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Mokona Doll

Apr 21, 2018

    1. Anybody have one of these beautiful heads? There are currently 3. SUHO, DooYoung, and the newest, Kyle (on preorder from 04.21-30). Someone once told me they are modeled after K-celebreties but for the life of me I don't know who SUHO or DooYoung are modeled after BUT I really, really feel that Kyle is a stylized Lee Dong Wook, and I am currently going to put him on order.
      If you have one of these heads, please share! What body did you put it on? Do you have any info as to who they are modeled after? How did you do the faceups? Style? I would love to see! :drool
    2. Looking at pictures of Suho he reminds me of Super Junior's Leeteuk
    3. DooYoung reminds me of D.O. from EXO.

      As for Suho, I saw this picture in somebodys' instagram:
      They look quite alike, to my taste.

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    4. I'm waiting for an opportunity to buy a Kyle head. Then I will be able to join the convo with your gorgy boys. They are beautiful!
    5. I'm thinking about buying one but it seems like they look crazy different in every picture. I wanted a DooYoung because he looked like EXO's DO but it only seems like that's in the one picture so I'm really unsure. @Lady_Lucky can I ask you about bodies and resin matches? :)
    6. I want Kyle so badly, but I"m broke til December and then the order period is overrrrrrr and he is gone forever ;n;
    7. Sure, both of my boys are on the April Story bodies, but frankly speaking I don't really like it. The color is slightly different and it annoys me so much! Also, when I look at the pictures I wish them to be taller... seems like the head is a little bit bigger than it supposed to be on the 63 cm body. I'm going to go back home from China for holiday in February and I will take the heads with me, to check if they will match POPOdoll 68 that I have at home. Probably will try Loongsoul either, if it works I'll change their bodies for those companies (I know the way to buy them cheaper than the official website offers :wiggle). And it's not a recast! It's just a big advantage of being Chinese resident.

      And yeah...I have 3 Mokona boys now. I bought Suho - the boy from my dreams :XD:
    8. Still talking to myself here :lol:
      My new boy - Suho!

      [​IMG]KaiKai by Marie, on Flickr
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