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MNF head on another body

Apr 12, 2007

    1. Has anyone tried a MNF head on a Kid Delf or Dollmore body?
    2. I'll be trying this tomorrow (NS MNF Shiwoo on a Kid Dollmore body.) I'll post pictures, but judging by the other NS Delf bodies/parts/heads I have here, I don't think the resin match will be good.
    3. Oh thanks so much! Do you think the head might work on the Kid Delf body?
    4. I think someone asked for mnf heads on kiddelf bodys be for.
      I remember seeing pictures of a lishe on kid delf..and it looked strange.
      The head was way to slender for the body.

      But it might work for soo/ari/chiwoo because they heads are a bit wider.. (as far as i understand)

      I do know that dollzone white skin matched bw pretty well,
      and the mnf heads look pretty good on the body's.

      My lishe boy is gonna be a modded sleeping lishe on a dollzone body..
      but i don't have the body or the head at the moment.
    5. My modded MNF sleepy-Shushu has Souldoll's new Soulkids girl body, and in my opinion it looks very nice. The resin match is almost perfect and, as MNF Shushu's head is smaller than for example Shiwoo's, she looks a bit more mature than my normal MNF Shushu. I don't like Sooulkids' hands so very much, they are too big for my taste, but that's not a big problem. I'll just order extra MNF-hands and problem is solved ;)
    6. What about matching a mnf with a kid delf? I know luts has a wonderful elf model mnf head, but i dont think it it will match my doll's body. (my doll has a split personality, and it would be fun to have that represented through the head)
    7. I've got a MNF shushu on her way and I'm planning on trying one of her heads on my Kid delf body anyway (not modding, just to compare sizes) so I'll post pics as soon as I do, unless someone beats me too it.
    8. Thanks, you guys. I don't love the MNF bodies especially the boys because it's so darn challenging to find clothes for that size. Also I really love the Dollmore bodies. Uninu, I know what you mean about Soulkid hands, they are really quite big! The head I have coming is also a sleepy vampire.
    9. Hmm, I see what you mean about the neck.
    10. My boy was stuck at the post office for days, sorry for the delay. He's NS on a NS Kid Dollmore body.

      Fit, proportion, and resin match are good, but if I decide to keep him on this body I'll have to mod the back of his neck. He can't look up, currently.


      Closeup for resin match:
    11. Hey! That doesn't look bad at all. It looks better than the Kid Delf for proportions. I assume you will just take a piece out of the back of the head by sanding it, no? also your boy looks suspiciously elfin. Are his ears modded? If so excellent job! He's really cute.
    12. I'll probably get him an MNF body eventually (I just love Delf bodies too much) but this really isn't bad in a pinch, esp. if you're a particular fan of Dollmore bodies. I think the head is a little big in relation to the shoulders/torso, but it's not horrendous, esp. when he's dressed.

      Yes, I'd file & sand the nape of his neck - just take it up a little bit. I guess the MNF body in conjunction with the neck attachment lets the head "float" higher on the neck than it does on the Dollmore body & therefore gives it more mobility.

      And yep, his ears have been modded, PamSD did them - aren't they great? Yay! Thanks, I'm thrilled with him.

    13. Sorry took long, but for people thast still liked to see..
      my mnf /dollzone hybrid.

      He's a mnf Lishe boy.. i'm still working on getting the head on the body properly >_<"
      But it's a great match <3
      (bw mnf and ws dollzone)

    14. I will second Dollzone too
      I put a Mini Fee normal skintone head onto a Dollzone normal body
      it went very well :)
    15. Really was the match nice?
      :B i may want a chiwoo/dollzone boy too..(gawsh.. i love boys!)
      But up to now i heard ns and ns didn't match to well.
      (guess it depends on the batch D:)
    16. I have minifee Seorin 0on the AoD body. Both in white resin. Its realy pretty and the collor match is verry good.


    17. I have just gotten a Lishe head. I plan to get her a DollZone body but I don't know what to do about the neck piece now that Fairyland doesn't sell them any more. (Unless you have a picture to prove that your neck piece broke and proof you bought a MNF)

      I plan to get a couple of MNF guys on DollZone bodies too. I want them to be taller so they can be boyfriends for my none MNF girls.