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Moments of Ridiculous Happiness

Mar 9, 2010

    1. Sometimes, I'll be playing with one or two of my dolls and they'll hold a really nice pose or have a really good look. Sometimes I'll just finish making something for one of them and put it on them for the first time. Sometimes it's after I get a new doll or put a doll in an out of context pose. In those moments, I get really giggly happy. Does this happen to anyone else? When does it happen to you?

      For example, my first girl got back from a new face-up today. I made her a dress. It looks like I had hoped it would. So I got her brother, my first boy out and posed them. They just look so so so good together!
    2. For me, this happens when I attempt something new in a photoshoot, and something about it worked. Maybe I tried a different angle, or a different area or furniture or props I want to use, or different lighting. Maybe a picture here and there didn't work out quite in the way I hoped, but maybe in another, something different succeeded. There's nearly always a surprise involved in the shoots I've attempted. Withe the good surprises, they make me very pleased. I think of them as happy accidents!
    3. I think most everyone in this hobby enjoys those little "nirvana" moments from time to time! I get really happy if I find the perfect wig, eyes or outfit for a doll, and everything just clicks.
    4. I rarely get giddy over anything. However, I always have this happy feeling after I finish stringing a new doll. I suppose it is a feeling of satisfaction once I hook the last S-hook.

      Edit: Why did I completely forget the title of this thread? "Moments of Ridiculous Happiness." Oh well, for me it might seem ridiculous. :lol:
    5. It generally takes me a while to get a doll's aesthetic, style, and personality completed. When everything finally clicks, I get so happy! I feel like they're not really "alive" until that moment when I've given them the perfect faceup/clothes/wig/eyes/outfit. And then all the sudden they're perfect. :D

      It's a good feeling!
    6. The first doll thing I bought was Vince's wig (and then life happened, and it took longer than I thought to save up for the doll himself...). But, I'm glad I bought the wig early when I did, since it was a custom-altered job on the marketplace and I knew if someone else snatched it up, I'd never find one so perfect for him.

      And, during my entire saving up and waiting journey, every time I take his wig out of the little plastic zip-top bag, even if I don't take the hairnet off or take the little styrofoam shape-holding ball out, the wig makes me deleriously happy. It's soft, and it smells kind of nice, really, and it's just so *right* that handling it was like a 'you're going to have a doll to go in this wig!' promise, jolt of happy.

    7. I get really giddily happy whenever I finish a face-up or blush and get the doll put back together so I can seen the finished result... Just recently, I got my Soom Heliot his left eye (a gear eye) and it just looks so perfect for him. That night I ended up trimming his wig, and I'm overall much happier with his look than I've been since he arrived.
    8. Hehehehe I have those moments every day XDDD
      my mom thinks I'm a total freak because every single day when I sit my boy down I just stare at him and squee -really loud, usually something like OMG ISN'T HE JUST SO ADORABLE?!!!- lol I still can't believe I actually have a bjd. I luffs him so much X3
    9. I don't know how to explain any one particular moment, other than sometimes I feel very silly happiness to play with my dolls and end up being amused a lot.
      When an outfit I've been fighting with though ends up fitting, that tends to be an exciting moment. ^^
    10. I guess since I'm new, my first box opening is fresh in my ridiculous happiness meter. I honestly didn't think that I would feel so connected with a material object. I feel protective of her...like I want to nurture her and make her into something spectacular. I am proud of her...I can't explain it more than that, I just feel like I have something going on in my life other than the norm now. I can't wait to see what she becomes, but I'm not sure anything can top that feeling of first holding her in my hands that very first time :aheartbea
    11. everytime i see them i get like that, especially when i change their wigs, eyes or clothing. or when i get a new one added to the family
    12. Hmmm... I think for me it's getting the face-up just right, how it is in my head.
    13. When Marlowe (Volks Michael Dark) had his one year anniversary with me a few days ago and I put a candle in my yogurt for us to blow out together, and that made me ridiculously happy.
    14. With all the eyes I have purchased over the last year for my Liam... one might think I would have found the "right" ones. I had come very close once...only to change them out again and somehow managed to lose them. The other day while helping a friend with his doll I found the eyes in a back pocket of the doll carrier. After I put them in and turned him around to look at the result, he almost seemed to have a look on his face that said..."Please leave them alone and don't change them again. I'm finally back." I was so happy with how he looked, no longer that vacant stare, I was positively beaming and had tears in my eyes. The "right" pair of eyes gave him his personality back.

      - ShadowHawke -
    15. Yes, guilty. ^_^"
      Often I will be happiest just looking at my dolls. Not really doing anything, but holding them and turning them over in my hands...just enjoying the sculpting, each little curve or line, or studying the details of a faceup. It's at those moments when I am struck by the simple beauty of these things and how much work and artistry went into making them...and I feel really privileged to own them.
    16. A weird one - I get all jumpy and giggly when I finally pay for a doll. I mean, sometimes I know I'll be getting a certain one.. planning for it, saving up for it, etc. But I don't ever get extremely excited until that money is gone and in the seller/company's bank.

      And boxes! I am obsessed with them. I'm like a dog, now - every time there is a knock or a bell, I get ready to bum-rush the mailman.
    17. Sometimes, I get one of my dolls out and pose them and see them with their perfect clothes, in a perfect pose, wigs and eyes looking all good and with faceups that fit them so well... Yeah, it's like falling in love with the doll all over again. I DO get utterly giddy over when I either finish a REALLY elaborate outfit, or get my dolls to do a REALLY hard pose.
    18. Heck, sometimes just taking one to work, I'll look over to the passenger side seat, see doll and just get giggly and start rubbing resin leg. :XD:
    19. Oooo I get these all the time and it doesn't take much to get me going. The worst is when it happens in class >.< It usually ends with me putting one of my boys in my lap, then people stare O.O but oh well.
    20. My current moment of Ridiculous Happiness came on sat when i finally was able to go and collect my first bjd from the post office :)

      Yay for my little Roku

      :celebrate A.R.N.F