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Modesty with your dolls.

Sep 20, 2011

    1. So I've been told on a number of occasions that I tend to dress my doll so she "shows to much skin". I have a Fairy Land Ryeon doll with a large bust and because of this I tend to dress her in a way that shows off those features. I don't do it to suit my own needs to put it one way, though I am a guy so some might fault me for that. :P I like to dress her in ways that shows off her feminine figure. I just think it's weird that some people will get a doll then dress them up in huge poofy dressed with a frilly, long sleeve shirt, gloves, shoes, and hats that cover everything but her face. Don't get me wrong, most of those outfits look amazing but if you get a doll with a particular body sculpt and then cover her up it kind of defeats the purpose. What are you all's thoughts on this matter?
    2. Well..I don't have a dollie yet, but I think mine will "show so much skin", too ;)
    3. I don't have a doll yet either but when I get one she will have clothing that emphasizes her curvy features. I don't see anything wrong with having a doll that is dressed a little naughty!!
    4. Why does this defeat the purpose? That's like saying humans with the 'perfect' body should wear as little as possible to show off what they've got. How does that make any sense? Many of my dolls have very lean, athletic body types but for the most part I really dislike showing too much of that and prefer covering a large part of their body up. Not only do a lot of their characters call for modesty, but I myself enjoy the intricacies of more extravagant or detailed clothing and the way it looks as opposed to bare resin which is a pet peeve of mine. And it's 100% possible for modest clothing to show off a feminine figure as well-never heard of the motto of 'leaving something to the imagination'?
    5. I don't think it's weird for anyone to have their doll's body more covered by clothing. It's all a matter of personal style and preference. It just depends on what each owner wants to do with their dolls, that's all.
    6. I don't think a doll can be modest or demure, you can project that onto the doll but if that's not what floats your boat then that's fine by me. Because you are male you obviously run the risk of being accused of objectifying women, but this is a doll we are talking about. An object in itself. Dress it anyway you want, what you are doing is no different from the women (it mainly seems to be women) who dress male dolls in dresses. You are just enjoying your doll in your individual style.
    7. I think you should dress your doll however you want. If you like elaborate costumes and dresses, go ahead and cover her from head to toe. If you like want to see more of a natural human beauty, put her in a jungle bikini if you want! (or nothing at all, for that matter, as long as there's no one around who might be bothered by that xD)
    8. I think who's told you off for showing off your plastic ought to mind their own business. That's expensive stuff and you have a right to make her as close to your dream as you want.

      In dolly meets I've had people yell "NAKED DOLL!". My MNF Shushu is supposed to show a lot of skin because she's a bad girl. ;D

      What wouldn't be acceptable would be taking her to a meet and having a mod done to her private parts which is supposed to be only for mature viewing, or having her wear things that you don't want kids to ask questions about.
    9. I think it's up to the owner. Don't see anything wrong if someone likes scanty clothing or wants to cover their doll up completely. Unless you have strong religious, emotional or cultural demands to maintain a very strict degree of "modesty", then put on your doll whatever you enjoy seeing her in.

      I've often said I'd be wearing wilder clothing if I had a great body like my dolls have!

      I do think its funny that there aren't any apparent problems with male dolls gratuitously flashing their chests and navels in all settings!
    10. I get girl dolls just to show them off, I admit it xD
      but I don't consider it wrong or anything like that to get outfits that cover a lot of skin for your doll Ôo if it's the kind of outfit you like, just go for it! people don't have some kind of responsability to show off how amazing the body sculpt is xDD and too often, it is not amazing looking .__.
    11. Oh gosh. Lots of people have dolls they prefer to keep nude or semi-nude because they admire the jointing or the sculpt of the body or for whatever reason really. Lots of other people have dolls fully dressed at all times.

      I prefer to keep my dolls clothed because I like miniature clothes and shoes, it's a big part of my love for the dolls. I wouldn't put my dolls in 'barely there' clothes because it would be out of character for them and wouldn't reflect me very well either - I like mori girl style, the more layers the better!
    12. The dolls I own of which I love the bodies tend to be half naked or naked most of the time. I like to look at their sculpts.
      I get why as a guy that might be perceived as weird from someone who doesn't know the hobby, but I don't think it's weird. Nothing wrong with admiring these artistic dolls.
      Personally I am also more a fan of showing off the bodies that in my eyes need showing off. I have tried the style with the big poofy dresses, but most of my dolls just don't wear them well.
      I do however keep their characters in mind. They are not well thought out, but they certainly have some kind of personality, so a doll I see as shy would obviously not have cleavage, but all my dolls have tight fitting clothes I think. I like to show off their body shape.
    13. THIS!
      the main reason I get dolls is for my love of tiny things and clothes (mostly high heel shoes. which I can't wear because of knee/back problems)! so even my girl dolls will not just be there naked xD (ehm maybe actually. lingerie and heel shoes only! YAY)
      but I am getting Iplehouse men. those are reputated to have sexy manly bodies, but they (one of them at least) will always be dressed because of the character I gave them. the EID one will be the kind to keep to himself, he's pretty much anti-social. I really can't see him take off his shirt and act sexy xDD
    14. Well, mainly that if you get a doll without a particular body sculpt, you have a floating head...? :?

      If you want to express a doll's character, you can use clothes to do so. Surely they can be as little or as many clothes as you like?

      Or if, like mine, your doll is supposed to be from a certain historical period, you'll want to adapt the amount of clothes, the style and cut of the clothes, to what was fashionable at that period, wouldn't you? Or to the country and climate they are supposed to live in?

      I don't know a lot of people who hop around half naked. I don't know why it should be odd, or 'defeating the purpose', that my dolls dress like people.
    15. For me I love victorian style / Elizebethian dress. To say, they also require a good figure and proper fitting to wear them. But showing some skin (or plastic) isnt bad. If dressed tastefully, it maybe fantastic yet sexy. I like bigger dolls cause they have figures and can be both conservative and flashy. So to say there is nothing wrong to flaunt it if you can but everyone have the right to do what they enjoy best on their own dolls.
    16. I don't have a doll yet, but I would say it's totally the owners preference. Thats what seems to be the best part of BJD's is that you can interprit them how ever you like
      It's totally down to personal preference, tastes and interests : )
      Extravegant Victorian gowns, elegant fantastical costumes or casual jeans and T's. Theres no rules or guide lines to this, it's what ever you like : )
    17. This was the first thing that jumped to my mind! In ye olden days, showing your ankles was a terrible social disgrace, never mind your chest, tummy or legs!

      It doesn't to me, that's for sure! No matter how 'perfect' or 'imperfect' someone's body is, if they dress scantily (to me with my personal opinion), then they're still dressing scantily. It's got nothing to do with how awesome they look like naked.

      I don't see my dolls with a sexuality, or sexy in their character or personality. So dressing them with boobs showing, or abs showing in that way makes me... uncomfortable, I guess. It won't stop me dressing them with a bit of skin showing or letting them be naked, I just don't sit them on my table shirtless with me going "OOH, that's sexy."

      Also, I'd feel cold just by looking at them! And then subconsciously put a jumper on them or something :lol: *goes and puts her electric blanket on*
    18. My girl, like me, dresses very modestly, but I'm not offended or anything when someone else's doll is showing resin. ^^
    19. My dolls are "modestly" dressed because that's what I like and because the personalities are all teen to 6yrs old. My Iple mini and my SD are the oldest (16 to 17ish), and their "raciest" outfits are a mid-thigh/top of the knees short skirt and a fitted cami or tube top. If I ever get a doll that looks more adult, they'd *still* be modestly dressed but in well fitted clothing. I could see occasionally dressing them in something a bit more flirty, but only for brief moments like a picture.
    20. I dressed my dolls based on the personalities I've set for for them. Hence why they are constantly dressed and pretty much covering everything. But, I have to admit, from time to time, my Dikadoll Lola, whose body is curvy for days, sometimes gets to show off, depending on if that is the mood I have in mind for her that day.

      That being said, covering a doll up from head to toe or barely having a thing on them is a preference of the owner. I don't think it's odd either way. But, then again, I'm the sort of person that believes owners can do whatever they want with their dolls. I don't think they have to be a certain way to be enjoyed or even looked at by others. Someone could come to a doll meet with nothing but a bag of naked dolls and I wouldn't care, just like someone could come to a meet with a doll so covered in clothes you can't even tell what sculpt they are. Style for dolls, just like one owns style, is a personal preference and, frankly, I enjoy seeing diversity. :D