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Monique Trading Corp. and VioletFern Collaboration

Apr 1, 2006

    1. This is the first collaboration of it's kind. Monique Trading Corp.,the hottest doll supply company in the USA and VioletFern BJD clothing designer extrordinaire, are partnering to bring fantastic outfits for our dolls. Some outfits will be limited and others will be mass produced. Finally clothing that is readily available for everyone here in the USA!!
    2. thats good news. do you know if juliet will also still be making outfits independently and putting them on ebay or will she only be selling them exclusivly through monique now?
    3. She will continue to make one of a kinds and very limiteds for ebay. This collaboration will allow all of us to have some of her wonderful pieces, I am so excited.
    4. this is great news! I wonder when things will be availible?
    5. Hi there everyone ^_^ (*phew* it took a little while to remember my password. ^^;;; )

      *Waves to Grace*

      Stella:: Thanks! ^_^ I'll see if I can find out exactly when the new costumes will be available, it should be in the relatively near future. ^_^ \m/

      JBrille:: I saw your comment before it disappeared into the great unknown, thank you! ^____^\m/

      Mystery Aya:: Thanks! =^.^=
    6. This is fantastic news! I love my VF outfit, and I'm looking forward to being able to get more of your lovely designs!

      I look forward to seeing the new costumes when they're ready :D

      Will there be separates, or full outfits only?

      -- Andi <3
    7. Thanks Ashbet! ^__^ (Also thank you to Visionofdolls)

      Ashbet:: As far as I'm aware it's only for full costumes. ^^\m/ At least for the moment.

    8. Thanks! :D There will be limited costumes too, as well as one-offs on Ebay. ^^\m/

      zoi_no_miko :: Lol! :p Thank you for the congrats! ^^;
    9. Once the designs are finalized, things will go quickly, I will offer a preorder as well. I will find out an approximate date and post.