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Moments of Tenderness

Mar 17, 2007

    1. I recently had a very tender (though slightly odd) experience that had me wondering what moments any of you have had that involve your dolls.
      Here's my contribution:
      Ok so I'm living at home with the parents and finishing nursing school before I go ahead and move back to Houston. Recently I had a horrible experience at the dentist's office (ever had your tooth drilled without enough number and then had to have your nerve directly injected before the pain began to dim?) I had never had pain like that before in my life and I had to drive myself home still in pain. I don't hardly ever cry, but I was a sobbing wreck and I was shaking all the way home. When I got home my parents were shocked at first, then Mom moved into action. She went to the kitchen then came back with a dose each of Ibuprofen and Hydrocodone with a glass of water. I swallowed them and then she walked with me to my room and instucted me to go ahead and get some sleep (it wasn't yet 8 pm) I was still sniffling and leaking tears. She pulled the covers on my bed back while I took my shoes off. And when I got into bed, she covered me up then picked Torin up from his spot on my desk and placed him in the crook of my arm and told me he'd help me feel better. The whole thing was done very seriously and with love. It didn't matter that I am in my twenties and that I haven't been tucked into bed since I was 10. I was so touched by that, I just cuddled Torin closer and went to sleep. I woke up 2 hours later and realized my pain was gone. I kissed Torin and put him on my desk again. Then I went to the study where my parents were. I gave my parents hugs and thanked Mom for taking care of me. I'm so used to taking care of myself and I was a little embarrassed, but I was still grateful.

      Ok, so there's my story. More of a human story, but Torin was a big part of it for me. Kinda lame, but it meant a lot to me. So what about the rest of you?
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    2. Thank you for sharing that with us! It's amazing how sometimes people who love us can see that there are objects that give us comfort, and accept that, perhaps even without understanding it. The last time I was seriously ill - with a fever, and a terrible cough - I was sleeping on the couch, all bundled up, and sleeping that awful fever sleep, and when I woke up, my hubby had put Naomi sitting on the edge of the coffee table, and she was sitting looking at me, with her head kind of tilted to the side...her expression was sort of like, "what's wrong?" It made me so happy to see her sitting there, and it gave me some comfort while I was feeling so awful. Hubby said he thought it might cheer me up to have her close by... Amazing...
    3. awwww! cant say i've ever had any kind of experinece like that other then mom will occasionally buy me little things to decorate the dolls apartment. :) sooo sweet! it made me smile thinking about it.
    4. My husband doesn't like the dolls. Period. But he tolerates them now.
      He wouldn't let them in the bedroom for the longest time. But then he went on a work related trip for about a week, and while he was gone, I had the boys (then Ichigo and Seiji) in bed on my husband's pillow.
      I forget what happened, I got terribly ill or something, while he was gone, and he felt really bad about not being there for me. But when he came back from the trip, I kept Ichigo on the nightstand next to me, and my husband hasn't said a word about it since. ;)
    5. awww mithrilglow, not lame at all, such a cute story! :D
      i think we should stop feeling lame about such things, i know how it is, i do too from time to time, but working on it.
      we love our doll's and they are a part of our lives, it's not lame!

      (i have nothing to contribute yet, no bjd yet)
    6. Aww your mom is such a sweetheart! That is a really nice story ^__^

      During my worst times I had no BJD to comfort me with but if I need comfort again (whenever that time comes), I'm sure they'll come to my rescue just like yours did.
    7. Well, I don't have Bat here yet...but looking at his picture has gotten me out of a lot of slumps. I find it's really hard to be depressed with pictures of my dream BJDs tacked up on my wall! <333
    8. Sometimes when I feel lonely or sad because my friends are mostly all far away and my life is kind of up in the air right now, I hold Edan's little resin hand or give him a hug or sleep next to him, and it comforts me that whatever happens, at least I got him first. :3
    9. I live away from home now in London, and one time when I went home to visit my father things got a little ugly. My dad is one of those people who says hurtful things without meaning them, and we ended up having a fight. I remember going back to my mom's place in tears, and no one was home. I saw Shiro just sitting by himself on the sewing table and I picked him up and just had a really good cry. I felt like he was there for me when I really needed someone to understand how I was feeling. When I have a really bad day and my boyfriend isn't home, I usually still talk to Shiro about it (and the ferrets, they always understand ^_^)
    10. My family hasn't had a chance to react to the dolls much. I bought most of my resin family after I left home to live here in Japan. Since I live alone, thier presence alone is a thing that comforts me a bit.
      I've never lived alone before, and coming to Japan has been oodles of fun, but there have been a few times when I got hit with homesickness like nothing I'd ever immagined. Having my dolls next to my bed where I could grab them and hold them when I felt really lonely and homesick has been so wonderful. They really are a comforting presence. Without them, I think my appartment would be unbearable sometimes.
    11. I have a story! XD *raises hand and flails* It's been told a few times on the board, but, I still like telling it. >w<

      Basically, I got Ryoki as an accident. I was supposed to go to Otakon last year. HOWEVER. I was participating in an acting camp, and a girl STOLE MY WATER BOTTLE while I was in the bathroom. Because she was thirsty. And I dunno, apparently she forgot to bring money one day to buy herself some.

      Now, I never share liquids or anything like that with ANYONE with the exception of three people: Mom, Dad, and my fiance. So, continuing the story.

      About three days later, I was very feverish and could barely breathe because my throat was closing. I was rushed to the hospital, and I did not get to perform in the final performances of the show (which would've been the next day).

      I was diagnosed with mono. In fact, to quote my doctor: "You know, only about 10&#37; of teenagers get it as badly as you did!" Oh. JOY. -_-

      Now, Otakon was only about two weeks away. When my father asked him if I could still go, he looked at him as though he were insane and said that I was not to leave my bed. At this point, I started crying because I could not go to Otakon, and my throat was so swollen and I could barely breathe. I was in so much pain. So, right then and there, my mother held my hand, looked at me, and said that because I couldn't go, she would allow me to get Ryoki.

      I got him fairly quickly. I was still very ill, but when his box was placed in the living room, I ran to it and fell over and hugged it. I opened his box, and hugged him tenderly. It was instant love. And I still love him to this day, and my mother basically did the same thing that yours did, mithrilglow - she would stick him between my arms as I slept.

      So, I dunno. I thought it was a cute story. XD

      And for those who were curious, we were performing The Wizard of Oz.
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    12. Bump for the thread that makes me see the beauty in the world. <3
    13. Sitting on the couch watching movies and petting Fluffy's head, I suddenly started crying because I loved him so much.

      Unfortunaltey this was before I gave up on his mold for Fluffy. He is up for sale now so that a more sutable Fluffy can take his place.
    14. Thanks for sharing everyone! I enjoyed reading your responses! They may be made of resin, but a what a comfort they can be!!
    15. That's really sweet.

      I had to go to the ER the other day and my husband asked me if I wanted to bring one of the boys with me for comfort and strength. I love that he understands what my dolls mean to me and that he doesn't mind me carrying them around with me - he will even hold them in public if I need to pick something up.
    16. I'd just had a really big fight with my brother. I stormed out, bag and doll in hand (at this point it was just Hayes and I) and I drove off. I sat him next to me and just drove around the country side for an hour and a half. Just... him being there made me feel better. It was really lovely, his presence calmed me down.

      And then there's the countless times I've fought with someone, hurt myself or done something stupid and I just lay on my bed hugging him and hold his hand. My baby <3

      Vin's not the hugging doll, he doesn't have that calming effect. I like that though. Hayden's very special to me.
    17. I have a story! I think it's kind of silly, but here it is.

      I live by myself in a condo, and 95% of the time I'm perfectly fine with that. But one night I drove back while either a storm was raging outside, or a storm had just passed.

      The underground parking garage is normally very well lit, but this time it was dark, with only a few interspersed back-up lights, and there wasn't the familiar hum of the fan running. Suspecting that the power had gone out, I parked and tried to get to the elevator. The room with the elevator was pitch black, and the elevator itself wasn't making any noise. I retreated quickly.

      Just a little freaked out by this point, because it was the first black-out I'd encountered since moving there and my imagination was running wild, I made my way across the garage to the stairs and climbed up to my condo. I encountered and heard no one else; it felt as if the entire building were empty.

      Once I'd gotten in and locked the door, I couldn't calm down. Nothing was running, the phones weren't working, everything was dark, and I was all alone. Still not used to living there, it felt as if I'd walked into a stranger's home and not my own.

      I made my way to my bedroom and grabbed up Jay, cuddling him close, and began to calm down immediately. It was amzing - I could feel the tension I'd had drain away as I held him. I kept him close the rest of the night.
    18. Yay this thread is so cute. I have hundreds of stories. I was supposed to hand in all my work for marking at university on Friday(last year) but they moved the hand in to Monday. I dressed up Kayin and sat him on the couch on Monday morning because I knew it would be a short day and I could play with him as soon as I got back. I waved goodbye to my mom and went to the train station. I called my mom as soon as I was done but there was no answer. I couldn't go home until I knew someone was home to pick me up from the train station. I finally (after about 5 hours) got hold of my dad and he picked me up. The truth was my mom had died of a heart attack only 2 hours after I left her. The first thing I saw when I walked into the house was Kayin sitting there like he'd being waiting for me to come home. I hugged him non stop for ages. I feel like he got me through a very dark period of my life. Not long after, I got Astoroth and Evlin. They were sort of a fresh start for me. Even now I have many problems, I'm losing my sight and I have kidney problems and I am suffering with depression, they are always there for me (in their own weird way) just when I need a hug :)
    19. I have one, I've mentioned it a time or two, but it's the best one for me.

      My son got very ill almost 2 summers ago in August; he was 5 at the time, and had a fever. When it broke, he wanted food- so naturally, I gave him some breakfast. Not 20 minutes later his fever was up and he was convulsing on the floor from the fever. I dropped everything and (I don't remember much of this) screamed for my husband (who was asleep as he works nights). He ran in and woke up with the phone in hand and 911 on the line.

      I spent about a week in the hospital with my son while he got better. I never went home (except for the first day for 10 minutes to throw clothes in a bag). I hate hospitals, they terrify me. My son was delirious an not rational for most of it, and they had a hard time getting his fever down. Then he had a reaction to the antibiotics they were giving him. (For a long while, they thought he had the West Nile virus, but he didn't). Needless to say, I was pretty much useless; but I couldn't go home.

      My husband came to see us every day, and the day my son had the reaction I was sitting there crying and he was holding me, and then he said, "You know, Madison was complaining to me that it is very cold on the floor. I told her she needed to cope because you weren't able to come home right now."

      I looked at him blankly; I didn't know anyone named Madison- and why would she need me to come home? Then I realized that he meant my doll (I had one at the time). I'd been in the middle of making her a dress, and when everything hit the fan, I'd left her half-dressed sitting on the floor between fittings.

      I started crying again, but I was smiling. My husband who tolerated the dolls, barely, had brought her up because he knew even then that they meant a lot to me. He still teases me a lot about them, but I know now he means it in a good way.

      My son's fine, and got back to normal well in time to begin school. I have 2 girls now, and my husband has suggested I need a 3rd (even though he still professes to dislike them). We never talk about that summer, although my son has asked me about it a few times, as he doesn't really remember anything except being in the hospital and coming home. But I won't forget it, nor forget how insightful my husband can be.
    20. Bumps for one of the sweetest threads I've seen in a while~. :aheartbea