Update MoC going "stock-only" at the end of the summer

Jun 5, 2017

    1. Per an announcement on their Facebook page:

      "More changes coming to MoC.

      "Starting in late summer MoC is primarily going to be a 'stock-only' store. This means that we will not be accepting pre-orders for any of the current brands that we carry, (until further notice). We will accept pre-orders in June, July, & August, and we will announce when the last pre-order date for August has been posted for each brand. We know this is an announcement that will disappoint many of you, but this is something that we must do at this time. If you have been contemplating a pre-order with us please keep in mind that come September that will not be possible with us, remember this especially if what you want to pre-order is a body or parts as we do not stock those as often."
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