Limited Items [Mokona Doll] Mokona Doll has been release new doll Doo Young!

Feb 24, 2018

    1. Dear friend,Mokona Doll new doll Doo Young has been released today officially!
      He is limited edition. Limited period:24th/Feb/2018-1th/May/2018


      Order Period

      february.24 (20:00) ~ march.1 (23:59)

      Korea Standard Time

      DooYoung Head Info

      Type : DooYoung

      Head circumference : 8 inch

      Wig size: 8inch

      Eye size: 14mm

      Skin Color : Normal (Skin color is similar to Volks Normal color.)

      Compatible size: 65cm size boy body (The body in the picture is HD65 Boy body.)

      Including : Suho Head + Default box + Certificate of authenticity

      Compatible size: SD17 -volks 17세, switch HD : Boy Body, Soomdoll SGM(2012,2016)Body, April Story 17 boy body, Lust senior 65, Infiniti SID 65 (The body in the picture is HD65 Boy body.) -RSdoll RG LINE Ver.Racius body :Not compatible.

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    2. I really like the head. It is super gorgeous :D I am uncertain about how long the ordering periode is? Is it until May or March? In the post you write both "Limited period:24th/Feb/2018-1th/May/2018" and "february.24 (20:00) ~ march.1 (23:59)".