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Monique Anniversary Sale at www.JPopdolls.net

May 16, 2008

    1. The once a year Anniversary Sale of Monique Gold select wigs and shoes starts on May 19th. The only time that exclusive Gold Label products are sold at a sale price, this sale also includes the Violet Fern outfits. This will be the last of the current Violet Fern edition, once sold out, they will be gone.

      Save 30% off retail. Our site will have sale prices up and ready for you to shop.
      Thank you
    2. Question: Are you going to stock up on some of the Monique wigs before the sale starts? There's some I'd like to get but either, the colour I want is not available or they're not in stock for size 8-9 ...
    3. Will this sale start at a specific time? And what time zone? ^^

      I want to make sure I get that gorgeous Venus in Furs outfit X3
    4. Sale will start Pacific time, yes I am stocking up on the wigs, but some that are sold out, are sold out at the factory level, meaning no one has them.
    5. Brilliant! When will the sale end?
    6. Do you ship internationaly?
    7. Hi yes we ship internationaly, we have a new cart that is kind of odd, so email me at jpopdolls@aol.com and I will tell you how to do it

      The sale will be on for a while into June, but on many items, once sold out, they may be gone until September or gone forever, since Monique will be bring new colors out in the later part of the year.
    8. Could you please tell us which ones are absolutely sold out without hope for purchasing later? I have no trouble waiting for a wig to be restocked, but if it will never be restocked again in the first place, I'd like to know so I don't keep waiting and hoping. :sweat
    9. Please email me and I will let you know.
    10. hi, not all stock is up yet, so many things that say sold out, are instock and will be there when the sale begins
    11. What time will the sale start?
    12. Our site should have all the sale prices up late tonight
    13. Is anyone else having trouble accessing the Monique wig pages or is it just me?
    14. Refresh the jpopdolls homepage. The site has been redone, so a lot of the old links are not working.
    15. On my browser (Safari), I had to go to http://jpopdolls.net instead of http://www.jpopdolls.net

      The www. address was the old site, but if you remove the www. it should take you to the right page. :)
    16. Worked alright for me - using Firefox. I just clicked on the link in the first post.
    17. Worked fine for me too, although there was a little worry when I kept refreshing the page of the dress I wanted and it was still sold out at 8pm >.>; Lol, bought it now *phew* And a wig I'd been wanting was reduced too!

      I love the new layout! If only the international ordering system could be easier x.x; I suppose that's next then? Lol...

      Is the paypal payment attatched to that order then? So I've no need to e-mail and cross reference the order number with the paypal ID?
    18. It worked fine for me, though I am wondering whether I will need to pay extra for international shipping?

      But hopefully they'll let us know if that is the case^^
    19. Will the puki wigs be on sale?
    20. Can the "emo shoes" for SD fit SD13 boy feet?