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MNF head on Kid Delf body?

Oct 23, 2008

    1. Hi,

      I think this has been asked before, or at least the other way around, but ahh well.

      Yes, so would a MNF head work on a KD body? I'm thinking female head on female body. It's just the breast size is too big for my liking on the MNF body :)

      Hope you can help
    2. bumpsssssssssss
    3. mnf has come out with a new smaller (cutie) chest. also, if youre talking about the new kid delf bodies, the resin match is totally off. if youre talking about the old KD bodies, then nah, mnf heads too small
    4. aww its way cheaper if i get a kid delf body and arhhhhhhhh i wan a flat chested girl... :(
      but mnf they dont sell just the body....
      maybe i'll get the guy body instead i dont mind any of them anyway:sigh

    5. Kid Dollmore resin matches the MNF, and they're definitely flat-chested. So if you don't mind her being a bit taller than the usual MNF girls, that's one option you have for flat-chested girls/little kids.

      Edit: Plus they've recently reduced their prices, so that body is actually a GREAT deal now. Only $172 plus shipping.
      http://dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=1103 <-- There's the link to the page.
    6. i agree with psychotic elflet. also, there are other options for cheaper bodies with better proportions and resin matches
    7. Yay!! thxs so much the both of u n dm body that is!!(but those hybrids look weird without their clothes on...)but oh well they will always be clothed
    8. I know Ashbet has a Kid Delf head on a MNF body (the other way around) so it's gotta work, I bet.
    9. Not necessarily. All the kid delf head on MNF body hybrids I've seen were older kid delf heads.

      The old-version kid delf resin, from before they switched to realskin, matched the MNF resin. The new/realskin resin is a completely different color and it doesn't match at all. Also the old kid delf bodies are really chunky -- they're proportioned a lot like Volks MSDs -- so even if Ninamel could find one the proportions with the MNF head and the size of the neck might not work at all.
    10. i have a KD head MNF body hybrid with the old resin and although proportion is not to somes tastes i think its fine. the head is technically big for the body in an anatomical sense i guess. it does not work in reverse because MNFs heads are smaller by quite a bit than kid delfs, looking at my girls sat together now and imaging the MNF head on there itd just look strange and i dont think the hole would fit like chibiaraki said