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MNF Active-Line Movements and Posing

Jun 14, 2008

    1. :cloverSo to those who have received the new Active-line Mini fee's....How is the body? Does it lock well? Hold poses well? Can it stand right out of the box? Is it hella kicky the way others are?
    2. Mine wasn't too kicky like my old body was (and still is) I like the extra jointing. I got the boy body and it's really really buff. The sleeping Woosoo head looks strange on it IMHO as that particular head is quite young looking. I've since swapped it out for my Vamp Shiwoo head and it looks -much- better.

      The torso joint doesn't have a lock except in the extreme positions where that tabbed bit keeps it in place. My boy might just be strung tight but I've found that because there's no ridge along the torso joint, while it moves very nicely and looks great, my poor boy needs a tad more work to stand up truly straight. Upside is that it's really great at natural slouchy poses. I probably just need to get used to being able to get his torso to stop sliding to one side or the other. The forward backward positioning generally is much better but he slides up there from side to side. The new body is awesome for sitting and sitting poses now - laying down as well.

      The elbow joints hold poses well. good range, though they still look a little strange to me along the outside of the arm since I'm used to seeing the elbow joint more sculpted along the shape of the outer arm.

      Knee joints were nice too. A lot more range than the old body.

      Mag hands aren't as strong as I thought they'd be, but I'm not that worried about losing hands. If I'm travelling I just take them off and stick them in my pocket or purse. Otherwise they're great for getting arms into small sleeves!

      My boy stood right out of the box for sure. I'm quite happy with the bod so far.
    3. Thanks so much! I didn't think about how the magnetic hands could come off the arms easily! Good to know!
    4. they'd probably stay ok. I just get paranoid since they're not super strong like i was hoping they'd be
    5. I'll be a bit paranoid as well. I wonder, would it be possible to ask for a few pics of your doll holding some different poses?
    6. I agree with what Rilly said about the top torso joint, but a touch of sueding and that should be fixed.

      The mag hands are not the strongest, but I was porting him around yesterday as I went shopping and had no problems with them falling off. His wig fell off more then his hands. :lol:

      The body is love, though. Stands perfectly for hours, can hold some neat poses, can bow, cross his legs (standing and sitting), hold his arms up and can probably stand on one leg with a bit of fiddling.

      A couple more neat poses I've taken pictures of:

      Crossing his legs, even in skin tight jeans.
    7. i was wondering if one could tell the difference between active and beautiful line under those clothes and is active line's posing better than beautiful line or are they the same?
    8. I ordered mine with DaggerChan we both got a active line body, mine beauty white and hers normal skin, straight away we both noticed a big difference in our girls.
      Daggers is alot more posable and versitile. Mine on the other hand seems to have been strung to tightly and thus have a slightly limited range. I got her at home now in some weird poses to try and stretch the elastic abit though so its not something major.
      Even though she is extra tight my girl poses marvelously, I honestly dont think you have to worry about the hands really poping off, they arent that loose, just if you take your doll by the hand to pull them up or something then they might come off.
      The knee joint adds alot of extra range and I feel also just looks really nice. The extra hip plate thingy makes standing cross legged and sitting so much easier, I just love it! The swivly thigh joint again just adds so much to the posability.
      The females dont seem to be able to slouch at all really, atleast not mine, Daggers slouches abit more but nowhere near the range of the boys.
      Since she is so tight mine wont really stay in the extreem poses unless I lock it, but Daggers easily does the most awesome poses.
      I honestly think that once the elastic loosens abit up in mine she will be equal to no other doll in posing.
      I had a beautyline doll and although I have very good memories of her posing I still would go for the active line hands down. Just so much more they can do.

      Edit: Kori, the active line has a couple of added joints which make posing and movement alot easier. I personally from my experience would say that the active line poses better, and I have heard the same from most who have both. However alot of people dont like the look of the new joints and such and thus opt for the old body instead. The extra joints are in the knee's, thighs, elbows and underbust, and these add alot of options in movement.
      The pictures on fairyland are awesome at showing the mobility.
      And I found these here on DoA of a arrival of a Beautyline body just so you can compair the joints and such.
      This one has alot of "nude" pics so you can compair, basically the beauty body arches its back slightly backwards so she stands really straight but when sitting it looks abit like she is leaning backwards.
    9. oh ok but i was planning to get a mnf woosoo and with a boy body... with all the marcles
      i dont really think i can cross dress it TT i want a boyyyyy not a MAN
    10. Ohhh well lets see what we can find then :XD:
      The difference between active line and beautyline is more noticable on the male MNF's
      Here is the fairyland photo's
      Here again the active line but pictures that a owner has taken so you get a better idea of the posability.

      And ofcourse the old body
      And anotherone for good measure

      The two male bodies are very different.
      Again I think so far the Active line has shown to be a better poser but dont take that as me saying the normal beautyline is bad. With the right stringing the beautyline can pose like a rockstar!

      I think if your going for male you should probably base it more on if you want them to be muscled or not. Ofcourse the beautyline cant slouch but it just really depends on if the lack of posing is a problem for you.
    11. I have both male bodies and like them both for different reasons. The active is definitely more mature looking even with clothes on - arms and torso are much more muscular. You'll get the wider range of movement as well from the double jointing in the arms and the added range in the knees. The thigh and torso joints also allow for a lot more natural looking poses as well.

      I prefer the look of the jointing on the arms for the beauty line and I think that a lot of the younger looking heads look much better on this body (I put my sleepy Woosoo head on the active line body and switched it out right away since it looked a bit weird) Also if you're having trouble with the sleeves for the upper arms on the active line you'll notice that the beauty line will fit no problem ;)

      Toss up really. I love the mobility of the active line but I like the b-line as well because of the look. it's not a bad poser either just not as mobile as the a-line (and we've now all been spoiled by all these extra posable bodies now available)
    12. thxs for the help Lady White Raven and rillystar

      guess i would get the beauty line since i want a boy and not a man...
      but i really like the poses that active line can do hope beauty line can do just as well ^^
    13. This has been SO helpful!! Are there anymore comments or pictures featuring the A-line that anyone wants to share?