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MNF BOYS: shoes and clothing that fit?

Nov 9, 2006

    1. I've had a look through the search option but I didnt see any specific thread for this topic. If there's already one I'm sorry and can you please point it out to me?
      In any case, here's what I'm looking for:
      a list of shoe and clothing brands that would fit the MNF Boys because I'm adopting 2 and I would love to have everything ready for their arrival. :love
      I still dont know if they can wear UNOA sized or MSD sized shoes. *is confused*

      thanks for your help in advance!:3nodding:
    2. Ooo, lesse, I've been busily compiling a list of things my boy can wear, so looks like it can help out someone other than me then eh ;)

      In terms of brand names, pretty much all MSD tops/t-shirts & shoes fit loosely, but fine, but NOT MSD trousers, they're too short. Dollheart shoes seem to be an especially good fit, same problem with the trousers tho. Pretty much all those cute lil pairs of vans you find on ebay (try mimiwoo's store) fit perfectly. If you want perfect fitting trousers/jeans, I've actually yet to find a brand name beyond the ones Luts themselves make that fit perfectly, so I make all Trystan's.

      Oh also, if you can get your hands on any of the iamdoll undies, they fit like a dream ;)
    3. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! :aheartbea
      this really helps!


    4. As for shoes, MSD shoes are a bit big but the boots will hold (AKA not fall from his feet). Of course, there's the MNF ones that Luts manufacture and I think U-Noa shoes fit better, since they're a bit smaller than the MSD ones.
    5. I've found that Volks MSD clothing works wonderfully. However, my MNF Chiwoo has never worn pants, so shorts and undies always fit. XD And he just wears MSD shoes, even though they're slightly roomy.
    6. asphy_xiation and timchener: thank you so much for your help. :)
    7. The boy clothes on Dollfair.com SHOULD fit pretty well. Shirts I'd say would be a definite fit . . . pants might be a little off in some areas, but would be a much better fit than MSD-size pants. I bet some Matt O'Neill things would work, too. As for shoes I would stick with Unoa sized things (from my experience, MSD shoes are ok length-wise, but are too wide). I don't actually own a MNF, but they are roughly the same size as my Narin.
    8. Where does one find unoa sized shoes?

      I was very disappointed to find the "mary" shoes for MNF's that Luts sells were not only a little too long on the inside, but needed an extra hole poked into the cross strap to fit snugly on top. (Yes, my boy was ready to wear them since I'd sent his only boots on vacation with another MNF!)