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mnf girl body vs doc 2 girl body(allot of pictures->may be a bit heavy)

Jul 31, 2007

    1. Oke..
      i decided to keep the pictures pretty big so you can see the details pretty good.

      Post 1:
      Body details

      Post 2:
      Pose ability

      dolls used in this:
      Mnf shushu -ns modding:Sueded and Wired

      Doc petsha -homme version Modding:sueded and wired (but it hasn't made her posing less or better ~_~")

      On to the picures ^_^

      Body Details:



      full body...
      Cute legs, looks very Natural.
      My girl stand with her knees pointed to eachother if i randomly flop her down <3
      Her body is shaped a bit like a pear.. but my body is too so.
      (larger hips, and upper boddy as wide as her waist...)

      Looks like a chubby little girl ;3
      Her shoulders are lower then those of the mnf,
      the top make her boobs look small..but they are actually bigger then the mnf's.
      Her shoulders with arms are about as wide as her hips.

      Her shoulders are a bit ..turned down?

      Lets start at the top


      Neck and the bon structure there..
      not allot to say..nicely done.. besides of course her boobs that Devy all gravity rules.. but it looks nice in a shirt (like she wears a (push up) Bra)

      Looks nice, but her neck is a bit thick. In some shirts it can look a bit..male..thats why my girl wears a thight necklace in those shirts ^_^"


      Her shoulders look like those of my mom when she trained allot..
      so muscled?

      her shoulders look a bit down.. luckily by posing her mid joint a bit up they look allot better.
      The mnf shoulder/upper arm is shaped nicer.
      Doc has a strange short of a thin part just under the shoulder ball.


      Arm joint...
      My girl is wired,
      without the wires it's very hard to make them hold a pose ~_~

      Keey, what is that..it's a huge ball in the middle of her arm D:
      And not as posable as you may think...


      I just love them <3
      They are so wel shaped ~3~

      uhm yes...



      Well mine are modded, and this is the nicer hand
      When i got her, her normal hand was just a piece of resin.
      I splitted the fingers and sanded 30&#37; of them off..


      <3 <3
      the only mini with a nice shaped hipjoint..that doesn't look like underwear made from lego.
      And in post 2 you will see it's not completely useless (like i thought first)

      Is that supposed to be a belly button?
      She has really nice shaped hips.. but you can't really see them here D:
      And a middle joint god thank you <3 (miss that so much on mnf)


      tummy side...
      as flat as a pancake.
      to boy's: No only 1 in a milion women look like this passed 20..okey!

      Really cute.. again she's so white and a bit from the side so you can't see.. but she has the cutest little fatty blob on her lower tummy,
      not really big or anything.. but just really cute with the chubby hips :3


      pity you can't see the double hip/leg joint
      This is the part that makes up for the missing mid body joint.
      (seriousely..i miss this double hip joint on my doc!!)
      The mnf legs are really cute and are bit O shaped ^_^<3

      The locking knees are..scaring the hell out of everyone..
      the lock and unlock sound is just so loud!

      The extra strange ball joint thing in/on her upper leg hasn't proved
      his point to me so far.
      It makes poses look highly unnatural..and it is just simple hard to pose.


      Long and slender.
      Just simply freaking pretty.. i could hug them all day <3

      A pity her ankles just don't hold poses well on one foot..
      even with sueding D:

      Her foot and ankel joint are one piece,
      So she can't do pretty ballerina poses T_T

      The picture is take to show the toes better,
      but the doc foot is shorter then the mnf foot.
      Mine are modded but:
      It's like the sculptor made a mistake..owh unoa foot size..let's make them a cm shorter..
      but the problem is they are to wide.
      (i sanded them to be more slender)

    2. Pose ability
      My girls are both wired and hot glue sueded,
      so they pose as well as i could get them too.


      really simple...
      really easy to do this,
      and her foot looks really nise and delacte.

      And there we go.. the extra joint in her leg isn't doing that the site shows.
      It's sorta wobbly and keeps snapping back.. and every time it does the locking knee's make
      they're horrible lock click again that makes my house shake o_o"


      trowing hips...
      Here you can see the hip boy joint and the double leg/hip joint work.
      It makes the pose look really natural.

      The upper leg joint is finally working (the right leg works better)
      Just a pity her normal leg/hip ball joint doesn't function so well.
      I was hoping to use only that for this pose.


      peewee like a men...
      lol she totally loves this pose.
      Her knee joints are bended here, and she holds it really well.
      Her lower body joint is twisted a little to turn her body.. so she's facing the cam a bit more..
      so yes it does have a slight function!

      Oi, it looks so stiff.
      The ball joint were working well on this pose..
      but her knee's just weren't.
      They kept locking on and off.. and she's wired!


      legs wide touching faces...
      Her double hip/leg joint makes her hold this pose really well.
      Just put her legs wide and flop her on the ground...

      Took me long to pose this..
      her mid upper leg joints kept snapping back..
      after 3 minutes i just turned the upper part above the middle upper leg joint and
      twisted it to be able to position the legs like this using the leg/hip joint.
      So she can do it.. but it takes some planning XB

      And this is as max as you can get her arms to touch her face!
      They can't be putted "double", like this and then you need to start moving the whole arm.


      catwalk... (woot bad quality picture)
      like a ballerina,
      again the double hip/leg joint makes it easy.
      Balancing the took a little bit.. but you get the hang of it.

      keeping her legs in position was a struggle.. but then it was just putting her down and done.
      So her Balance seem to be great for walking poses <3


      upright without support.
      Funny thin is you can make her legs an uneven length by twisting her lower body joint a little <3

      She can sit really well.. even if you bend her middle joint back wards she balances great.
      Strange thing is sometimes her heals don't touch the ground ?_? might have something to do with the upper/mid leg joint.


      Lol well here we go..now we get chaos.
      Without a wall support she slips and slides all over the place.
      She can do this pose when supported by a wall..

      Well..this is one of those poses the mid/upper leg joint actually works well.
      just a pity you can't pose her foot to look more delicate D:


      And then she couldn't take it anymore...
      Well..i guess she gave up.
      I do need to add she can sit with back support really well..and take nice poses.
      ~>With her knee's up and her foot flat on the ground.

      ...as easy as it can be..

      Poses the other couldn't do:


      Using her lower body joint to make her body face more forward.
      And her ankle joint makes it look really pwetty

      Depressed, mnf doesn't have a middle joint so they can't do this.


      sitting and corssed...
      I couldn't get my doc to balance this.

      Lol..using her middle joint and those iffy leg joints.
      Actually worked well.
      She does need to support her legs to keep them like that,
      because her feet can't be putted flat on the ground.


      The body has allot of nice detail, poses really natural!
      And can be easily moved to another pose,
      no loud clicking locking parts that give you heart attacks XB
      No middle body joint.
      I really miss that! luckily the double hip/leg joint makes up for that.
      With that, the curve of her body makes it imposable to balance herself when doing a sitting pose with her legs bend.

      Doc poses nicely.. can be a bit hard sometimes..because the upper/mid leg joint is out of control sometimes.
      She can do allot of sitting poses, and i'm sure i'm gonna use them allot ;3
      It looks like dod forgot some little things.
      Like her feet, i really miss the separate ankle joints. Because of this she misses allot of
      sitting posses she could have had,
      and some nice fancy ballerina posses.
      Another big - is that it's hard to make her poses look natural D:

    3. Hi - I see post 2 is up, and just not populated with comparison photos yet.

      I suggest you post a link to this thread in the following thread (this thread is a list of links to comparison shots)

      Just one comment - re the shoulders - I don't think DOC's shoulders slope. I think MNF has fairy high and proportionally wide shoulders compared to most other minis.

      I love MNF's curves - one day I must have one.

    4. ty,
      myeah i know what you mean.
      Her shoulders look like she's been at the gym allot,
      but other people at a meet also noticed doc's sloping shoulders on her.

      ;3 i have posted on that threat btw, ty.
    5. That is a great comparison ^_^ Thank you very much for making it ^_^

      DoC locking knees have good and bad points. Mine aren't so loud (I have the old-type body though) but I've gotten my fingers and hair trapped in her sometimes ^_^; And they do kind of snap from under them when you're trying to pose them. I do wish my other dolls had locking knees though, as it is useful for getting them to stand straight, although not so useful for more artistic poses. I agree that with both the old and new type bodies, DOCs are capable of very few natural poses in comparision to that of minifee.

      My 60cm Lishe will very rarely stand at all - has this problem been fixed with the minifee? Thank you ^_^
    6. Sorry if I missed it, but what skin tones are they?

      And BTW - they both look adorable! Thanks for all of the shots!


    7. Lol..i feel you're pain with the locking knee's..
      evey time my girls knee's lock everyone everyone thinks she dropped on the ground or she broke o_o"
      And Ive had my fingers stuck between them more then ones.

      The solution to good Luts body posing is..
      Restringing them really hight,
      then hot glue suede them (both the body inner hip joint..and the lose hip part)
      And then wiring them, with really strong wire.
      By putting hot glue on the tips of the wire you can make sure it doesn't damage the resin inside you're doll.

      As far as i know,
      my doc petsha is the standard doc color o_o" homme version.
      My Shushu is a ns ^_^
    8. what do you use and what is your method for wiring?
    9. The solution to good Luts body posing is..
      Restringing them really hight,
      then hot glue suede them (both the body inner hip joint..and the lose hip part)
      And then wiring them, with really strong wire.
      By putting hot glue on the tips of the wire you can make sure it doesn't damage the resin inside you're doll.


      Kafers was kind enough to hot-glue suede her for me, but she was only able to stand a few times before she just wouldn't do it anymore. x.x; I've heard that wiring might help but I'm really uncertain about it - do you put it in along side the elastic, in place of it? What type do you use...? ^^;

      I think you're definatly right about the tightening though XD I'm just so darn weak!

      As for the minifee, I'd really like to be able to hold one, as they seem very posable, as seen from your photos.

      There is one think I'd like to ask - A lot of old DoCs had this terriffic ability to give piggy-back rides to other dolls as their knees would lock and stop them falling over (so long as the owner had enough patience to balance them right and so long as both dolls were stung correctly ^_^). This made them quite strong. Can the new DoC do this? I doubt Minifee can as she doesn't look as heavy. It would be interesting to know if your Petsha can lift her on her back while standing maybe? ^_^

    10. What to use for wiring:
      Just regular wire..
      strong with rubber around it.. that you van bend and holds that pose.
      Sd's need thicker and stronger one then msd's for they are heavier,
      but in the end it depends on how big the spaces are for the strings.

      there are a few wiring tutorials in workshops about wiring
      Thats where i learned it from.
      The only thing i add to the tutorial is that i put hot glue on the tips of the wires.. so they won't damage the inside of you're doll.

      Yes she can do that XB
      Shes like the little power girl in my house.
      I can remember she was able to carrie Radio around too..
      and he was pretty heavy and big o_o"

      Taylor can also lift other dolls,
      but not my petsha because her arms don't wanna hold around the neck..and she falls off ~_~

      Taylor has also been used as a support to keep other dolls standing..
      most of them sd XB.. so she is surprisingly sturdy for her light weight
      and thin body.

      But another newby.. Taylor is heavier then my Petsha o_o!
    11. ooooooooo~ thanks so much for this comparison!!! cause i myself am thinking of getting the DOC new boy body and the comparison really helps... now i'm thinking of the MNF boy body instead... *head desk*
    12. I'm on the same boat with LadyKnight I really wanted to get a new DOC body but now I'm thinking of the MNF girl body -head desk- So unfair!
    13. I have this problem with my DOC Leya (old body). When her knees are "locked", her ankles are above the ground. I have to slightly bend her knees so that her ankles touch and it looks more natural.

      Great pictures! Thank you for posting them.
    14. having had both in the house (though the DoC body was shipped out for someone else but I'm getting a new one soon) and the old DoC body I actually prefer the new one (I like the shape)....though I can only compare with the boy MNF body. It might actually just be a certain level of comfort with the different engineering with the dolls.

      I prefer the locking knees, I loosened up the stringing a bit on some of mine though and it really reduces the loud click or the want to immediately snap into place if you don't want it (I can get my DoT boy to stand with both knees slightly bent and there no way my CP boy will do that without wiring I think). I might have to loosen the MNF body I have a bit actually since he likes to snap to a bent leg all the time, same with the arms. However they do hold that arms to the sky position better than the new DoC body (though I will need to see what a bit of restringing will do with that)

      I loved the thigh joint though because with it I can get her to sit cross legged without too much struggle. If you're trying to pose the body inside something like a basket seat or something that can help hold that extra joint, it's really handy but because of the design using it in more standing free holding positions is more difficult without some work.

      I agree with the ankles though, across the board on all the DoD dolls, they have less range of movement (and the feet are just wider which is annoying sometimes when buying shoes)

      The hip vs torso joint is purely personal choice. I much prefer the torso joint personally because it's easier for sitting poses for sure. I find it more comfortable for standing ones as well but would actually like both on a doll. My MNF is waiting for me to have some time before I hack apart his torso and add the torso joint and open his eyes.

      The hands are pretty much personal preference too. I actually like both. The Luts hands are much daintier, but depending on the doll personality I do like the DoD hands as well.

      BTW the gap under the arm of the DoC is so that the clothes (ie sleeved tops) sit better on the body and look less bunchy.
    15. Let me defend the new DOC body since what I see here seems very openly biased towards MNF.

      I have a Dollmore, an old DOC, an old Volks, and the new DOC. I have to say the new DOC is the best out of all of these. I think that half your problem is that you modded the body without even letting it TRY to do its own thing. My new DOC body poses perfectly, and the elbows do everything a human's elbow can do, including having her reach behind her head to scratch an itch on her scalp...but I didn't suede it or wire it. My other girls need and have wiring...this one needs nothing at all. Personally I don't think one needs sueding on joints that have been wired, but it could be personal preference.

      I feel you say the DOC looks like a "chubby little girl" because Petsha has a "chubby little girl" face and that could be skewing your perception. My Yen girl is meant to be a slender woman approximately thirty years of age and she definitely looks it. I would hope "chubby little girls" do NOT have C cup breasts and junk in the trunk, as well O_O

      The "little fatty blob" on her stomach means she is a normal woman O_o

      I don't think I could *stand* having a body that had no torso joint. How in the heck do you make it stand upright?

      With regards to standing...I mean, I can *literally* plunk my new DOC down and she will stand. Right there, right then. Legs together, or legs apart (which takes a second of figuring out thanks to the thigh joint but is not hard to master), she does it all and this was straight out of the carrier as well. How many bodies do *that*?

      You didn't try hard enough to get Petsha's hands to her face. I would say you're not bending the wire inside correctly. This comparison is invalid because you've *altered* the way the doll works normally with the wiring.

      I can get my girl to stand on one foot. And hold it for as long as the surface she's standing on remains stable. But then again, Dream of Doll engineered her to be that way...*without* modding.
    16. I have been considering getting a Petsha, they look abselutely gorgeous.
      Although I agree this might be abit MNF Oriented I still feel that it shows well what everyone would like to see.

      To be honest though my little Lorne (mnf Elf shiwoo) would no way in hell be able to hold any of those poses really, I havent wired or suaded him simply because I am too much of a woosy to do it. He came really tightly strung (and by tight I mean he always pulls himself into a possition where he is hugging himself) but... he does pose great compaired to the fact that he is just fresh out of the box, his arms have no problem bending this way or that (anyone els think I was about to say bend it like beckham?)

      I gotta admit though I also really really miss that midriff joint.
      Its true that without it he can hold the most death defying smexy poses... but I think the midriff makes up for not being able to pose like that.

      I think the one thing that keeps me preffering the MNF is the sculpt simply. Petsha looks great, but the body not so much to my taste. (Alright I admit it, I actually preffer DoD's bewbs but heck MNF is alright I guess).

      I think this is all a matter of opinion. And thank you so much for showing us these wonderful pictures. Taylor and Newt desurve a big pat on the back for posing like this practically in the nude.

      Now all I need is to see how Dod skin compaires to BW luts skin... (was thinking about a head switch)
    17. I have had both mnf bw and doc new resin next to eachother,
      and they didn't match.
      At least not my batch, doc is really pinkish white and luts more to yellow-ish green.


      My girls arms aren't wired or sueded.. same for her legs besides one.
      (to test how the locking system is reacting to wires)
      She can touch her face and all, but you can only bend her arm joint 110 degrees and then you need to start moving her whole arm.

      I have had a few body's and most of them were considered good posers.
      (angel region..supppper! Dollzone.. great besides the ankles.. Mnf super natural and doc new... still moving around to see it's limits.)
      I must say i had expected more natural poses from the new doc body,
      this can partly be because i have been Lucky with my body's up till now
      and they all moved very smooth and natural...

      My girl did stand out of the box but balancing her in 2 legs posed different poses takes pretty long.
      I didn't judge on the dolls and molds or anything,
      but pure on the posing and looks of the body and i just told people my honest opinion so they know what they are buying.

      Btw i prefer my Doc girl far above my mnf for sitting poses.. and for standing the other way around.

      There is one pose i never really see any doll do natural.. and the doc 2 does it!(i expect the new kiddelf body to be able to do this)

    18. oh no im not a normal woman D:

      anyway i found this thread again and just wanted to say thank you, because i really wanted to know more about both bodies ^^ and it swayed me to definately get an MNF body for my jeong~

      and now, i really want a DOC purely because the body is so nice D: i like the sorta chubbyness of it and how it still seems mature...i cant seem to find that in alot of other bodies!
    19. very helpful thank you! now i know the types of poses she can handle
    20. I loved your comparison, thank you for all your hard work, wow descriptions and photos! I am dying for a ShuShu, yours is beautiful!