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MNF Head + Kid Delf Body

Dec 22, 2006

    1. I'm curious to those (if anyone) has put a MNF head on a kid delf body how it looks/did it work.

      Or would anyone know if that would erm...work?
    2. I would like to see this as well, please.
    3. Hmmm, well i have both, i guess i could give it a shot, lol. I need to blush and coat yumi anyway. I'll do it and take pics tomorrow for you guys. ^^
    4. darn photobucket
    5. Thanks! The head looks kinda small =/ But I dunno xD Guess it'll work temporarily
    6. Bought my MNF Shushu and a KDelf body for the sleeping head. You need to play a little bit because the KDelf type 1 body wasn't meant for the type 2 head, but it took next to no time to work around. (I just slipped the head on, and then put the neck piece under the S hook)

      While it looks a bit smaller when the doll is naked, in person and dressed it isn't bad at all.

      Here are the results:


      The head is a little large for the neck, but its only really obvious from low, side angles without a wig or clothing.
    7. Well, Artemis has said she will kill me if i do that again, so can't do it with the clothes. ^^ I think the head is a little too small, but then people put kid delf heads on mnf bodies, and the head looks a little large to me for the body.
    8. I don't think the head looks too small at all. Really, my Kid Delf head on it's own body is rather too large proportionally, this looks more realistic. XD (but the big bubble heads are cute X3) It does look like there is too much space where the head sits on the neck though??

      If MiniFee Chiwoo's head didn't look like a squashed version of the original Delf, I would so get him and do this. @.@ I love Chiwoo but I'm not sure if I'd like having a doll that size. ~.~
    9. Does anyone know of a doll that's like this normally (Someone's own hybrid?) Or have a doll that wouldn't mind the switch to try with clothing? What I'm hoping to do is find a more MSD sized body for my second ShuShu head if I but the special edition, and the Luts skintone is already a match...
    10. yeah, the space with the neck is just weird. I would try to do it again with clothes, but my family is over in VA right now, and they have the camera. >< I need to get a job and get my own, mmmm, sony cybershot, drool. ^^
    11. ^_^ If you can when they're back even, that'd be a great relief on my end- I'm worried I'll get the body and then find out it won't work, and its hard to get rid of a headless body...
    12. bumping-- I'm curious too!
    13. If one chooses a rounder shaped MNF head it might look alright,but not a long skinny head, the features are smaller on a MNF than on a KDLF, so a round head would look less out of place.
    14. Uhh, no it isn't. xD People are clammering for headless bodies. At least SD ones, I can't imagine MSD would be any different. No one wants to pay the shipping for bodies off of luts and such, for heads from events, lotteries, auctions, ect ect. I can take pictures of Sultra's head on Karo's body tomorrow if anyone wants. ^^
    15. I guess I've just seen a lot of bodies floating around whenever I've looked for dolls to buy- mind, now that I'm looking for a body, I can't find one. :P

      Pictures tomorrow would be *fantastic*!
    16. i'll try taking pics tomorrow, i'm off fridays from school and have lots of time then. Sorry guys, school just started and it's crazy! >< Oh, opps just read pawpaw's post, if pawpaw doesn't get to it, i will, since i want to try (weather permitting) to blush yumi.
    17. WTF, why did photobucket take down my pics?! their not porno, omg. ><
    18. I find if you keep your photobucket album private, there's less chance of them taking your photos down, because they use the same system as ebay - other viewers turn you in! I saw a note somewhere that they don't use any type of trolling software but rely on a***les to hit a complaint button. (not their wording, of course.)
    19. how do you keep it private? Erm, and i don't think i can switch anymore, since i'm selling yumi. ><
    20. Private is set up in your 'manage' bar.

      Bump for anyone else with the heads to do this?