Miyadoll's Charlotte, she reminds me so much of Soom's Taco (which I have, in ex-pale-blue-currently-mint), but with more distinct or mature features. A violet Charlotte would make a perfect older sister for my Cottoncandy! :D
    10. There is a basic version of the open eyed Tory too, but without the cat ears and outfit of course. Still, if you like the sculpt itself, it's possible to get it anytime :)
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    11. Body comparison and posing of Little Mocha body :)

      @Shara Violet grey skin is indeed really cute! In my opinion it's like a very very light cold violet and it almost looks like a white skin in some photos, but if you check out the body comparison, all the actual white dolls looks very warm and creamy yellow next toTory. Some may think she's like very bright paper white with a violet tone, or something.. But it's perfect for people who are not into bright colored fantasy skin resin, but still want something else than ns/ws.
    12. @Adalwolf exactly! Just what I was hoping for :) Soom's colours are a bit too far out for me, the only special resins I can cope with are the early grey (which is lighter than some later releases) and the aforementioned pale blue, since that looks more like WS with a hint of mint. I call it the undead colour :XD: This pale violet brings fairies to mind, so I think your moon spirit theme is very suiting for the doll! :)
    13. I think you're actually talking about snow blue (at least Taco and Haidi were in that skin tone), since pale blue is a lot darker and more vibrant color :3 I had Lucky in pale blue skin for a little while, but the bright color was definitely too much for me. Apparently Soom had changed the formula of pale blue at some point, since it was very different and darker compared to Adalwolf's Picro, which is supposed to be the same color :'D

      But yeah, I'm really hoping that Miyadoll releases other special skin colors too! ♥ Any cute pastel tones, especially purple, would be so pretty ;w;
    14. @safir, you are absolutely right! Taco was snow blue, pale blue was indeed much darker. (I get so confused with Soom's colours, don't even get me started with all of their tans... =_=)

      To keep this somewhat on topic, Miyadolls's colour names are on the other hand quite sweet. I love that the tan is called milktea :D I don't know if it is more descriptive though, at least the tea-with-milk my husband drinks is much paler than what your Miina looks like :XD: And from what I can see, the VioletGrey resin doesn't have much grey in it? Or maybe I'm just so used to dark grey dolls... Anyway, nevermind the names, the colours themselves look amazing. Can't wait to see my own tan doll in person!

      Also, once more of these dolls start to appear, I'd love to see more comparisons of Miyadoll's two white resins. They offer cream white and white. The former looks more like a very light pink (I have an SQLab WS doll that is the same, looks more very pale NS than actual white), and the latter more traditional WS. I'd love to see how the colours look next to other dolls like Volks or Fairyland to give better understanding of the actual shade.
    15. Haha! I got my Poppy home and gave her a face-up last week :)


      Her name is Confetti Surprise, since it was such a surprise to get her! I really love the size, the colour and the doll!

      Currently she's wearing some clothes I've made for my Teenies and actually a tight top I made for my slim mini (flat Unoa) back in the day I still had an Unoa. I haven't tried that many shoes on her yet, but basic Mary Janes seem to be a bit too long for her feet (might not fit without socks).
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    16. Hi, nice to see a thread about Miyadoll. I was on another site and kept looking at the ad for Sweety. I'd been to Miyadoll website before and really liked the size of Little Mocha. Finally I clicked on it and saw that Sweety was limited and the 5th was the last day to order. So, I went ahead and bought one.

      Do you think she will work as a 4 year old child to go with a 61 cm doll?

      Adalwolf, your post about posing and comparison sizes is wonderful. So glad you did that.

      Shara. Your little Confetti Surprise is darling, so sweet in her pastel colors.
    17. Hi, i discover Miyadoll yesterday thanks to Siniirr's Faith in Doll Profiles and fell in love with cute Tori. I'll probably get her someday but the main problem is : milktea skin i love on official pictures (but on owners'picture, i see it's tan and am not so sure i'll really like it) or a normal skin.:cool::sweat
      And comparing skin with just headback is no help unfortunately. :(
      Does anyone has or knows where i could see comparison of skin (ideal is 1 doll of each in one picture) ? :blush
    18. I'm officially sold on these cuties, enough that I just set a savings goal on my doll account, but not sure yet which one I want (probably Tory in milktea with both heads, but I could be swayed from that). I know a few have been ordered, could anyone share some photos to help me decide? Especially with other dolls, if you have them, since she'll be joining one of my groups. :)
    19. I just received my Baby Mocha and wrote a review/ some thoughts on the body at Review of Miyadoll Baby Mocha body, and more shoes, in case anyone is curious about it. :) I'm very happy to have him and think he'll make a great friend for my Volks Yo-SD's.

      (Edit to link to photos of my boy if anyone wants to see them, since there are none in the review XD;;)
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    20. Has anyone had any luck getting Miyadoll to respond?

      I cant find the Q&A board even when logged in, and my emails (2 months apart) havent gotten any responses.

      So no one worries and thinks they are ignoring customers/orders, I dont have an order with them and they do not owe me anything.

      I just wanted to ask them about a possible rerelease of their doll, because I just discovered one of their older dolls :)