MONIQUE WIG for DOLLSHE Rey Lewis 28M Fashion Maxi

May 4, 2020

    1. Hello,
      I would like to order a new wig for my fashion Dollshe man, but I'm not sure which size is the right one. I think that 5-6, but also know Monique wigs and their flexibility. Any experience with this? Pretty please. :)
    2. We have an Aramis and Arsene (both fashion maxi) and 5-6 wigs fit them perfectly!
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    3. Personally I think it's a matter of preference. I like 4-5 Monique wigs. The 5-6 does fit, but imo it's too much hair. 4-5 will need a silicone wig cap or white balloon to keep it in place as it fits more snugly, but it looks much more in proportion to me. :)
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    4. Thank you! I'm calmer now. :celebrate

      Can you show me some pictures? I would like to see the "less hair" efect :lol::)
    5. I don't have any 5-6 to compare it to, but this is a 4-5 in the "Red" style on my Arsene.
      [​IMG]Summer Evening by Tineke, on Flickr
    6. I have the exact sculpt you ask about and monique 5-6 would be a bit too big on that head (unless dollshe made the newer releases of that head bigger, I can't remember which heads were made bigger). I use monique 4-5 on both my 28ms.

      And here is a photo of him wearing a monique 5-6 (black) on top of his 4-5 wig (brown) to give you an idea of how much extra space there could be. 20200509_221556.jpg
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    7. Wow! Thank you so much. The space is really too big. I'll order 4-5 and we'll see. :eusa_pray His head is really small and I think it will be better than 5-6.