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Mobility vs. Aesthetics

May 30, 2017

    1. When it comes to doll bodies, what is more important to you? Would you rather have a beautiful and natural looking body or one that was incredibly poseable with lots of obvious joints? On that note, what is your favorite body from an aesthetic point of view and what is your favorite body to pose? Which body blends the two best in your opinion?
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    2. Aesthetics > mobility in my case; I don't need my dolls to do elaborate poses, and workarounds exist as needed (wiring/sueding/string adjustments, etc.)

      As for the other question: Iplehouse SID with the small bust is probably the absolute best looker I've ever come across -- very natural, very versatile, and a decent poser to boot. Functionality-wise, however, I can't think of anything that would ever top what Fairyland does; my Feeple65 girl is just so easy to work with. More involved mechanically, but the result definitely pays off for day-to-day use.
    3. Poseability. But I think I ride the line down the middle, I want it all (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

      Aesthetic wise, and purely so, I'm in love with Doll Chateau's A Body 5 and 6. Those spidery proportions... delicate limbs :D

      As for my ~best of both worlds~ I have high hopes for my Ringdoll RGMbody-3 :wiggle Super excited to have it in my hands.
    4. I'm a bit in the middle, though I prioritize aesthetic. I am willing to sacrifice some mobility for a nicely detailed body.
    5. Aesthetic for me. I can't justify paying so much money for a body if I'm not in love with the sculpting. But of course the doll still need to be capable of doing the basic poses! It's kinda pointless if he/she can't even stand or sit well. Naturally it would be ideal if the body is both beautiful and poseable, but as long as it can do all the basic poses I'll choose aesthetic over poseability any day.
    6. Oh my god, I knowwwww!! Everything about Iplehouse's girls is so gorgeous :D Honestly FL's bodies are very high on my "aesthetically pleasing" list as well as the poseable one, moe line girls especially. I had a minifee celine for a hot minute and she was super easy to pose! Definitely would be interested in owning one again
    7. Gonna join in on the "middle ground" party here, haha. Solid posing does a lot for me, however. It's okay if joints maybe look a bit funny for the sake of functionality because more likely than not they'll be wearing an outfit to cover them.
    8. Aesthetics matter more to me. I don't really care how well a doll poses. I don't spend time trying to make my dolls do anything more than sit or stand.
    9. I regretted buying my first doll looking only at the aestethic. She is beautiful, but I think she is too stiff for my liking.
    10. For me, mobility is far more important. Now of course, I won't buy a buy that isn't pleasant to look at, but my fascination with this hobby is in the ability to pose the dolls.

      I do not own a body yet, so I can't tell you which is my favorite for posing, but I adore the look of Soul Doll's Zenith 64cm Girl and DollsTown 17 Yrs Body. :D
    11. Team mobility all the way! I bought my first girl because she got quite good reviews for poseability first. Her darling face was second, and I've had a friend describe the aesthetics of her knees as "horrifying"...yeah. My second doll looks beautiful, but I'm going to have to fight her to get her to come out of her default fetal ball. She came way too tightly strung and I'm still a bit sad that she doesn't have the extra joint in her torso to allow for a more natural posture like my first girl does.
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    12. Definitely aesthetics come first for me. I like the posing too of course but I have to really love the sculpt.
    13. For me, aesthetics are important in that I want the overall proportions to be balanced; big heads on skinny shoulders, arms that are too long or too short, excessively long torsos, tube-like limbs and so on are all very off-putting to me.

      Beyond that, though, while I will eagerly marvel at beautiful, nuanced sculpting in photos, but if it's going to look stiff and lifeless on my shelf and in photos then it's not a doll I care to have around. After all, most body details will be hidden under clothes anyway. (Hands and faces are another story, of course.)

      I chose my first doll, a Dreamingdoll Elva 16 girl, based on the body's reputed poseability. Her range of motion is indeed fantastic, though she's due for a restringing as she's gotten a little floppy. For looks+mobility, I love the Senior WithDoll body.

      Also, my partner's Dollmore Glamour Eve has fantastic arms--mobility joint in the shoulders, relatively attractive double-joint in the elbow, and beautiful, delicate hands. I haven't looked into whether any other Dollmore models have the same arms, but I love them.
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    14. Aesthetics for me usually, unless the mobility is REALLY annoying. (like the double jointed arms on the resinsoul bodies arghhh I HATE THEM)
      I have discovered I actually prefer single joints, they might not look as nice but I find they pose slightly better for me, so go figure. I'll sacrifice some appearance in elbows and knees if it means the final pose will look natural and right.
      So uh... is that aesthetic or posing? because single joints aren't that great at posing, they just LOOK more natural to my eye with my current dolls. My single jointed dolls look more relaxed than my double jointed boy who looks stiff and awkward.

      I also don't care how well a body poses, if it's hideous I am not gonna be able to live with it. Twiggy shapeless legs that just look like cylinders, boxy or really distorted amateur looking bodies (I like artistically exaggerated bodies but i'm talking like Mirodoll's old msd girl body with the huge shoulders and weird chest or BBB with their boxy bodies that don't quite look right) those are big turnoffs for me. Also big ol' unrealistic "I strapped two beachballs to my chest" boobs will make me automatically nope right on outta there.
      I demand a certain level of attractiveness to a body, even if it's gonna be covered in clothing, I'll KNOOOOW it's ugly under there and it'll bother me.

      So if a body looks nice, i'll forgive quite a lot of posing issues.
      Ideally though, i'd like a nice looking body with serviceable articulation. Not excellent, not perfect, but the ability to sit in a relatively natural manner and move arms and head correctly.
      As long as there's SOME articulation, i'm fairly happy.
    15. I just snorted! These models crack me up. It's great when the whole body is anatomically 'correct' and then it's like they forgot how boobs work. They're just solid watermelons on the ribcage, right? :lol:
      Fun to look at, but I could never own one myself.
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    16. It's an very interesting question.
      I'm reather new to the Hobby and own 3 Girls, 2 of them are my YoSD Twins and the other one is my DIM Flowen MSD Girl.
      I did have 2 Boys from my dear friend as well, cause i'm working on their Face Ups right now.

      So if i'm looking for the Doll, first of all i look at their faces. Cause i didn't have much experience i tried to buy a full Doll. So it's less stressed with Neck Size and Color Comparison etc. Anyways. If i found the perfect face i look wich Body Options i have.

      I try to get a aesthetic Body with much posing ability but as the same time a Body who can easyly (sorry don't know how to write it xD) stand on its own feet.
      But at the same time i like realistic looking bodys. For female it's nice breasts but not to big. I really don't like these balloon breasts xD

      I hope you can get what i tried to say?
    17. I like a balance between that. Enough joints to pose nicely but not too much, like a doll body with a 5-part torso which I saw while searching around. My doll body now has a 3-part torso and I think that's good enough for me. 2-part will probably look prettier but I'm not too concerned since it will be covered in clothing for photos.
    18. Lol, I like boobs to look like boobs. Those things don't even look like fake boobs, it's like someone who'd never seen a woman designed some of them (cough cough 12 year old boy cough)
      I saw what I think was an old dolfie a while back and I spat out my drink laughing, I mean holy snot it was bad. Not just horrible prepubescent boy designed titties but the whole ribcage and waist section was like some sort of 3d caricature and not a good caricature, one drawn by someone who was blind and was using their foot to draw it, with a blunt crayon.
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    19. I like a good balance. I don't want amazing pose if the body is ugly with weird proportions it looks clunky, and I also don't want a beautiful body that can't even stand or sit on its own.

      When I choose a body, I look for natural posing abilities. It doesn't have to have gymnast posing abilities, but it does have to be able to do natural posing without seeming stiff or awkward. I want it to aesthetically please me and fit my doll's character. It's a plus if it looks good nude but looking good in underwear or topless is most important.

      Best body I've owned for posing is either Impldoll, Loongsoul or Doll Leaves. For aesthetics is probably Spiritdoll Elegance or Iplehouse. Best for being pretty and posing well would be Luts, Doll Chateau and BlueBlood Doll.
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    20. Mobility all the way! Sometimes pretty bodies are nice, but I absolutely love posing my dolls for many different poses. Plus, I like a little bit of "flaws" in my dolls, and funny joints bring some, but in a nice way.
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