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Money on BJD Vs. Money on Self!!!

Jun 16, 2011

    1. I think my bjd doesn't just abuse me physically(they're pinch/kick/punch me all the time) they also torture me in other ways... :lol:

      Lately, I notice I feel more obligated to spending money on my bjd much more than I would on myself. I was browsing around on luts website and saw this suit that I thought would be great for my boy, then I said "Let's get it." I order it. And that's it! Done!

      The weird thing is, I've been wanting this boot really bad for over 6 months now. I keep going back to check on the website that sell it. Then, I keep saying to myself, "I need to make sure I want this, so I won't regret the purchase a few months afterward." So, that continues till the present and I didn't buy it yet, even though the price of that boot was about the same as the suit that I just order for my boy.

      Does anyone else have the same issue as me?

      It seem everyone thinks that spending money on bjd clothes is spending it on yourself.
      I thought the same too, it's just that I'm willing to spend $50 on a shirt for my doll, but if i see a shirt that I like that's $50. I probably wouldn't get it.
      "I rather spend that on doll clothes!"
    2. I don't have this issue but I do get tempted by all these doll accessories, wigs, and clothes that I come across when I'm browsing various doll websites. I'm pretty good at holding myself back from purchasing anything that I see and I always have second thoughts (thank goodness) so that I don't always impulse in buying things, and plus the fact that it can cost up to $22 for shipping for most of the stuff...which I can never in my mind would go purchase a pair of doll shoes at $30 and $22 for shipping. I'm a sucker for money and I keep a close eye on my bank account...I try not to buy unnecessary things that I'll forget about in about a day or two. Likewise, I'm the same when buying leisurely goods for myself, I try to evaluate "what I need" or "just something I wanted"....I'm actually happy about this, it keeps me from going into this BJD-Addicted mode...haha. I always feel guilty when buying expensive goods regardless if it is something I really wanted for a long time...Just that money is too much damn hard work xD.
    3. Human clothes and shoes tend not to have any resale value if you should tire of them. Doll clothes and shoes, on the other hand, have a lovely comfortable second-hand market. You can recover some money off them for reinvestment into new clothes! ...is what I tell myself to justify random spending on doll clothes and shoes. OTL
    4. Does anyone else have the same issue as me?
      Well, I did want to save up money for my Instax films (one of my hobby and leisure) which is much cheaper to be buying in bulk but ends up that I save up the money to buy the mask for my doll which is only available upon fullset purchases...after that, I bought some other stuff like boots for my doll and somehow I left my Instax films aside...

      Doesn't this seem like a form of self abuse??
      Nope, I think it's a form of hobby which I'm willingly to spend my money on my BJD instead of myself whereby the satisfaction is more than spending money on myself that I would sometimes think that those things that I wanted for myself is not that important anymore and I'll be happier to look at my BJD looking prettier XD
    5. Just so's you know, a lot of Luts' clothes come from Sadol, so chances are you could've got it from there, avoided the hefty resale price and the EMS shipping costs O.o

      I spend much more on my dolls than I do on myself. But that's OK! I'm not growing any more and I have plenty of clothes and other stuff already, so it's nice to buy things for the dollies!
    6. As far as I'm concerned, spending money on your doll is spending money on yourself. Trust me, I do it all the time.
    7. I haven't had a hair cut in about a year but because I am saving money but my girls all have many wigs. I buy my clothes on Walmart clearance rack but my girls are dress like royalty. That said my girls girls bring me such joy that I do not feel they have taken anything away from me.
    8. Um...exactly!
      It's my hobby and I'm spending money on it. I can't fathom separating spending money on my dolls from spending money on myself. They're not sentient, living breathing beings who demand my hard earned money and will die if I don't spend money to feed and clothe them. When I purchase things for them, it IS for me, to make me happy. I'm spending money on myself.
      If it ever came to the point when I thought my dolls were forcing me to 'buy things for them' instead of spending money on the necessities of life, I might feel the need to seek professional help lol
    9. I totally agree. Spending money on my dolls is ultimately spending money on me. Although I do feel a pang every time I shell out $30 or more for a pair of doll shoes. I am old enough to remember when I could spend that amount of money or less and get a pair of shoes that fit me!
    10. Does anyone else have the same issue as me?
      Definitely for sure! Im one year into collecting BJDs and I literally did not buy anything for myself for the first 9-10 mths. Kinda lost interest in human stuff. Now its more balanced as I do pamper myself with shoes and bags but still much lesser than what it used to be before BJDs. I just rewarded myself with an ipad 2 though.

      Doesn't this seem like a form of self abuse??
      Not really. BJDs is something I enjoy alot and it makes me really happy. I guess it is all about priorities and the gratification you get from different things. BJDs just happen to give me the max. XD
    11. @Dreamer You're right about the shipping thing. Sometime I want to buy an item that cost only $8 but after shipping it's $28. But for me, that problem is kinda solve with all the group order DOA offer ^^;; I do think things over before buying them but the thing is I'll always seem to end up buying anyway. But if it's for me, anything that's $70+ I don't usually purchase. I'm more strict on myself then I am on my bjd. lol

      @leXis I never thought of it that way before. I actually have a couple of clothes/outfit that doesn't fit my doll. But I don't plan on selling it, I was planning on giving it away at a doll meeting sometime month. One of those "If it fit, it's yours!" kind of thing.

      @TeddyTales I can relate to you about pretty doll make you happy part! XD

      "Plenty of clothes"....yeah I have that too but I still want more! >.< I blame this desire to get more clothes despite not having enough room for them on my Girly Side.

      And Thanks for the tip! ^^ I'll check that website out!
    12. Echoing that spending money on doll things is spending money on yourself~
      If I need clothes for me I buy for me. My own clothing comes before doll things because it's not acceptable for me to go naked, but it's fine for my doll. Haha~ My needs first then my desires~ like doll things~
    13. Does anyone else have the same issue as me?
      Same problem here too, yet it's all about a balancing act between your hobby and well-being. I like to think of it this way: my hobby makes me happy, so therefore-it's good to my general well-being. Whatever is good for your well-being is better in the end result.Just don't forget that you need stuff to live too.
      Doesn't this seem like a form of self abuse??
    14. I'm not the type who likes to shop, but once I did buy an expensive piece of clothing that cost like an MSD doll though :lol:
      This only mean I have a couple of expensive hobbies, but it isn't really a problem I just keep both. Moderately.
    15. This...

      Some people buy a bunch of shoes and put off buying a new shirt they need. Some people buy a fine car and eat nothing but ramen cup noodles. Some people buy a bunch of stuff for their doll(s) and put off buying a pair of boots. :lol: (I do this, too)
    16. I understand what you're saying. I thought of this too before I posted this thread. In sense you are right. Spending money on bjd is spending money on myself, well spending money on my desire for nice bjd clothes. Thing I'm try to say bjd is more like an addiction to me. I really should be spending money on my clothes, things that use daily rather than my doll clothes, I know this and yet I can't help it! XD

      Fine car but eat nothing for ramen... I know someone like that!!! XDD I guess in my case, I like nice bjd clothes and have nothing but rag for myself. My bjd clothes look wayy better than the clothes I have. Lol

    17. Does anyone else have the same issue as me?
      Hmm. Yep. I guess I do. I do spend much more on BJD and doll stuff than clothes for myself. But, in the end , the BJD stuff is for me.

      Doesn't this seem like a form of self abuse??
      I could see where someone would think that. But the joy it brings me doesn't seem like abuse!

      And doesn't anyone know any rehab facility for bjd addiction?? (XD jk jk about last two questions!)
      I don't think there is one near where I live, but maybe I should check around!
    18. Yeap! I think when I see my dolls pretty, eventually whether to spend the money on myself or not is not that important anymore :lol:
    19. I think I have to say the same as others; spending money on dollies and spending money on myself is pretty much the same thing :3 I actually get more enjoyment from the idea of buying something new for my doll than something new for myself, as much as I looove buying things for myself XD A new pair of shoes for a doll will often "complete" an outfit and give one more photo ops and time engaging with the doll (and the community)... when I get myself a new pair of shoes they sit in a closet until I feel like wearing something that matches them. Then they go back in the closet until I have to go out again XD
    20. Frankly I don't spend a lot of money on my own clothing because I don't buy a lot of clothes for myself. I don't feel obligate to buy outfits for my dolls, but really, I keep seeing all these cute little outfits and I can't resist getting them, never mind that they cost so much more than my own clothes. There can be an outfit I like that costs like $40 and I can go on and on about how it's "expensive", but then I think about how I once spent $80 to get a hanbok for my tiny and I'd go "OTL. To prevent impulse buys though, I always sleep on it for a few days to decide if I really want to get that outfit for my doll. Actually I think I enjoy "shopping" for doll clothes more than my own. XD