Moggie61 transaction [Moggie's Toyshop]

Jun 5, 2008

    1. This is my first time purchasing an MSD outfit and I have to see for the first it's been the worst.

      Here is the outfit I purchased March 21'st.

      I was told it would have been shipped around the week of May tenth. It was a long wait but I could make it. Around may 15th he emailed me and informed me that he was running late and it would be shipped the next week.more weeks have passed and still no word it's even been shipped after nearly 3 months.

      I'v emailed and emailed.. not so much just impatient, but because I have gotten no replies after almost two emails to him a day. I'v asked for a refund and still no response. Since it's been over 60 days, Ebay doesn't recognize the transaction and won't let me file for dispute. I'v contacted ebay and they tell me to call him, he lives in Australia and I cannot afford the overseas call..

      have I just been screwed over..? what do I do? :(
    2. My apologies for replying here when I'm not part of the transaction.

      Moggie is an excellent ebay seller and Dollzone agent, you haven't been screwed.

      From experience of buying from a dollzone agent, here's why you've waited so long:

      - DollZone has 30-50 days production time for outfits.
      - Shipping from Australia to USA will also take a week or two.

      Give it more time. :) PM Moggie here on DoA and I'm certain you'll get a reply.

      Next time try Junkyspot (USA Dollzone Agent) or Featherfall (Canada Dollzone Agent) for your Dollzone clothing needs. Since you're in USA they will be better for you, especially with shipping. :)

      Best of luck!
    3. Hi there,

      I am also waiting for a doll from (and coincidently that same outfit) from Moggie.

      I was concerned too so I messaged him via ebay after about 50 days waiting. I was then informed that DZ was behind on production (which I then went and checked the DZ webpage and sure enough it said how they were behind on production) If you go to you'll find this message now "We are happy to report that from March 26th onwards our production schedule will be back to normal. For orders placed after March 26th, delivery time will again be 25-30 days. We apologize for the long production delays we experienced, due to the lengthy Chinese New Year Holiday, the government's limitation on electricity use and other circumstances out of our control. Please excuse any inconvenience and trouble that this may have caused you, and thanks
      DOLLZONE customer service 2008-3-26" So during the time you and I ordered they were already running behind on their production.

      I emailed Moggie again on the 12th of May (before that announcement was up on DZ website) and got this reply:
      "At the moment I'm still waiting on the shipment from Dollzone to arrive. He isn't lost in the mail and will be going out by registered post so he can be tracked if necessary. I'll be sending you a message as soon as he ships so you know when to expect him. Regards, Ian."

      I haven't heard anything bad about Moggie as a seller, and considering the production delays, I think we will just have to keep waiting a little longer :...(

      But still not replying to your emails isn't that good on his part. But he could always just be a bit busy.
    4. I too ordered through Moggie and it very good agent. Last time my girl too long went, but it has occured because of DZ.
    5. I've had numerous transactions with Moggie, done layaways which have gone out of the paypal refund period, made direct deposits into Aussie bank accounts and never had a problem. He's been around for ages and I know with my Dollzone purchases, that they were running behind for a while due to the pet special, then they caught up, but if the current lot of animals are as popular as the foxes and rabbits, then there could be delays as a result of that. I am 100% positive that Moggie will forward your items as soon as he receives them. I live in Australia. If you've got any problems contacting him, let me know. He's usually on the Dollzone thread although it can take a couple of days to reach him.
    6. This all makes me feel a bit better. I was just wishing he'd give me a little feedback or keep me updated. It's not the wait that I was worried about..just lack of communication. Thanks for all your help, deffinatly with the information on the DZ thing. My mother was the one pushing me to get a refund and it's hard explaining to her that DZ is the one shipping it to him before he ships it to me :P Thanks again.
    7. I wouldn't worry too much about it; I've done transactions with him before. It does take a while to get the stuff, but I always get it in the end. Maybe just wait another week and try again with an email? I realize that it's been a really long time since you originally did the eBay transaction, but--as everyone has said--Moggie is very reliable. ^^
    8. Cami_Hat and I bought our first dolls through Moggie. We ordered them in December and didn't get them 'til the following March.

      Your outfit will arrive. You may wait a while, though. :)
    9. I think a lot of you are missing the point. The OP stated that she is no longer recieving any email responses from Moggie, and that it has been quite a long time since her order. She does have a valid concern, and even people with great reputations in the doll world have suddenly developed "issues." It's not right to tell her just to wait, and that because all of you had good experiences that she will too. If she was told May tenth, well, it is now a month, and now outfit and no responses from moggie, that is a problem. Kyndell, I would pm one of the mods and see if they can put a "page" on Moggie. Also try pming him here, as well as email. And save all of your email responses. Good luck!
    10. I'd add to the PM him here too. I had a transaction with him over a year ago, and his e-mail decided to start eating mine, but the PM's did the trick.

      He doesn't seem like the most communicative of people, but he seemed honest.
    11. The reason Moggie is late in shipping, is that his car has broken down.

      It's being looked at, and I'm in daily contact with him, as I'm waiting for a doll too....

      (My problem is I go away for 3 weeks in 2 weeks and i NEED my doll before I go, because I'm supposed to take him with me... and if I don't pick the package up at the postal office within 2 weeks after arrival, they RETURN it. Try to imagine being in my shoes... :ablah:)
    12. Wow, that sucks.. maybe you can get a friend to pick it up for you?
    13. I would try to contact him again. I never ordered via Moggie but I planned to do so... I was looking at the feedback of Moggie, seems like he is a very slow person if it comes to shipping, no matter if it is a DZ product or not.
    14. The car being broken down makes Moggie unable to respond to emails?
    15. I'm actually waiting for 2 tings from his ebay shop too, since early May. I have tried ebay message few times but no reply :(
    16. This guy is scammer. Moggie should not be selling items that he doesn't have. From the looks of it, he has done this before, and is still doing it. Everyone who has ordered from him and has not recieved your items within the alotted time, usually a week or two after the closing of the bid, needs to get together and report him to eBay. If you don't, eBay is no longer able to help you due to the time lapse.
    17. Breanna (and everybody else):

      The ebay auctions CLEARLY say that they are PREORDERS. They also CLEARLY say that if you're not an Aussie, you should contact seller for details on shipping since that's another business alltogether.

      AND If you check the Moggie's Toystore website there is even an info on WHEN he orders from the different doll manufacturors, which is twice a month.
      This April there was a delay in shipping from DollZone, which he ALSO says on the website.

      It seems like the shipping time is the major problem here, and I kind of understand that he can't just borrow any car to drive fifteen 4-5 kg doll sendings to the post office when they live in the middle of nowhere.
      He hasn't been able to drive anywhere ELSE in a week either, and we all (should) know Australia is a country where you *need* a car to get around.

      About not answering mails, I totally agree, he should do that - but he DOES answer MSN every time I try...

      Then again, maybe I'm special :P
    18. Moggie sells on preorder, just as 99% of distributors do. I ordered my DZ doll from him and I got caught up in the delays due to demand for pet dolls and didn't recieve him until just over three months since I ordered him. Kept me updated when I asked, so I certainly saw no problem. Strange that he isn't answering mails, very strange.
    19. It's not really strange if he's out in the middle of nowhere and relying on Telstra. I'm 30 mins from the centre of Brisbane, Australia's 3rd largest city and our internet connection is a joke. I'll try emailing him as well for you. While it's not guaranteed that he won't go 'wonky' like previous 'people with great reputations', he is well known in Australia and usually hangs around the various Dollzone threads to answer queries etc. If you're really worried, there's a phone no. on his website and if you or I haven't heard from him by Tuesday (our time) - Monday yours, I'll give him a ring and leave a message for you. We're not in the same state, so I can't pop over and see him, but a phone call is easy enough. Feel free to pm me.
    20. Alright it's good. :) Moggie just sent me this email

      ''Hi Kyndell, The clothes have actually arrived and I'll be shipping them out early next week. Sorry about the delay in getting back to you about it. Regards, Ian.''

      xPRETTYNOTHINGS It looks like we'll be getting our stuff soon! :D It's great to such an impatient person xD