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MNFs and Luts Kicky Leg

Sep 21, 2006

    1. I've heard a whole lot about Luts having the kicking leg syndrome, and how they are known for it. I was wondering how the MNFs compare. Are they just as kicky? I was hoping that maybe since they are smaller, they will have less posing issues.

      I've been on the fence between a DOC or a MNF for my first doll. And lately I'm now really considering a MNF Shiwoo (I had been thinking of Tender Too really hard, but now I think MNF Shiwoo is capable of looking more impish.) I'm just afraid of getting a doll that I may not be able to handle well right off the bat. I'm not confident that I could restring one if he came too kicky and crazy. I've never seen a BJD in person, so I'm not at all familiar with how they act when you pose them. Also I'm pretty antisocial and am not willing to go out and find some one who has one to see first hand :sweat

      Please give me some advice and opinions? :?

    2. The MNF body I bought for my CP Ani was kicky, but not as bad as her old kid delf body was....after playing with her about a week...they definitely calmed down!
    3. Sueding works wonders on the mini fee, too!
    4. Mine's KIND of kicky...mostly when I want to lay him down. If I don't make sure his legs are firmly positioned flat, the minute I lay him down he'll bend his knees. XD;
    5. I don't know if I was lucky or if Luts decided not to string them so tight, but my 2 Delf boys don't have kicky legs o_O

      My MNF was pretty kicky though when he got here! He still is... I make him kneel so his string loosens a bit ^^;; But the big boys were nothing like that ^^
    6. My MNF was very kicky, especially since he has such heavy shoes, but I sueded him and now he has absolutely no problems....
    7. My mnf shiwoo was VERY kicky, but after a while of me messing with him and kneeling him down a lot, he was fine, and he stood up right out of the box, no need to sueding or anything :) Poses like a dream too!
    8. The Mini Fee I briefly owned was rather kicky. But, I found that the problem wasn't anywhere NEAR as troublesome as it was in full size Delfs! I had no problem with making her stand, and I only really noticed it when I was dressing her (either that, or she just really hated pants ;) ). She was quite nice to handle, for the most part. :aheartbea
    9. My Mnf is better at standing right away than my DoT. The legs can be a bit kicky, but they lock into place better than the DoD boys.
    10. Hey, thanks everyone! Choosing a doll is so hard! I've changed my mind like a million times. And now my current desire is to make my own MNF Woosoo out of a sleeping MNF Chiwoo! :doh

      I can't wait until I can afford it. The MNFs are so cute. :)
    11. I don't have a Luts or anything, but my MSD has kicky legs.
      Right now, he's my only dollfie, and he was my first too. But, the kickyness isn't that hard to control. It's not much of a problem, atleast I don't think so. ^_^;
    12. LRB was very kicky initially - he seemed to just want to curl up into a wee ball! But stretching his elastic over a chair while I was working on him, and posing him lots means that his kicky legs are almost completly gone. His arms are still quite tightly strung, tho. I plan to suede him when I have some more money for materials, although he can stand unaided without it.

      Restringing MNFs is very very easy, in truth, and if you're really scared of it you could commission someone to restring and suede your doll for very little money, so don't let the kicky problem put you off getting a lovely doll :).
    13. I hear alot about Kkicky MNfs but posing them such as making them touch their toes stretches the elestaic and helps alot (or so I've heard) good luck on your MNF "woosoo"!! I've actullay wanted to do that with a mnf sleepy chiwoo also....
    14. Weird, my Kid Delf wasn't kicky like my big Delfs.
    15. ^^ My MNF Chiwoo's a bit kicky. Not as much as the big ones (as I have had the chance to handle a lot of them since there are a lot here in the Phils... @_@) but it does kick, unlike my DoC U, who stood and posed immediately since I got him from the box. However, once you lock his legs, he can stand really well. (There was this time when a friend of mine let me play with her Delf Lishe. I got kicked in the face. And she has one of those BIG boots... It hurt... Maybe she doesn't like me that much... @_@) And yeah, you can always loosen his strings up. BUT the MNF's better than the BF at posing. Posing my BF Tommy's a nightmare... @_@ (But I still love him... hehe...)

      Good luck with choosing! XD
    16. My MNF isn't kicky at all. He stands like a rock, too. Owning a couple of CP Delf sized boys, I was really surprised.

    17. My friend has a delf tanning el and he cant even stand he is so tight but I have a mini fee sleepy chiwoo and once you get him to stand solidly (which takes about two or so times from 'kicky legs') He stands perfectly and will stay like that, no problem. (this is also without shoes. with shoes dolls are usually able to stand way better)

      But I personally think you should go for the mold you want first, you could always put your doll in odd positions over night for a few nights to stretch the elastic out to make it easier to pose.

      But yeahh ^^; My mini fee can pose perfectly! :D
    18. Wow, I'm amazed there aren't more posts in this thread considering how kicky my MNF Shiwoo is. I'm thinking maybe his strings need to be tighter? He flails around. Seriously. I'm afraid to leave him out of his box unattended. He may roll about on the floor on his own!

      Well, not really. But he is really kicky.

    19. Seconding this. My MNF Lishe is a twitchy little thing! I love her to bits, but she refuses to perform on command. Just try dressing her! She all but kicks me in the face!

      In fact, I'd have to say that she's even worse than when I bought her new almost a year ago.

      You should put a survelliance camera up to catch your boy's antics when no one's around!
    20. I would say go with the head sculpt you like better. It's sounding like the MNF so if it is that go for that one.

      Out of the box, I'd say consistently that the DoC are generally easier to stand. A lot of people tend to use them as tanks for holding up other dolls etc though over time the elastics will loosen in both dolls. Posing wise, they're very different and what you want out of the body will depend on which aspects of posing you like better on the dolls.

      If you're thinking the older bodies for the MNF I found that not having the torso joint was a little annoying but in the active line that should be a moot point (I haven't gotten mine yet so I haven't been able to do a comparison though I have handled the large bust girl active line body).

      The MNF I do find a bit kicky, but with some restringing or maybe sueding as some have done it can be fixed fairly easily. I find that generally with CP dolls they're not consistently strung at the same tightness so they may be kicky or loose or perfect depending on who strung your doll (I've managed to run the gambit on mine lol). However the sculpt of their bodies are very beautiful and the learning curve on the minis is much better than on their larger counterparts (probably because they're less hefty and have a shorter distance to fall ;))

      So long story short, choose the head you like better lol