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MNF Miyu

Feb 8, 2009

    1. can I see some owner pics of the mini fee miyu please. I just want to see what she looks like in another photo other than the site photos. thanx. . . . .
    2. Try in the Database. Klick here!

      Edit to add: I know it's very confusing that she's listed as a Luts Delf by Cerberus Project and not a MiniFee. This is because Luts used to sell the dolls but then stopped working with them and Cerberus Project became Fairyland. It took my a loooong time to find out because I kept seeing these beautiful dolls that was Cerberus Project and I couldn't find them anywhere. *_*

    3. please ignore~~~~
    4. Dustbunnie, I think you have linked to the Luts Miyu, SD size, which is why she is listed as Luts Delf by Cerberus Project, because that is not the MNF Version

      This is the link to the MNF Miyu database: [thread=208436]click here[/thread]

      Also here are some pictures of my MNF Miyu :D
    5. she is so cute. very nice indeed. she makes me want a MNF Miyu even more now
    6. @ Allstar: She's so beautiful!! May I ask if her face-up is default?
    7. glad to have helped :D She's a lovely doll
      and babyelf yes her face-up is default :aheartbea
    8. She's gorgeous. I see a lot of Miyu's with light hair but I think i like her with darker hair!