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MNF moving from Luts to Feeple

Dec 31, 2007

    1. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the title Luts gave this announcemnt

    2. So the Minifee will be offered through Fairyland? Does that mean we'll be able to buy MNF with Paypal again? O_O I'm hoping Fairyland won't stop using Paypal under the inevitable magnitude of MNF orders they'll get.
    3. I wonder if there will be any price changes reflected?
    4. Does anyone know how Fairyland and luts are connected? I mean, are they run by the same people?
    5. Fairyland make the Delf & MNF dolls and Luts sell them on Fairyland's behalf. Fairyland started their own website approx 6 months ago and are obviously wanting to sell the dolls themselves. It seems to be a friendly arrangement. I think Luts have been so flat out with their own lines, they want to focus on that.
    6. Erm, my understanding was that some of the sculptors that worked with Cerberus Project (the makers of Delfs) created their own company of Fairyland, which made the MNF dolls, and then of course Feeple. So 'Fairyland' as such, didn't make Delfs, although they did help create them. So I doubt if Delfs will be moving, as I think they're still owned by CP, right? Honestly though, I think the two companies are very much interlinked.

      Luts is a distributor - they initially just carried Delfs, but now do a lot of different brands.
    7. asking for a clarification...

      so are the SDFs, Zuzus --- CP creations or no?
    8. mikagami>> if we go by the idea of CP being at the top of the pyramid, then i suppose the SDFs and Zuzus are CP creations??
    9. I think the SDFs and Zuzus are made by LUTs. Also, I think Honey Delf is made by LUTs as well. I'm not 100% sure on the KDs, but some of the Delfs and all the Minifees are made by Fairyland.

      Just check ont he site and see if they were sculpted by "Cerebus Project"; if not, then they are most likely NOT made by CP. :P
    10. I'm pretty sure all things in real skin are luts, and that's how they've defined their lines of dolls. Other is Fairyland done.
    11. Liria, the English Customer Services for Fairyland, had explained the relationship between Luts, CP and Fairyland in this thread:


      I think it explains it well. ( I am so pretty sure that the timing may have to do with pre-existing contract etc)

      Since Luts carries so many lines and they have been expanding their own lines much faster lately. So I think that it would be nice to have Fairyland take the orders for MNF, it will probably help the order processing.
    12. Anyone know if the price of MNFs will be effected by being sold by Fairyland? Will they still do My Choice, or will people finally be able to choose the body and head they want seperately without the added cost? I really prefer the small bust, and hope they will have it as an option.
    13. How soon do you think Fairyland will begin selling minifees on their site? I just now have enough money for a minifee and want to get one as soon as possible, but I won't be able to order until January 14, right on that deadline date :|
    14. I would say you'd have to do it on Fairyland's site as the 14th here in the US is the 15th there in Korea.
    15. I just found out last night, from something someone mentioned in another thread,
      I had no idea that they were going to stop selling them, it says in there notice board that you can still buy them from the fairyland site but I looked and didn't see them anywhere,
      I'm going to be so disappointed if I can't buy another MNF I wanted at least two more, and them not doing more to let anyone know really sucks
    16. Fairyland just hasn't put them on their site yet. Don't worry, it takes a bit to update a website! Likely will be up this week.
    17. The following was posted on FairyLand on 1-3-08

      Dear customers,

      FairyLand is now back on business for 2008. We apologize for delayed responses as a result of our short break.

      We would like to comment about MiniFees briefly as it seems like many customers are concerned about them. We do not exactly know what Luts' official announcement is, but we will try our best not to cause any problems to the customers.

      Currently discussion about MiniFee with Luts is almost complete, and we will make an announcement again when official direction has been decided.

      Of course we cannot provide all the services that Luts provide immediately, but will try our best to meet the demand as soon as possible.

      Thank you and Happy New Year to everyone!

      So, it is for sure that they will be carrying MNF. Just give them sometime to get all the items organized. I am pretty sure they will have the items up on their site soon enough.

      Then yesterday they posted this

      Dear customers,

      The international administrator will be away from January 16 till 18 due to personal circumstances.
      Email invoices, CS Center, 1:1 Care Center and email replies will be delayed as a result of the short hiatus.

      We apologize for the inconveniences and will be back on business as soon as possible.

      Also, this is a reminder that the New Years Event period will end in about one week time on January 20th.

      If you wish to be eligible for the free Event gifts, do not miss this chance!

      Thank you and have a great day!

      So if you sent them some e-mail, please be patient as they will reply your e-mail after 1/18/08. Everything will be fine.
    18. FairyLand is currently working on organizing and registering MiniFee and related items (parts, outfits, wigs etc).

      All MiniFee dolls, along with some items, are planned to be updated within this month. The item pages won't be available for viewing until releasing date. So don't freak out if you can't find MiniFees at FairyLand website. ;)

      More items/accessories will be updated little by little due to the large amount of work.

      I will be posting an official announcement/news closer to the releasing date.


      FairyLand International Representative

      p.s. As anavel just mentioned, I will be away from Wednesday (1/16) till Friday (1/18) evening and won't be able to answer emails and questions on FL website and DOA. I will be available on Saturday though. :)
    19. Where is the release date? :)
    20. They don't have one yet, from my understanding it should be sometime this month.