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Modding the gender of a doll/switching male heads to female bodies+vise versa?

Jan 25, 2007

    1. There seems to be a new trend with sanding off boobs to make girl bodies boy bodies. Depending on how it's done, it can look good.

      Going the other way, though... making boy dolls girls? IMO, Im not usually too fond of this. If the sculpt is girly enough to pull it off, by all means, go for it. However, there are just some dolls that are WAY too masculine to be female, and Its a turnoff to me.

      Thats all just my opinion, though ;D What do you think?
    2. well, I find that most every boy doll (with maybe some iffy exceptions, but honestly even hound's head could be a girl w/ some effort) could be a girl. Yet I'm so used to seeing girly boy dolls, when I see a doll that's meant to be a boy as a girl it's pretty strange. Only because I"m so used to seeing them as boys.

      But if I didn't know the sculpt, I'm all for it X3 I love the creativity that people put into with gender bending :D
    3. Hehe, I doubt anyone could make a convincing girl outta an Elfdoll boy body. These dudes have some serious muscles! :love I guess you could make a case of the heads, but honestly...I can't picture it.

      I've noticed this trend too, and it kinda ties into the boys dressing like girls, looking like girls, etc thing. I don't get it, I wouldn't do it, and I'm not overly fond of thinking a certain doll is a girl until...omg that girl has like a peener! :o

      But if that's yer thing, go for it and good luck. Cause it surely isn't my thing. ^^;
    4. Mm, part of the modding trend is the girlier body, yes. But part of it is probably that it's easier to mod the female body to make a boy, than wait for the head to be released separately so one can stick it on a boy body...

      At least, that's the reason I've considered modding a girl body into a boy one. ...Too much work, for my taste though, so I'm just going to trade out the body for a proper one later...
    5. I think the main desire when turning a girl body into a boy body is having the larger curvier hips. BJD boys do conform to a particulr thin-hipped masculine shape but in real life not all boys are shaped like that. I know a couple pear-shaped boys (one does all he can to encourage that shape, the other haaates it- especially when clothing shop clerks call him "hippy" to his face) so I can see where some doll owners would want to reproduce that and taking away from a sculpt is always easir than adding onto one after all.

      Enough girl body types are available I'm not sure why anyone would make the attempt to mod a boy into a girl. I haven't heard of anyone doing it.

      This happens to me too, but it doesn't bother me. When I see a School Head C, I think of my boy Grey and have a hard time seeing the doll as a girl no matter how frilly or made up they are.

      I'm currently turning a SP Kill_U into my first girl doll. It's a little strange to me since she was a boy doll until a couple of week ago. I've never fallen for a girl head to the point of buying it, so using a boy head to make a girl seems like the only way I'll have a full-fledged female amongst my group of boys.

      My El head/SD13 Kohya body is intersexed, so the confusion about "his" gender is intentional! XD
    6. I used to wonder why mod a girl body into a boy, since they still have the girl shape through the hips, but then I saw some pics of modded girl bodies and they were gorgeous. To me they combine what it beautiful about both male and female bodies. I don't own any like this, but I enjoy looking at them.
    7. I know a reason I was considering getting a girl body for an Elf Yder head I have was that the head is actually a lot smaller than some of their normal heads and on a boy's body just looked... off...
      And another reason that might factor in is height difference in two characters, or the fact that a girl body is just a little easier to save up for because they're usually less expensive than the boys. Not by much, but enough to make it possibly worth it to someone comfortable with their modding abilities.
    8. Yder looks lovely as a girl too! I would love to have a Yder girl
    9. Hmm... being that most male head sculpts are pretty feminine anyway, seeing them on modded girl bodies is almost natural... but a modded boy body that's been made into a girl doesnt really suit EITHER type of head (female or male)... but I guess the company that the body is from would make a HUGE difference in some cases.
    10. Totally agree here. It kind of bugs me to see it down for regular boys, because actual human males don't have girly hips like that, so it looks unnatural to me. It mostly happens with Luts boys, and that body is already so curvy I can't really see the need to make it even MORE curvy.

      I'll be modding my FCS girl, sanding down her breasts and crotch, but I won't be adding a penis, because the character is supposed to be completely sexless. I thought that the curvier girl body and flat chest would be the best way to convey their androgny, rather than just a male body.

      As for switching heads, yeah, some molds are definitely way too masculine to be good girls, and some molds are way too feminine to be good boys. But, there are some molds that are perfect for this kind of switch, in some cases with some modding. Liz, Kun, Juri, Lishe, Olivia, they're all heads that were meant to be girls but still make awesome boys as well... as long as you put them on boy bodies. XD
    11. I've always thought a lot of Volks's supposedly girly girls look more like crossdressing boys, and am always happy to see boy Liz or Emma or Olivia. Heck, I have one of my own, and everytime I look at him I cannot imagine how anyone could look at him and go "That's a girl!" But to each their own, I suppose. I will admit that I am biased against female dolls, so it always disappoints me to see a guy head I like turned into a girl.

      I like the look of the modded girl to boy bodies. To me, they really remind me of the curvier, stylized bodies often found in BL manga on ukes. Haruka Minami much? I'm going to be doing it myself for one of my next dolls, though not to the extent of say the sanded off Lishes boobs. I'm going to add bits to a mini body and sand the little boobs down.
    12. Hmm. I have to say that I very much like girl->boy dolls. When this mod is pulled off well it can be very sexy. Since my boyfriend kinda has curvier hips than most guys, I like the idea of dolls that more accurately represent a shape like that. ^.^ I am happy with the Luts male body, but I did consider at one point giving Dante a girl body modded to be a boy. I do agree though that sometimes enough is enough and you can have a boy that is TOO voluptous....

      Also, down the road, I plan to have a drag king doll. I am not yet 100&#37; sure how I will be doing this, but it will obviously take modding. It will either consist of consist of taking a girl doll and sanding down her breasts considerably (as dolly boobs sadly don't squish like real ones >.<), then adding painted-on muscle definition and leaving her lower girly-bits intact, or it will consist of modding a boy body into a girl by shaving off his bits and modding them to be girly, and reshaping the chest and waist somewhat. I'm juuuust not sure yet. So there might potentially be a boy->girl doll around once I can make up my mind...

      There are all kinds of body shapes in the real world, so it makes me very happy to see people modding dolls to reflect that. Yay for diversity! ^_____^
    13. I do it often ~ I find that many male sculpts appeal to me when I imagine them as more mature females, or female faces with more character. Both my mini-girls are boy heads on girl bodies, and I will be doing my Narin Charisma head up as a girl as well. I think I could see a lovely woman in most male faces out there.

      I really enjoy seeing people do different things with the same dolls, so I think its cool when someone gender bends a sculpt, especially when it is one that you didn't imagine could work out that way.
    14. There are some girl bodies I think would make terrible boy bodies x_x I'd say if the boy looks like he could give birth, the hips are too big. But that's personal taste (and that I've never seen a boy with REALLY huge hips).

      I'm all for gender-swapping the heads, though. Some girl heads would make such pretty boys!! *3*
    15. Sometimes I have to pause when I see female Els, because male Els are everywhere and so very, very frequent. I dunno. I haven't experienced not-liking a genderswap because the mold is the same as one of my own because (though yes, I do have an El, but) each time I see someone else's doll I see the different *character* and so separate that character from the mold. I know my own El inside and out, seeing a female El doesn't make me stop like "homg girl Amo?? JUST WRONG!" and the same goes each time I see a girl Shiwoo. (BTW a long, long time ago someone swapped the heads of her Tan Lishe and Tan El, so yes I've seen it despite the different resin tone. xD) And I hope that won't be the reaction to my Lishe boy whenever that goes through and I finally start the photostories..(Though Lupinus Lishe might have knocked down the shock factor there.)

      But, hmmm..curvy boys. Ehhhh. You need a good background to pull that off, I think. "Biological male has curvy woman-body? Please explain." xD; 'Cause it looks like a lot of the more recent FTM gender mods seem to be on Luts bodies.. My Juri 2005 (boy) will be on a modded Soom *girl body*, which isn't as curvy as Luts. Why? Because he's not meant to be super-curvy. He's meant to be short, and skinny. In his actual story, he *is* male with womanly breasts, but, that leads into a *very long* explanation..it's easier to say he's an honest-to-god FTM *doll character* because..mentally that's what it's like for him. But with specifics, that's only a shortcut. ;P Anyway..yeah. xD

      Body-modding requires a reason, though. Like, it needs to have a purpose..an influence on the character, visibly shows the personality more, even if it's only "short and super girly..always has been."..just..*something* that makes him fit his own character more and work as a doll.. As in, more than "here's my random doll I don't know his personality well but I made him curvy because yeah I said so!" And "I didn't want to go through reselling and buying a new body" doesn't work either. xD;

      edit -- Forget to mention, I *do* love genderswaps-- headswaps or body mods. But I'm more for "dolls as characters" so yes, I like to hear the owner's intention/purpose with the actual *modding*. xD
    16. I've tought about this and in fact, my wishlist has two female heads on two male bodies xD
    17. I have wanted to di it for a long long time. I haven't had the chance to do it though >.>
    18. I'm at the point where I'm looking for a boy head to face-up as a girl. I just can't seem to find a girl head I like enough by itself. Too feminine, eyes too big, lips too small, nose not masculine enough and so on and so forth. I'm not even thinking of bodies yet because this character is transgendered. She was born male but always knew she was female and though have not gone through the surgery is currently taking hormone pills to prepare her body for it. So she's got a male body that's starting to pad out into a more feminine shape.

      She's not goth or a rocker or a fantasy character either. Just a regular human, a mix of Chinese, Hindi and Scottish-American. She's very much into the hip-hop culture and still dresses in the male manner of that world where the seat of their trousers are around their knees, baggy shirts with the front tucked in, a couple of 24k gold and diamond accents, and sometimes a handkerchief in the color of her gang tied around her neck. She goes around with a broken legged walk and often flashes funny looking finger signs.

      Which is all rather funny and sad. She's still trying so hard to be accepted despite personally knowing how homophobic the culture can be.
    19. I want to, and I intend to, finances willing. I have this natural fondness for most of the male heads, partly because they seem so much more natural than their female counterparts. Or at least, as natural as any BJD head can look. Take the mouths, for example. Most female dolls have cherry bud mouths. Such mouths in their full artificial glory don't quite appeal to me. Eyes too. Most female heads have disproportionately large eyes. I'm not saying that there are no female dolls without such characteristics. There are, but in general, it's the male dolls which have the more appealing natural features.

      I believe that it's mostly the face-up that makes a doll "male" or "female". To me, so long as I like the head, I can tweak the face-up to suit the gender. Thus, male doll heads for females. My only worry is how male heads, by often being made bigger, tend to look bobble-headed on female bodies. Has anyone ever tried using epoxy of such to give a male doll body a bust or some such?
    20. I just did my first breast removal and it was fun XDDD

      Anyways I think slim curvy boys do exist and we watch so many anime and read manga that it's something that becomes natural. And when we want a feminine looking boy character it's easy to buy a girl body and mod it.

      I think the problem with making a boy body into a girl it's harder and if you want to make them curvy sanding his waist is not good cause you are thinning the resin making it more fragile.
      Removing the breasts is better cause you are still keeping to right amount ofresin to not make the body more breakable.
      And adding breasts oh that's going to be difficult, after that making them look the same colour of the resin...yeah I think it will look horrible and UBER fake.

      Also with the girldoll I just modded into a boy, it's a Zaoll muse, she is 52cm tall and is made from French Resin. If I wanted to use a boy body for her I know I would never find one until Zaoll would release boydolls.

      So this was the only option for me to have YoungWoong and well...I do LOVE slim and curvy boys...even if he has a large butt it looks great in jeans ^_~*