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Mom/Stay at home mom collectors

Sep 24, 2011

    1. I didnt see a thread for just stay at home moms Or moms in general so I hope its ok if I start this one if I missed one that DOA already has please feel free to remove this!!

      Moms, how old are your kids and did you start collecting before or after? Are there any here like myself who havent been able to purchase because of kid responsibilities?
    2. I'm sure you'll find quite a few moms in this hobby. I know I've spoken to several others. My daughter is almost 7, and I've been collecting dolls since before she was born, though BJDs are a newer thing for me. Thankfully my budget has allowed me enough free money to purchase a few dolls without shortchanging my family.
    3. I'm a stay at home mum my kids are aged 6 and 2 I started collecting abjd's recently but have collected dolls all my life my daughter (6) loves my dolls and helps me photograph them and she also helps gives me ideas for clothes my son also likes them and has recently learned the word doll! Although he likes my bjd's he absolutely adores my little apple dolls and quite frequently screams for one for a cuddle! The cutest thing he did was when my daughter was at school he asked for my bobobbie Apollo and put him in my daughters little chair next to his and held his hand ahold watching telly and occasionally chatting to him (in baby talk)! I am fairly lucky to be able to afford some bjd's but sometimes it's just not possible when they need new clothes/shoes and at birthday times! So sometimes a doll will pass me by but it doesn't bother me as my kids needs are always priority and more valuable to me my dolls are just a lovely passtime and hobby x
    4. Oh there are a LOT of moms on the board. Lots and lots. My little girl is pushing nine years old, and while I'm not a stay-at-home mom, that doesn't change that she's the center of my universe. ;) I budgeted to purchase my dolls, though I haven't bought one in quite some time (not really 'kid' responsibilities, just life and job issues that make everything tighter); every mom deserves something of her own that makes her happy. We work hard enough for no paychecks, we ought to get some kind of rewards! ^_^
    5. Hi! I'm a mostly stay at home mom ;). I teach for a few hours one day a week, but the rest of the time I'm home with my three year old daughter. I started collecting about a year ago and I totally enjoy having my little girl watch box openings. I also show cats and help at my husband's office some, but now that I'm preggers with daughter number 2...well I'm not doing a whole lot of either! I'm very lucky that although hubby and I have only joint accounts (not his money and my money), he lets my teaching money and the money from my little sculptures I sell on Etsy be my "play" money. So far I really only use family money for the occasional wig or eyes. Anyway, its nice to meet other moms that juggle family and doll collecting :)
    6. I'm a SAHM with a 7 yr old son. I have one doll I had to work very hard for and my hubby lets me spoil her every now and then. My son loves helping me do things with her as well. Hubby isn't too happy about it, but as long as he is happy :P I gave him a LTF to play with every now and then and he is VERY careful with it. Even calls it his "doll brother" :) But the boy always comes first and Kloey only gets what she wants when there is extra money I'm able to use on her.
    7. I was pretty much always a stay at home mom and it was for gifts I got my earlier dolls. But when I began with the ABJD almost 5 years now I was given allowance as well as the funds from selling my other dolls. My kids are both grown and both my daughter & daughter-in-law, son married over 5 years now have joined me in hobby. DD for 3 years and I think DIL also about 3 years. We each have our own take on both the hobby and how we see our dolls. But we all 3 enjoy this hobby very much. In fact outside Breyer Horses first hobby DD and I have shared in many years.

      I am over 50 years old and collected dolls on and off for many years since my kids were very little, but the dolls was a way to enjoy sort of having many children without the true need real kids have. Husband always been very supportive of all my interests but he I think likes dolls more as they have less real needs then dogs or horses. In fact he even is fine with me taking one on our trips as they get me to take more pics on vacations then I ever did before. :fangirl:
    8. I stay at home now and I have 3 kids; a 4yo girl, 1yo twins boy and girl. I had to sell lots of my dolls to get baby items and pay off baby bills. I feel really bad when i see a doll I want when I know there will be something the kids could use so I normall don't buy a doll unless I sell a doll.
    9. I'm a relatively new mom with a seven month old boy. I've been collecting ABJD since 2007. It's a challenge to acquire now that I have a little one. I did have to sell one doll so far because of baby needs, but it didn't break my heart really. Probably because of the initial disinterest in the sculpt once I received him. When things level off with a new job maybe things will change. But by then the baby will know where I keep my wallet. ^___^
    10. I work part time and the rest of the time I am at home with my kids. My daughter is 10 and my son is 6.

      I have always loved dolls, and started to seriously collect even before I was married. My daughter has never been interested in dolls, so there is no competition there :) I have a doll budget and get what I can afford every year. I did move all my dolls into our bedroom after my kids were born. I was too afraid they would be damaged by accident. Now I can keep a close eye on them.
    11. I am a housewife right now, but expecting my first right now. But yeah I am gonna be a stay at home mom collector, at least until i can get a teaching degree and hopefully be a substitute/art teacher.

      I am pretty sure til I get the job my dolly funds are gonna be nil after he is born.
    12. Its so great to see lots of mommies on here, I felt a little weird wanting these dolls being in my mid twenties and having kids. I am waiting for two christmas babies but it will probably be a year before I have an EID or SD sized doll. I feel this is a good start for me, I love babies! It will be so nice to connect with other moms who face similar situations and obstacles and have so much in common! And congratulations on those who are pregnant, I sure miss those days, both pregnancies were short for me and I might not be able to have another :( but i have two girls and they are my whole universe. I would die without them. Anyways maybe we can keep this thread alive? Cant wait to hear from more mommies =3
    13. Hi! I work from home part-time and my son is 1yo. I only started collecting BJDs after he was born. For doll funds I dip into whatever's left over from my own income, after my family's needs have been taken care of. So I guess it'll take quite a while to build up my collection :)
    14. Congrats on your two Christmas babies!! I know what you mean. I kinda wondered if I started collecting partially because I had a miscarriage (and the doctors didn't think I could get pregnant again) and then an adoption fell through right before the baby was to be born. But then I found out that I was pregnant! And my love for collecting hasn't diminished, so I think I was collecting simply because the dolls are so much fun and wonderful pieces of art :).

      Hi KCAT! So you are waiting for a Fairyland? I have read such awesome things about their posabilitly. They have so many beautiful dolls.
    15. I'm a stay at home mom and I have three kids - one 8, one 14 and one 16. My 16 year old is the one who got me interested in bjds. I was skeptical about them until she got her first one and now I'm hooked as much as she is. All my dolls have been birthday and Christmas gifts (works pretty good since my birthday is also in December!). Plus all my dolls have been second hand, bought from the DoA marketplace. Oh, except for my Resinsoul Ni - I did buy her new at JunkySpot but she didn't cost a whole lot and her wigs and clothes are all LIV doll items, so they're not expensive.

      So far it looks like the responders to this thread are younger moms - hopefully some older moms, like me, will respond too! :)
    16. I don't SAHM anymore but I work PT and I am a volunteering PTA junkie. I never stopped collecting from childhood so I have always had dolls around me and have a varied collection. Kid wise, I have 2 girls: 12 & 8 y.o. My younger daughter thinks the dolls are neat but she is a stuffed animal person moreso. My elder daughter is just waiting for me to die so she can have first choice on my dolls. J/K! She loves the dolls but it took a long time to get her into dolls. She was a stuffed toy kid for a long time.

      My BJD collecting specifically came in early 2005. I have always budgeted to get what I want and I never use family money but what little I make working PT. That money goes to dolls, frivolous things for the kids and going out to eat. My kids do not want and that's in part to having grandparents who dote on them and many aunts who are willing to spoil them. I don't feel guilty when I buy doll things because they make me happy and they give me creative outlets I require.

      Just wanted to add that I tried the whole dolly diet and choosing not work at all while staying at home with the kids and it totally sucked. I couldn't buy dolls and maybe a few outfits and such but really I was not happy. When my old job asked me to work PT with flex time, of course I jumped back in and I have a nice working/SAH/volunteering/collecting balance now that I strive to maintain.
    17. Hi Britt! Yes I have a Fairyland Pukipuki on the way. They have such expressive faces, are nicely proportioned and look like they'll be really fun to play with :)
    18. Does anyone sew? I'm working on a few projects right now plus I have 4 dolls on the way lol.
    19. I have sewn a lot in the past, but never this scale. I actually just bought fabric yesterday to try making tiny dresses for my kitty anthros...hopefully they will turn out! Lol!

      KAT- FL does have expressive faces...and soooo cute! I have been wanting FL65 Chloe since I first saw her, but I'm managing to resist...barely. but the other day I started looking at the MNF and now there are two of those that I would love to have! I have to stay away from that website! Lol!
    20. Britt I too am craving a FL65 Chloe she looks irrisistable with her full package outfit but I choke on the price tag <_< I am hoping to find a used FL littlefee or a small comfort or DZ momo.

      I like to sew and craft and have an idea brewing in my head for an egyptian outfit but I dont know what size doll to make it for and its also tough because I dont have any dolls to work off of. I have to try and work with jewelry and mini items for now until I have at least an SD sized doll of my own :(